It’s a difficult enough decision choosing the right wedding cake but that’s only part of the process, you also need to decide on the right wedding cake topper. 

Surprisingly, the wedding cake toppers can actually make or break the wedding cake! The problem is, as, with many parts of a wedding, there are just so many different options to choose from.

Fortunately, there are several easy ways to identify the right wedding cake topper for your special day:

Finding a Perfect Wedding Cake Toppers

The Historic Approach

This is a fantastic option if you have a particularly good story or location surrounding how you and the groom met. The wedding cake topper simply needs to reflect the location or story of your meeting.

For example, if you met at the Eiffel Tower then your cake topper could be an Eiffel Tower. Combine this with two figurines, one trying to escape and you’ve just told an amusing version of the story of how you first met.


Another approach is to cover the top of your wedding cake in the family heirlooms, or you can choose just one that has special meaning. This is particularly relevant if it is from someone who couldn’t be present at your wedding.

Most heirlooms are ornate so will look great as wedding cake toppers. All you have to do is decide whether it can sit on the wedding cake directly or if it needs to be raised up with the aid of skewers or similar.

The Root Cake Topper

If your roots are not local you may want to use the wedding cake, specifically your wedding cake toppers, to remind everyone of where you came from.

If it’s another state you can get a laser cut outline of that state. Make it big enough to have your home town on t and then place your initials, those of your partner, and your wedding date on them. 

Of course, if you’re doing this type of wedding cake toppers then you may need a separate one for your groom.  If you can link the two states of origins together in some way this will be a nice way of showing the union of marriage.

Consider Your decor

It is important to take a look at the décor or theme of your wedding, your wedding cake toppers will need to match. For example, if you’ve chosen a Hawaiian theme then the figurines on top of your cake should have Hawaiian dress on. The colors of the figurines ‘clothes’ should also match the color scheme you’ve chosen for your wedding. 

Other examples include:

  • Harry Potter themed wedding  needs wands as part of the wedding cake toppers
  • Star wars themes should have the droids as wedding cake toppers or your favorite characters.
  • A winter wedding can incorporate snowmen and women as wedding cake toppers.

Floral Wedding Cake Toppers

When you mention wedding cake toppers most people will think of the small figurines that go on top of the cake. This is a viable option but not the only one. In fact, the wedding cake toppers can be anything you want it to be. 

Flowers are a good option and are very easy to match to your wedding, they can even help your wedding cake to look part of the wedding!

Your choice of flowers can also reflect the time of year, depending on which colors and types you use. But when choosing flowers as wedding cake toppers, it is essential to tell your florist. These flowers will need to be specially prepared to ensure they don’t damage the wedding cake or poison your wedding guests.

Read this guide on choosing the wedding cake flowers.

Humorous Wedding Cake Toppers

The meaning of a wedding is very serious, you’re making a commitment to spend the rest of your life with someone, for better or worse.

But, that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun on your wedding day, it is, after all, the first day of your married life together and you’ll want to let your own personalities enter the day.

A great way to do this is through the wedding cake toppers, make them humorous and you’ll be guaranteed to start your married life the right way.

It won’t do any harm to the party feel at your wedding either!

Good examples of humorous wedding cake toppers include:

  • The bride pulling the groom, indicating they’ve finally got him to commit.
  • A groom with a chain and ball shackled to him, indicating the end of his free-spirited ways as he’ll now have to think about his bride as well.
  • A sign saying “game over” with a groom staring at the screen. The bride isn’t going to tolerate hours in front of his favorite games machine!

To be humorous the topper simply needs to be true but not nasty. Find more ideas on funny wedding cake toppers here.

Hobby Based Toppers

Another great topper for your wedding cake is those based on your hobbies, especially if the hobbies are shared.

For example, if you both love dogs then make the toppers on your wedding cake two cute dogs dressed in bridal gear. You can’t go wrong!

Alternatively, if you’re both sports fans then your wedding cake can sport, (pun intended), a couple of sports players, preferably doing the sport you love the most.

The list of hobbies and associated toppers is almost endless, just let your imagination run wild!

If you wish you can even go for the superhero look. Simply find the superhero you like the most and add bridal details, such as a veil, or the traditional groom image with a cape.

It’s fun as a topper and tells people what you love, which they should know already if they’re at your wedding!

The 3D Printer

You don’t need your own 3D printer to create a topper for your wedding cake. All you need is an image of yourself and a local 3D printing specialist.

You can then create 3D images of yourself and your groom to go on your wedding cake. There probably isn’t any cooler topper than this!

It’s worth noting that each figurine will be created individually but that doesn’t stop you from creating a pose that will allow the two toppers to slot together, creating the illusions you’re hugging, or even kissing.

Skipping The Topper

It’s important to remember that having a topper on your wedding cake is not obligatory. In fact, some couples don’t even have a wedding cake.

Assuming you are having a wedding cake you can leave the top plain and add an effect instead. Sparklers look good as a topper and can create a great effect if the cake is being brought out.

Of course, you’ll need to remove them as soon as they finished burning, to avoid damaging the cake.

Alternatives include simply writing on the cake, or even adding cupcakes to the top, eliminating the need for any other topper.


It is possible to skip the figurines and have signage as your topper. The sign can simply say ‘love’, or ‘Mr & Mrs’. These types of topper are elegant and understated which is perfect if you have a more formal wedding.

However, you can also adorn your wedding cake with a more personal message. This may be a particular poem that you and your groom like or just a catchphrase.

This type of topper can also be made with a 3D printer or you can simply write/print the words onto thick paper/card and position it above your cake on sticks.

Final Thoughts

The topper on your wedding cake is a great opportunity to express your personality without offending anyone. You can even get people to smile, helping them to relax and enjoy your special day.

The sky really is the limit.

But, choosing the right one will take time, there are so many options. However, if you consider the theme of your wedding and where you are getting married, you’ll find it is much easier than you think to narrow down your choices.

You can then work out what wedding cake you want and it’s very likely that you’ll instinctively know what wedding cake toppers you should be using.

Just remember, it’s your wedding day, if you really want a specific topper on your wedding cake then go for it, you’ll want to remember this day for the rest of your life for the right reasons.

Also, find more inspiration with these top 11 wedding cake topper ideas for 2019.

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