Anyone can have the standard bride and groom statue on the top of their wedding cake. But, this is not the only option, funny wedding cake toppers can bring a sense of fun to your wedding day and even show your personality.

In fact, funny wedding cake toppers are becoming increasingly popular and with good reason. Weddings are no longer the formal occasions they once were. Now, a wedding is an opportunity to tell the world about your love while expressing your own personalities. If you can bring a smile to your faces and that of your wedding guests, then that has to be a positive bonus.

After all, a wedding is a fun occasion, using funny wedding cake toppers just highlights the event for what it really is.

But, how do you choose the right wedding cake topper? This guide will inspire you but it’s only the tip of the iceberg, there are literally hundreds of different funny wedding cake toppers available to choose from. 

Funny Wedding Cake Toppers

The Video Game Nut

If your man is always playing video games then it’s time to tell him that you expect more of him, while keeping it light-hearted.

You’ll need a small image of one of his favorite games, in front, the groom will be sat down, chips, beer and game control next to him. The bride is pulling him away from the screen, which says the name of the game and “Game over”.

You’re certain to get a chuckle from anyone who knows him and everyone will want to see the wedding cake.

The Party Animals

This is perfect when the bride and groom both like to go out partying. 

The bride and groom both have glasses of champagne in their hands and are sat in a champagne glass, on top of the wedding cake. It’s funny because it’s true and reminds everyone that this couple enjoys life.

If you don’t want to get the statues you can always create your own figures from icing as your own funny wedding cake toppers. Simply have both of them lying down and a selection of empty bottles lying around them.

The Bride & Groom Who Are Never Apart

When you meet your soul mate you may find that you are both so similar that you’ll be described as two peas in a pod. In the case of marriage this is usually a compliment but your friends will know what you’re like.

Cater to their humor and your own with two peas inside a pod adorning the top of your wedding cake. Again, you can have this made out of icing or simply purchase the cake topper.

Don’t forget to add a top hat or something else to make each of the peas more personal and ‘real’.

The Runaway Bride

If you want to use this wedding cake topper the bride will need a sense of humor. In essence, there are many different forms of this topper but the effect is the same, the bride is trying to run away while the groom is stood on her dress, preventing her from going.

If this has ever actually happened to the bride or groom this is not a funny wedding cake topper!

Mr & Mrs Smith

It doesn’t matter if you haven’t seen the movie as long as the idea of you and your partner being spies has an appeal. The figurines are usually back to back, guns in hand, looking suave, sophisticated, and sexy.

You can even have these figurines personalized, they may not look exactly like you but you can get the hair color right!

If you’re hooked on adventure or have a movie or spy themed wedding, this can be a fantastic choice. 

Death Becomes Her

When you get married you are vowing to spend the rest of your life with one person, ideally the person you’re marrying. 

The vows should be taken very seriously but there is no reason why you can’t remind your guests of this in a fun way.

This topper simply has a skeleton bride and groom, they can be holding each other or kissing; as long as the pose is romantic. At their bony feet, you’ll find a plaque that will say “’til death do us part”, or perhaps “love never dies”. 

The sentiment is that you are together forever and the wedding cake topper will remind you of that; especially if it takes pride of place in your new home.

The Long Term Bride To Be

If it’s taken a long time to get the groom to set a date then you may want to remind the wedding guests of this, in a funny way.

The cake topper has the bride on top of the cake with a fishing rod in hand. The groom should be on the next tier down, the hook from the rod is attached to him, symbolizing the fact that he’s not going to get away again!

There are many variants of this but they all have the same theme, the groom has finally committed.

The Fairytale

For many brides, the wedding day is a fairytale and one they’ve dreamed about since they were small. If this is you then remind your wedding guests of how romantic you are and how long you’ve dreamed of this occasion.

This cake topper will have a statute of the bride, her lips puckered up ready to kiss, and a frog in her hand. It’s the quintessential Prince Charming and an image that should bring both a smile and a tear to the eye of anyone who really knows the bride and groom.

The Love Pinch

Why not have a little cheeky fun on your wedding day? After all, it’s the start of your married life together and you don’t want that fun to fade.

This figurine can remind everyone of what you first found attractive in your groom. Instead of the bride and groom facing forward, they are walking away and her hand is cheekily pinching his bottom. 

You can get figurines that do this the other way around but it’s definitely funnier if the woman is doing the pinching.

 The great thing about this wedding cake topper is that you can have the figurines facing forward and present a classic wedding pose. This should help to keep some of the relatives happy.

The pinch is only visible from behind, making it almost a private joke!

It’s Been A Long Day

Like most of these cake toppers, this one is funny because it’s true. Your wedding day is exhausting both mentally and physically. By the end of the day, you’re hitting your bed in the honeymoon suite with just one thing on your mind – sleep!

To emphasize this the cake topper will have the bride and groom relaxing on a couch or two chairs, they’ll be holding hands with smiles on their faces, emphasizing how happy they are that the day has gone well.

You may also find them both on the bed, smiling but with their eyes closed, too exhausted to even get under the covers.

An extension of this cake topper has the bride and groom as an old man and women, showing they’re contented with the life they’ve had. Of course, this topper only works with a young bride and groom, it will probably be seen as insulting for an older bride and groom.

The Bottom Line

Funny wedding cake toppers are a great way to make sure everyone smiles and have a little fun, especially during the parts that can be more tedious or nerve-racking.

There are hundreds of wedding toppers you can choose from, all you have to do is find the one that makes you smile the most and put it on top of your wedding cake. It’s that simple!

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