If you have not already heard, we are launching a new system to Poptop called Instant Quote. Instant Quote will mean, we will submit quotes for you automatically, based on YOUR pricing. We are aiming to redefine the event industry, and are confident Instant Quote will make us achieve this. We see the future very clearly for our suppliers, and this means gaining bookings without even submitting a quote.n

You now have the ability to create your Instant Quote packages in preparation for the client release. We advise doing this as soon as possible so we can approve your packages and they are available to book.

We are positive that Instant Quote is a step in the right direction and below we have outlined some of the benefits that the new system will bring your listing on Poptop.

1. More Bookings, Better Ratings

  • Instant quote will allow you to accept more last minute bookings. The client will be paying and booking upfront, all you have to do is accept, show up and provide your amazing service. A key thing to remember is that you have to ability to accept the booking or not.
  • Book on the move! Clients will now be able to book your services no matter where they are, what time it is, by the simple press of a button. Clients no longer want to wait for a quote to be submitted.
  • More bookings mean more certified reviews, more reviews mean higher ranking. A higher ranking means more bookings!

2. Stick To What You Know And Enjoy

  • You now have the ability to create packages for the services you offer. We recommend creating at least three packages that are your most successful. This is going to allow you to become an expert at the packages. This means that a client can book you overnight, and you can wake up knowing, and 100% confident you can provide the service.
  • You can offer packages that YOU want to do and what you most enjoy doing.
  • No longer are clients going to be asking questions about what is included in your service. Clients will book what they see, and what you have clearly outlined in your package description. You are now in control.

Poptop Tip: Make sure you clearly outline what your package includes in your description. We have outlined a few examples below.

Music – Performance times, breaks and requirements:

We offer 2 x 30-minute sets with male and female vocals. break between sets is required to swap the lead singer and prepare the second set. Power is required for our equipment if no power available we can bring generator at extra cost.

Catering – Menu, preparation time, serving time:

The menu consists of a 3-course meal. The first course is a light salad, the second is a sirloin steak with hand cut chips, the third is a homemade sticky toffee pudding with vanilla ice cream. This will take 1 hour of preparation time which we can do at the venue or before we arrive. Each course will be served 5 minutes after the prior course has been cleared.

Photo/Video – How long is the coverage and what is covered:

This package covers 5 hours of photography. I will cover 5 hours of what you choose and can do an action or posed shots.

The calendar feature (coming soon) will allow you to block out days that you are not available for. This means you do not have to worry about being double booked.

3. Accurate Catalogue Positioning

  • Only packages that are relevant are going to show up when a client searches. We are going to moderate all packages and only ones that we feel are appropriate will get approved. Going forward your catalogue position will be accurate and relevant.

Example: If a client searches for BBQ catering, and you have this tag, your BBQ catering package will appear for them to book. A package without this tag will not appear.

  • We have set a limit of 3 tags per package. The reason for this is so that we have the most accurate search results for our clients. This is also going to benefit you because packages that do not provide the service will not show, therefore increasing your chances of getting booked.
  • Packages give you the ability to separate what you offer. This will increase your chances of getting booked for more than one service. Each package will have its own name, images and description, so when a client sees it, they will only be seeing information relevant to the service offered.

Example: If you provide both a Photo Booth service and a Karaoke service, you can create packages for each which will be shown separately.

  • Gone are the days of having too many clients enquiring what you offer. The client will simply search for what they are looking for, and your package will appear.

4. You’re in control

  • A key thing to remember here is that you are still in control here. You are choosing the prices and have the ability to edit them at any point if needed. The client is then going to book for the price YOU have specified and the service YOU have stated. Instant Quote is simply a quicker method of how you would submit quotes now.
  • We have provided a variety of variables to enable you to control all aspects of pricing so every quote is going to be tailored to the client’s needs and requirements.

Example – You can increase/decreases the price for different days of the week and months of the year.

  • This now means there is no need to question the client to find out what they need or what they are looking for. The client will have to provide all the necessary details to view the packages and prices. Only clients who are interested in your package or have the right budget, will be able to book. There will be no more negotiations and the prices you set will be final.
  • The calendar feature will allow you to choose when YOU want to be shown as available or not available. Availability is now in your hands.

What now? GO GO GO…

Now is the best time to go and create your packages before Instant Quote gets released for clients! Please, click the link below, then go to the quote settings section of your profile and create packages for the services you offer.


We are always trying to improve the system so any feedback, bad or good, would be greatly appreciated.

If you have any questions please, comment below or email our supplier managers at james@poptop.uk.com or jacob@poptop.uk.com.


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