When it comes to a wedding, everyone wants a picture-perfect one. A dreamy fairytale with the bride and groom walking like an angel in a flowing white gown and the man dressed up in his best tuxedo and bow tie. Everything about weddings is fun, and in a way that will be etched to the memory forever. Starting from the arrangements until the final moment of acceptance, it is a joy-filled ride. Every big and little detail goes into making the big day perfect, ranging from the selection of venue to the selection of wedding cake topper.  

The Origins of Wedding Cake Toppers

In today’s time, no matter how intricate the design is or how delicious it tastes, a wedding cake is just incomplete without a cake topper. However, generations ago this was not the case. Back then, a gorgeously stacked wedding cake was not even part of a wedding let alone the topper! The trend of multi-tiered wedding cakes and fancy wedding cake toppers started very late. Before the American Civil War, the middle class and affluent American families started to decorate their wedding cake as a centrepiece for the event. That is when the wedding cake toppers became a trend, but only among the people who could afford pompous weddings. By the 1890s, wedding cake toppers were common everywhere. 

The Different Types of Bride and Groom Cake Toppers 

Wedding cake toppers are not there only for decoration, rather they hold a symbolic meaning. Wedding cake toppers represent something meaningful to the bride and groom. They could be anything from small objects, ornaments, dolls, flowers, bells to minuscule figures. It is a means of expressing oneself by means of being comical, humorous, displaying ethnicity or traditions. 

There are several types of wedding cake toppers in use today. These range from monogram, badges, flowers, animals, banners, quotes, letters and words. However, one of the most aesthetically pleasing and decorative type is the wedding cake topper. These also come in varied styles. The topper essentially reflects upon the type of wedding style you chose. They can be simple, rustic, glamorous or modern. The different types of bridegroom wedding cake toppers are listed below:

1. The Classic Couple

Simple yet sophisticated, the classic wedding cake topper is a traditional pick that will add a vintage touch to your wedding cake.

The classic wedding cake topper features two simple figurines of the bride and groom standing side by side. Most of these are very simple looking and made from ordinary materials: wood, cloth and even lego figures. Traditional heirlooms of miniature bride and groom is carried by future generations are prized classic cake toppers.

 You can also find these in antique stores and flea markets. To blend in with the image, this wedding cake topper is suitable for simple and rustic weddings featuring an all-white cake or one decorated with only a few sugar flowers. 

2. Fondant Cake Topper

After fondant cakes, edible fondant cake toppers are the next big thing. Professional cake bakers carefully mould fondant wedding cake toppers making the fondant from scratch. This is more like shaping models from modelling clay. They can be designed intricately throwing in details to the fold of the bride’s wedding gown, the strands of hair and even the wedding ring shining in her ring finger. If you want an all-edible cake, then this is your go-to option. 

Bride and groom fondant cake couples are available premade at cake stores or you can make them customized by a professional baker. Either way, have as much of a good time munching on your miniature bride and groom figures as you will munching on your wedding cake! 

3. The Humorous Couple

If you think you are a fun couple and have been all along, then why not add a humorous touch to your wedding cake topper? This will add a witty and funny vibe reducing the pressure that mounts up at weddings. People have displayed great ideas while pursuing this; for instance, a bride dragging her groom, a fighting couple, the couple holding a pair of guns or something that indicates an inside joke. Display your zealous affection for each other with a humorous bride and groom wedding cake topper.

4. Ice Sculpture Toppers

This fashion is more suitable for winter weddings in colder countries in both creating and handling. Ice sculpture bride and groom wedding cake toppers feature miniature bride and groom made from ice. Experts carefully create them at precise cool temperatures. Special coolers and transport vehicles are used to move these around. Without preserving them in the correct temperature, they are exposed to risks of melting, cracking and breaking. 

At the wedding venue, these are stored at mini freezers and not taken out up until the final moments before cutting the wedding cake. Although extremely delicate to make and troublesome to carry, the end results are worth the effort as these cake toppers add a touch of magic to your wedding cake.  

