Instant Quote is finally here and the world of event planning will never be the same.

Following a year of thorough testing and based on research and feedback, we are pleased to now launch our Instant Quote feature fully to everyone. Over the past few months we have seen huge successes for both our Suppliers and Clients since the initial roll out of the new functionality. Poptop are proud to be the first event marketplace globally to offer Instant Quote with real-time availability and this now moves us one step closer towards redefining the events industry.

Throughout this article, we will give you an overview on what Instant Quote is, how it can benefit you, and a snippet of the results so far.

What Is Instant Quote?

In today’s modern era where time is precious, clients don’t want to wait hours or days for a quote to receive a quote. Clients have high expectations and want to receive exceptional levels of service.

Instant Quote allows clients to make a provisional booking for your services, instantly, without having to wait hours/days for a quote to be submitted. Clients will now receive a quote automatically and can be reassured that the price is correct, and their preferred supplier has availability – a first for the events industry.

As you are aware, our previous model along with all our competitors was a manual process where a client would add their event description including – amount of guests, location, event type and submit a request. A number of suppliers would then quote for the event based on the details provided. The likelihood would be – whoever submitted a quote first, may have a chance of securing the booking. This model was successful for suppliers,  but we understood there should be an easier way for our suppliers to submit quotes, and gain more bookings.

This led to design a new model for our suppliers and clients in September 2018 – “Instant Quotes”. Our new system, now asks suppliers to create packages, including all the price variables you may have – different prices for weekdays, months, travel expenses and even what type of events you want to work at. Within these packages, it should clearly outline a breakdown of what you offer, for what cost. There is no limit to the amount of packages you can create, so you have the chance to showcase all the different services you offer.

These packages are then matched to the client’s requirements for their event and they receive a quote in seconds. Suppliers now have quotes being sent on their behalf, to the correct type of clients, with the correct type of budgets.  This new model now allows suppliers to stay in control – and gain more bookings for the packages you exactly want to offer. 

Why Have We Implemented Instant Quote?

Better client experience, less admin for suppliers –  we want suppliers to focus more on their profession and not submitting quotes.

There are many reasons why we took this step. Poptop was growing quite considerably before Instant Quotes, but we were not content with this and realised the events industry needed a change. It was clear to see that many suppliers, were losing out on potential bookings, because quotes were not submitted quick enough and this was our main driver. In today’s era, everything is purchased instantly. For example, if you want to book a flat for the weekend in Japan, you book via within seconds. If you want to book a safari experience in Africa, you book via Airbnb within seconds. So, should the events industry be any different?

After 1000’s of client interviews it became very apparent what they wanted – quicker quotes. Clients now expect to receive quotes instantly, and no longer want to wait, hours/days for a quote to be submitted. If so, the likelihood is that the client will have to look and consider other options. Offering an Instant quote, immediately grabs the attention of the client, and already has the client considering the option within seconds.

Our previous model meant a lot of success for suppliers – but it also meant A LOT of admin. This would include constantly overseeing their Poptop account, checking emails/text for requests/quotes submitted on a daily basis. Suppliers would submit a bespoke quote each time, and the likelihood would be that quite often the client would never respond or become overwhelmed with the number of individual email quotes they received. This of course can be very frustrating and disheartening, so we wanted to create a new system making it easier and hassle-free for you. Many suppliers do not have huge teams to deal with a backlog of admin, so Instant Quote allows suppliers to focus more on the service you are going to provide. The new model allows suppliers to submit quotes, gain bookings – without even having to log on to their Poptop profile. We will still send you notifications when a quote has been submitted via Instant Quote.

What About Availability?

You can stay in control of your calendar and availability on Poptop. You now have the ability to block days that you are unavailable for.

We understand Suppliers have a busy schedule, whether this is bookings through Poptop, or their own website. Offering an “Instant Quote”, means clients can book you at any stage of the day – so being able to block out unavailability is going to be key to the success of Instant Quote. We are pleased to launch the release of our new calendar system alongside Instant Quote.

Suppliers now have the ability to block out their availability if they are fully booked. For example, if you are fully booked for 10/10/20, you can “lock” the day meaning you will not receive any bookings for that specific date. We want our new system to be as hassle-free as possible for our suppliers, and never have to cancel an event due to unavailability again.

We understand suppliers keep external calendars – and you now have the ability to sync this with Poptop. This means your availability will be updated regularly, and clients can book you for dates you are only available on. Our calendar is still at an early stage of development but we now have the basics, which include, blocking unavailability, syncing your personal calendar and all bookings/quotes in one place. We will be making regular updates and improvements to our new calendar feature.

The results of Instant Quote so far?

The results have been amazing – suppliers and clients love it!

Of course, we will admit that the last year has been very challenging indeed. We are the first event marketplace in the world to take this step – so we had to overcome a lot of obstacles. But, we are extremely excited by the product we have in place now, and the vision we have for Instant Quote. 

