By the time you start thinking about your wedding cake, it’s easy to start feeling like you’re burning out. There are so many things to think about that it can be difficult to focus on what seems like the small details. Choosing the wedding cake is difficult enough, but getting the right wedding cake decorations is often a harder choice, especially because it’s often overlooked until the last minute.

In fact, the wedding cake, and it’s décor, are one of the first things that many wedding guests see. When they arrive at your reception they’ll want to get a drink, find their table number, and check out the wedding cake, if it’s on display. You may not even have arrived yet but the wedding guests will definitely be examining and talking about your wedding cake and its décor.

So you have to spend a few minutes thinking about it to get it right.

The Choices for Wedding Cake Decorations

Fortunately, there are plenty of options when it comes to wedding cakes and the right décor, you’ll have to narrow your choice down before you can identify the exact cake topper you want to go with.

Bride & Groom Cake Topper

This is perhaps the most traditional approach but you no longer need to be traditional by picking this option. In fact, there is a huge array of figurines included under the banner of ‘bride and groom’.

For example, you can choose to have the traditional happy couple, arm in arm, standing on top of your wedding cake. Or, you can select a groom sat down in front of his games console with the bride dragging him away. You can even get one where the bride has the groom with a fishing rod, the question here is whether the groom is trying to get away or the bride has made the catch of the day. Check out even more of our funny wedding cake topper ideas.

If you’re looking for more risqué, there is an array of cake toppers that will look fantastic on top of your wedding cake. These range from the bride showing a little leg, to the bride and groom kissing.

The scope of choice is impressive but it will ensure you can find the right bride and groom figurine for your special wedding day, ensuring that your cake stands out for all the right reasons. Read these tips for choosing the wedding cake topper.

Just remember who you’ve invited to your wedding day, it may affect your choice of cake topper!

Go Floral

If you’re concerned about being too traditional or you can’t decide between the funny cake toppers, then you can always give with a floral arrangement.

You’ll need to choose flowers that will match your wedding flowers and, if you’re placing them on the cake, it is essential to ensure they will not cause any negative effects to the cake. These can range from damaging the cake, coloring it, or even leaving toxins behind which will make you and your wedding guests ill.

The great thing about floral arrangements is that you can choose from so many different ones. Whether you want a single flower on top, flowers curling up and around your cake, or the cake completely covered, there will be something that you can do. All you need to do is choose the right flowers, and our guide can help you out!


Okay, so using diamonds may be a little extreme, unless you’re going to have a 24-hour guard around your cake!

However, fake diamonds, crystals, and other sparkling items can make your cake stand out beautifully, especially if you get the light right.

You can encrust your wedding cake with these sparkling jewels, or scatter them, depending on the effect you’re hoping to create. 

If you want a cake topper as well you can even add jewels to them, ensuring the theme carries across and the cake topper looks natural.

You can also take this a step further by decorating the cake table with the same jewels. Just be warned, any kids will probably love playing with them so they may not last a long time.


Another option is not to decorate the cake itself but to decorate the space around the cake. You can do this by getting a couple of champagne glasses and filling them with crystals or something similar to emphasize the drink that is being consumed at your wedding. It’s not a good idea to put real liquid into the glasses, there’s a good chance it will get knocked over during the reception, potentially damaging the cake!

If you can locate them, it can look fantastic to use miniature glasses and bottles, they’ll be more in keeping with the size of the cake and won’t look like someone has just left their glass on the table next to the cake!


Candles are generally associated more with birthdays than weddings but that doesn’t mean they can’t make a great wedding cake decoration.

In general, it’s best to leave the candles out of your wedding cake. Instead, focus on planting them all around the cake

Candles are exceptionally romantic but also dangerous, make sure they are in solid holders and well away from anything flammable; you can then illuminate your wedding cake with candlelight, which will look truly amazing.


Instead of wearing your grandmother’s brooch on your wedding day, you could consider adding it to your wedding cake.

The right piece of jewelry, or even several family heirlooms can look fantastic on any cake, and remind people of those that are no longer with you.

This is actually a really good way to make your cake look beautiful while remembering those special people on your wedding day.

If you haven’t got any family heirlooms but like this idea, then have a fresh piece made for your cake. You can hang onto it and pass it onto your own children in the future. In effect, you’ll be starting the tradition and creating the heirloom!

There are plenty of wedding cake specialists who can make you a piece, or you can simply purchase a piece of jewelry for the cake.


If you’re not sure what to put on top of your wedding cake then you should consider a horseshoe, or perhaps some duplicate rings. You can even add doves in as a symbol of love.

You may want to collect these pieces on top of your wedding cake, or, if you have several tiers, you can even hook them into the cake and make it look fantastic, as well as lucky!

Just make sure you hang the horseshoes the right way around, you don’t want all the luck draining out!


People don’t always appreciate that having nothing on your wedding cake is still a decoration choice. In effect, you’re telling your wedding guests that the focus should be on the cake and not the trinkets.

In some ways this can be seen as symbolic, the décor is a distraction just as many things in life are. The best way to make a marriage work is to focus on what is important, you and your partner. The rest is just a glossy finish.

If you don’t want to get this philosophical on your wedding day then leaving the decoration off simply means you’re focusing more on the icing that is on your cake. 

Whether you choose stripes, spots, or ruffles, the wedding cake can look fantastic with this as its décor, it doesn’t need any extras.

In fact, adopting this option will allow you to add lace to your cake, or even have a message inscribed into the wedding cake. Whether you choose smooth icing, ruffled, or a mixture of both, you’ll still be making an important statement through your cake.


Almost everyone loves chocolate and it’s a great way to stretch a smaller cake. Simply cover the base of your cake in chocolate, or add it to the top. The idea is to give people an option other than just cake.

Considering the meal they will have just eaten, a piece of chocolate may actually be more appealing, preventing wasting the cake by cutting it and no one eating more than a mouthful.

Go Minature

The final choice when considering the decoration for your cake is to make the large cake into lots of smaller cakes.

A nicely arranged stack of cup cakes or chocolate brownies can look just as good as a 3 or 4 tiered cake but may be more appealing to you, the groom, and your guests.

It doesn’t have to be cup cakes, you can use virtually any type of dessert you like, breaking with the traditional mold is invigorating and should help your wedding to be remembered for all the right reasons.

Final Thoughts

If you are thinking about what decoration to use on your wedding cake then you’re on the right track. Instead of just choosing the normal flowers or married couple, you’ve realized that this is an opportunity to express your own personalities, even if it is in a small way. 

Those that really know you will appreciate your choice of wedding decorations for the cake, giving you a private joke on a very public day. 

Also, read these guide on choosing the wedding cake toppers.

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