Want to create an unforgettable marriage proposal? We’ve compiled some of our favourite wedding proposal ideas for you and your loved one. Whether you want something simple, private, romantic or extravagant – we’ve got you covered.

19 marriage Proposal Ideas for 2019

  1. Take Them Somewhere New and Unexpected
    Unexpected marriage proposal idea

    A wedding is all about new beginnings, so why not take your partner somewhere new and unexpected. Whether you go for food, a holiday or even to the theatre, your partner is unlikely to expect a marriage proposal when you’re already doing something new and exciting.

  2. Serenade your Partner

    Vincent Cassel sings serenade. Marriage proposal ideasIf the key to your partner’s heart is music, why not hire a performer to serenade your loved one, with your favourite songs or the song you met too. Why not go one step further, and write a song, for your loved one to be performed. Why not book an artist through Poptop for this special day.

  3. Create a Perfect Proposal Prop

    Prop proposal idea

    Use props to propose. Ideas could be a confetti balloon, personalised t-shirt or a fortune cookie with the proposal hidden inside. If you’re not always the best with your words, perhaps, a romantic gesture through a prop is the way for you.

  4. Use Your Love Of Sport

    sport proposal ideaIf you both have a love for a sport, use this to your advantage. Make your creative marriage proposal even more memorable by planning on your favourite hike or bike ride. The scenic view and your passion for a sport will make this simple proposal ideal for a minimalistic approach.

  5. the Easter surprise

    Easter proposal idea

    One adorable way to propose could be done on Easter. A simple Easter egg scavenger hunt with the final egg having your ring hidden inside. This creative proposal is unique and certainly an Easter surprise.

  6. Include your Furry Friend

    marriage proposal idea with a pet

    Alongside your partner, you may have another love in your lives, your pet. A fun proposal idea is to get them involved, why not tie a bow around your pet’s collar with the ring box attached.

  7. The Classic romantic Proposal

    romantic proposal ideaMake your love blossom, by this classic proposal idea – with flowers. One simple and classic proposal could be the trail of flower petals on the floor in your home leading towards the living room, with candles, flowers and music. A delicious meal cooked and the ambience in the room, this romantic proposal is bound to guarantee a YES.

  8. Make Your Partner Starstruck
    northern lights marriage proposal idea

    A perfect wedding proposal under the stars with a soft summer breeze and the light of the moon. You could watch the sunset on a beach, take a late night stroll or even a trip to the northern lights. This proposal idea is bound to make your partner starstruck.

  9. Get The Children Involved
    marriage proposal idea with children

    If you have children or young siblings, why not get them involved in the proposal. Personalised t-shirts and handmade signs are just a couple of ways your children could be incorporated.

  10. A Special Getaway

    Paris proposal ideaYou could book a tranquil retreat in the countryside or a mini break somewhere abroad. In fact, why not go to Rome or, the city of love itself, Paris. Definitely, an extravagant proposal idea is to ask your love to be your wife on a balcony overlooking Rome’s beautiful views. Or an iconic proposal in front of the Eiffel tower is bound to impress.

  11. A Film proposal

    "Sweet Home Alabama" marriage proposal
    “Sweet Home Alabama”

    Our favourite among creative proposal ideas is reenacting a scene from your partner’s favourite film. Iconic moments from films like Love Actually, Pretty Woman and Pride & Prejudice are always a fun way to propose.

  12. A proposal Fit For A Queen

    London proposal idea

    Make your own history by proposing in a historical spot. Some British proposal ideas could be a Scottish castle, London art gallery, museum or a stunning garden.

  13. Propose with a Board Game

    Board game proposal ideaThe colder weather may not be for you, so why not get out the board games, the cheese board and open the wine. While playing your favourite game you could edit a monopoly card or spell out will you marry me in scrabble.

  14. Sail Into Bliss
    marriage proposal idea on a boat

    Anchor down the love of your life with a surprise proposal on a boat. You could hire a room in a hostel boat, a luxurious yacht or even a party boat with friends and family. This proposal is bound to rock your partner’s world. A simple, yet romantic proposal idea.

  15. Outdoor proposal

    outdoor proposal idea

    Embrace the outdoors for your proposal. You could take a walk and picnic on a private beach, or an extravagant proposal at an outdoor party surrounded by your friends and family.

  16. Magical Christmas proposal

    Christmas marriage proposal idea

    It’s supposed to be the most magical time of the year. So why not celebrate the love for your partner and propose on Christmas. You could hide the ring in a stocking, or propose under the mistletoe. This simple yet magical holiday proposal is bound to excite.

  17. New Year, New Ring
    winter proposal idea

    New Year is all about reflection and anticipation. Take a trip down memory lane with a sentimental speech or location that reflects on your love for your partner but also is the start of this new journey.

  18. Seasonal Proposal

    winter marriage proposal idea

    When it’s freezing outside why not scrape the ice off their windows into a romantic proposal, this could also be done with autumn leaves on the floor or even arrangement of flowers asking the special question. This simple proposal will have your partners heart melting.

  19. Leave It To The Professionals
    romantic marriage proposal idea

    Perhaps you are still unsure of how to propose. You have multiple ideas and can’t decide how to approach the perfect marriage proposal, why not hire a professional to aid you in your proposal and help plan the special moment for you.

Here at Poptop, we have 1000’s of suppliers to help you with your wedding proposal, and of course when they say YES, we’re here for the big day itself. Make sure to make a request and browse through our suppliers to make your marriage proposal extra special.

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