We have been running a Beta Test on Instant Quote for the last 6 weeks on a very small percentage of Poptop suppliers. Further development on the Instant Quote functionality will continue and the more feedback we receive but the initial results have been incredibly positive. Instant Quote has shown that more clients are receiving a quote and engaging with suppliers. Below, is a few key results since the launch of our Beta test – and a few reviews from our suppliers about the new system.

8000 Packages Created
Over 1 Million generated for our suppliers from IQ

We had our package created for a couple of hours when we received our first booking! By the end of the 1st week, we have received 4 confirmed bookings without having to send any quotes at all! This has made the process a lot easier and a lot faster, Amazing!

KK Catering 53 bookings with Instant Quote

The instant quote has helped me so much with time and effort.I now have to literally only create a package and  it submits and calculates correct for me… I have already got 3 bookings in a week. brilliant!

Midland Premier Events 58 bookings

What does IQ mean for suppliers?

Don’t fall behind the competition on Poptop – Suppliers who are using Instant Quote are performing better than ever before.

At the minute, we understand we are going through a transition period on Poptop. If you have created your Instant Quote packages, you will notice certain quotes are being sent on your behalf, and some will be sent manually by you. The reason for this is because we wanted to control the testing on a small percentage of clients to ensure that quotes were accurate and submitted correctly. We now will increase the number of quotes we send on your behalf and hope to send 100% of your quotes by the start of 2020. All you will need to do is sit back and maintain your profile – while accurate quotes are sent on your behalf.

If you have yet to make the switch to Instant Quote and creating your own packages then you will still be able to continue using the previous method and submit quotes manually. However, we would strongly advise you to consider moving to the new functionality as soon as possible to ensure you are in the best position to be able to provide potential clients with quotes immediately.

What’s Next?

More updates to Instant Quotes will follow based on our suppliers feedback.

The next stage of development, will be our new catalogue, were suppliers packages will be available to book via the catalogue. Clients will have the opportunity to filter by budget, dates, category and it will bring up relevant packages that meet their criteria. This will make the flow a lot easier for suppliers and clients.

Instant Quote has been a huge learning curve for us – we designed our package system, solely based on 100s of suppliers interviews over a 6 month period. We wanted to cover every possible price variable a supplier offers. We are nowhere near done and we have the vision to keep on improving Instant Quote for our suppliers. Our suppliers feedback is crucial to us, and we want to keep on gathering feedback on the new system. The next steps of Instant Quote will simply come from our suppliers. Please, comment on this article or drop our team an email. All contacts are available at the bottom of this article.

Lastly, to all of our suppliers at Poptop, we want to say a huge Thank You for your patience. Over the last year, we have been making an exceptional amount of updates to our platform. We have had weekly updates and changes to the website, and we understand this can be frustrating for you. I hope you can see the vision we are building at Poptop, we are not happy with just succeeding, we really want to become #1 events marketplace in the world, and bring huge success to our suppliers.

Join Instant Quote

If you have any further questions, concerns or comments, please feel free to drop our team members an email or and we can book a call to discuss the new feature.


  1. I’ve tried to confirmation a booking and it’s not happening.

    • Jacob Taylor-Neale Reply

      Hi Drew,

      In regards to your calendar not syncing could you get in touch with me at so I can take a further look into this?

      Many thanks

  2. Tracey Smith Reply

    Do we have to pay additional chargesfor quotes or is £14.99 per month all we have to oay irrespective of how many quotes are requested.

    • Jacob Taylor-Neale Reply

      Hi Tracey,

      The £14.99 per month is an optional feature that you choose if you want to receive more enquiries, have a boosted ranking in our listings and get the clients number if it is a direct request or the client messages you on a recommendation.

      In regards to quoting for jobs, this does not cost anything, you only pay if a booking has been made.

      If you wish to discuss this further, please contact me at

    • Jacob Taylor-Neale Reply

      Hi Graham,

      To edit your packages you will need to go to the ‘Packages’ section down the left side of your account.

      When there, click edit on the package you want to change.

      If you are still struggling, please email

  3. I’d like to opt out of IQ, it’s proving more trouble than it’s worth. Loads more faff and less control. I had no consultation as to if I’d like IQ in the first place,. It doesn’t feel like I’m a ‘member’ when you change the system I pay for without asking.

    • Hi, I am confused by this, firstly, it says i am 80% done and need to add services, click on it, takes me to IQ, great, spent a lo g time crwati g them (need some tweaks!!) Reviewed and now states published, YAY, but, nay, they havent been published, could you sort that out for me? Also, how do you see actual leads?? Or do we as suppliers not get that info? Cheers!

  4. hi
    just wonder how long it takes for you to make the payment to myself once someone has payed a deposit

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