Reviewed on: 21/07/2020

Please Note The Following:

  • All measures will change continuously with the latest government advice. These will be updated frequently for all suppliers. The measures and guidelines will continue to evolve as our knowledge of covid-19 grows. If you are to join our health and safety program you are to adhere to these guidelines and any future changes that are made
  • All guidelines have been written and contributed by guidance from the World health organisation, government advice and event experts for specific categories on how we can keep events safe
  • All these steps and guidelines may not 100% prevent the spread of covid-19 and there is the possibility that the spread of covid-19 could happen if all these steps were taken flawlessly
  • We understand that Poptop has a number of different categories. If your specific category is not mentioned here, the section on all suppliers will still be relevant for you and you must still follow basic essential guidelines
  • All guidelines that are dependent on events are actually allowed to go ahead by the advice from the government.Events that are going ahead must be within the government limit. For example, if the government advises we should not gather in groups of +20 people, then the event should not go ahead

Prior Event For All Suppliers:

  • All suppliers must arrange a courtesy call with the client straight after booking confirmation. This is to discuss any health and safety concerns the client may have regarding their eventor any specific requirements. (Poptop will advice topics to discuss)
  • All suppliers must discuss the venue of the event with the client. If the supplier is to enter the venue during the event, they must also make a courtesy call to the venue to discuss how health and safety can be maximized at the clients event. (Poptop will advice topics to discuss)
  • All suppliers must arrange a courtesy call 10 days prior to the event with the client. This is to finalize the booking and the steps the supplier is taking to maximize  health and safety at the clients event. Both parties must be aware of how the event will run and what is expected from both the client and supplier to ensure a safe event
  • If the supplier has felt any symptoms like (high temperature/ a new cough/loss of taste and smell) or any form of sickness within 2 weeks prior to the event – they must inform the client and cancel the booking
  • If the event supplier  lives with anyone who has contracted symptoms like (high temperature/a new cough/loss of taste and smell) or any form of sickness within 2 weeks prior to the event – they must inform the client and cancel the booking
  • All suppliers must ensure all their staff are fit for work. This includes regularly checking and having updates with their team if they have any symptoms. If they do start symptoms, then they must be ordered to self-isolate
  • All suppliers must be aware of the social distancing guidelines which is currently at 1 meter
  • If your services require face to face consultations with the client, these must be done virtually for the foreseeable via platforms like zoom, skype or facetime
  • If you require contracts to be signed, then these must be signed electronically for the foreseeable future
  • On the day of the event, all suppliers must wash their hands frequently throughout the day with soap and water for 20 seconds and use hand sanitiser frequently. Hand sanitizers need to have at least 60 percent alcohol to kill germs
  • On the day of the event, we strongly advise suppliers to use their own transport. If you are using a team members car, make sure all surfaces have been deep cleaned with alcohol, soap and hot water and dis-infection wipes
  • If you are using public transport and are highly populated, a mask and gloves must be worn until your arrival at the event. These then must be disposed of into a bin and your hands must be washed for 20 seconds or use hand sanitiser
  • All suppliers must have hand sanitizer for your personal use and for clients if needed at each and every event
  • All suppliers must have tissue equipped with them at the events. If you are to sneeze or cough this must be covered with a tissue. Immediately wash your hands with soap and water or hand sanitizer
  • After coughing and sneezing all equipment must be cleaned with sanitizer within a 2m radius of your standing
  • All suppliers must wash their hands regularly with warm water and soap throughout the event. If this is not possible we strongly advise to sanitize your hands throughout the event
  • Any equipment you own must not be shared with anyone externally. All equipment used at the event must be yours or the companies that are following these guidelines
  • All suppliers must avoid shaking hands with clients or any party attendees for the foreseeable future
  • If you have team members attending the event, they must adhere and be informed of all rules outlined above

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Let’s Get The Events Industry Rolling Again!

By signing up to Potop’s health and safety program, you are taking a step towards providing clients with safer events. These steps will not only help clients feel secure but these could also keep you and your staff members safe. We understand it could be a risk attending events in the future, so you need to take the correct protocol. This is a step to getting the event industry back and booming again. We understand these steps may take time and a lot of planning, but it is absolutely necessary, and will certainly help clients book your services.

These guidelines will be continued to be updated as further restrictions are lifted. For further resources on the steps you need to be taking, please, follow the links below.

World Health Organization
Uk’s Government News On Coronavirus

Essential Checklist To Have Prior To & At Events:

📌 Disposable gloves

📌 Hand sanitizer

📌 Disinfectant wipes

📌 Face Masks

📌 Disposable tissues

📌 Access to a rubbish bin

📌 Specific cleaning materials for certain materials

📌 All equipment deep cleaned

📌 Inform all team members of guidelines to adhere to

📌 Awareness of room/outdoor layout of the event

📌 Awareness of social distancing measures

📌 Constant communication prior to the event with a client

📌 Constant communication with all event attendees on the steps your taking

📌 Enjoyyyyy the event!!

📌 Leave venue clean and as you arrived


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