5. Transparent/ Perspex Cake Topper

This is a cheaper alternative to the ice sculpture toppers, which are also easier to handle. Perspex is a solid transparent plastic used as an alternative to breakable glass. Also known as acrylic glass, this is shatter resistant. These provide the same transparent effect and do not pose the risk of melting. Another plus point with this version compared to the former one is that you can store these for later use or as a wedding souvenir. 

6. Monogrammed Cake Toppers

A bridegroom wedding cake topper does not literally have to be mini figures; they can also be names and initials. If you are looking for a simplistic wedding cake topper, then monogrammed initials of the bride and groom is the way to go. 

Monogram wedding cake toppers are very common; you can opt for this facile option if you are low on budget. They are made of hard paper, plastic, wood or even metal. Laser engraving, tying, bending and wielding are just a few ways to achieve monogrammed cake toppers. These will add a timeless beauty to your cake with the initials or names of the two people crowning it, just like the cherry on top.    

7. Couple of Animals

A wedding cake topper does not necessarily have to represent figures of a bride and groom. Animal cake toppers are a good option for wedding cake toppers. There are figurines of cute little male and female animals holding hands together, or walking in a forest. Sometimes, the male animal is dressed properly in a tuxedo and hat whereas the female dons a tiara and gown. These are also available made by fondant but the only problem is they can be too cute to eat! 

To add a childish display of affection, just like the love between the bride and groom, couple animal cake toppers are a suitable option. You can use almost any animal you like such as panda, birds or rabbits, but penguins are the most popular choice among people nowadays. 

8. Display of Picture

A fun and creative way to decorate your wedding cake is to display pictures sitting atop the cake. You can use a couple pictures or individual pictures creating a fun representation. For example, on either side of the wedding cake, you can place the image of a bride and groom pouting sideways, intending to kiss each other. Alternatively, you can choose a special picture from the memory lane, such as your first date or first getaway alone. 

A unique touch you can add here is by using pictures of that very day on your wedding cake. You can take Polaroid-style pictures using an Instax and print them out instantly to use as a wedding cake topper. Individual pictures can be stuck on individual banners or you can use one big banner. Some people also use a mini photo frame. 

9. Silhouette Cake Topper

Perhaps the most common type of wedding cake topper in use, silhouette cake toppers have the ability to express emotions that words cannot. These cake toppers are both vintage and modern at the same time. Silhouette cake toppers offer an array of imagination for you to unfold.

For the perfect fairy tale wedding, express your emotions through a silhouette sitting as a creed on your cake. Some good examples could be of the bride and groom sitting on a tandem bicycle, couples kissing or lovingly holding hands in a moonlit night. All of these stories can be framed in just one silhouette.  

10. Customized and Personalized

If you really want to be unique and stand out on yourwedding cake topper game, then here is the best option for you; customized bride and groom figures! Yes, imagine a mini you and your mini other half actually atop your cake. With 3D modelling and 3D printer, nowadays it is very easy. With access to a public lab and help from a skilled friend, you can create your own miniature bride and groom in a matter of a few hours. 

Manydoll companies and advanced cake topper shops also take orders. All you need to create this masterpiece is some investment and a picture. These little dolls can make for an awesome keepsake or family heirloom for many generations to come. 

11. Themed Cake Topper

Once again, the traditional wedding cake topper does not always have to represent you directly with your name, picture or figure. If you have a favourite show or movie in common, you can put the characters on your cake as well.

For example, you can top your wedding cake with Belle and the beast from the famous Disney movie “Beauty and the Beast”, or Cinderella and Prince Charming from “Cinderella”. These are the perfect picks if you are having a themed wedding. 

These are the various bride and groom toppers for cake. When it comes to wedding cake toppers, the sky is the limit. Use your imagination, match with your theme, match with emotions or represent your story. Get creative, get decorative; it is your special day!  

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