There are so many decisions to make leading up to your wedding that it can be easy to forget something small like the wedding cake flowers. 

But fear not, it’s never too late to get flowers or any other decorations sorted for your wedding cake! You just need this guide to show you the way!

Choosing The Wedding Cake Flowers

Your Wedding Cake

The first thing you need to consider is what does your wedding cake look like? You can’t place a large bouquet of flowers on a one-tier cake, the flowers will become the cake! Of course, if your wedding cake is large and can support a big bouquet of wedding cake flowers then you’re on the right track.

There is a complication to this, you’ll have an image of your wedding cake in your head and the hope that the baker has the same image. If their image, even after hours of conversation, isn’t the same you may find that your flowers and wedding cake don’t match.

For this reason, it is essential that you ensure your baker and florist can communicate with each other, this should help to ensure they get this part of the equation right.

Your Theme

The next stage is to consider the theme of your wedding. If you’re wearing a white wedding dress and red flowers, you’re not going to want pink wedding cake flowers!

Before you speak to the florist or the baker, consider what theme you would like for your wedding and what color scheme, it will help the florist to identify the right flowers for your wedding cake. In fact, it can even help you to choose the right wedding cake!


You should also spare a moment to consider safety. It’s a good idea to talk about your preferred flowers with your florist, they can advise whether the flowers will be in season and the stems are safe to be in contact with your cake. You don’t want to give your wedding guests food poisoning!

The list of potentially toxic flowers is surprisingly long, although most are safe to humans in small doses. It is worth talking to your florist about them.

Real or Fake

It’s also worth spending a few minutes considering whether you want fresh flowers or fake ones. Of course, fresh flowers give a look and scent that is difficult to match. However, fake ones can be made plenty of time in advance and eliminate any risks of miscommunication or toxicity.

There is not a right or wrong answer, just the one that suits you, your wedding cake, and your special day.


If you’re not sure what flowers are best suited to your cake then get some inspiration from the following common wedding cake and flowers combinations.

Dahlias, Roses & Lisianthus

If you use pale pink roses they’ll go with virtually any theme. Compliment them with the off-whites and pale yellows of the other flowers and the spiral them up and around your cake.

The look is stunning, it can even work if you substitute the pink roses for red, or yellow, whichever color better suits your wedding theme and, therefore, your wedding cake.

Roses & Zinnias

Roses are a common flower at weddings, despite their thorns. That’s because these flowers are the symbol of love, that makes them a great choice for your wedding cake.

If you’ve opted for a colored cake then roses and zinnias can make the perfect flowers for your cake. Their delicate shade of yellow white and a brighter peach color fit perfectly against a wedding cake that is peach, gold, and white.

Peonies & Ranunculus

If you want your wedding cake and the flowers kept relatively simply then team your wedding cake with a buttercream finish and some of these flowers.

The key on this is not to overdo the flowers, just a few on each level interconnected with greenery will create the perfect finish for your wedding cake.

Purple Orchids

There is absolutely no doubt that lightly covering each level of your cake in purple orchids will create a stunning looking wedding cake. Of course, these flowers will need to go with your wedding theme!

Roses & Pink Wedding Cake

Pink is not the first color most brides think of for their wedding cake, but it is an effective and beautiful option. 

You’ll need to have the icing on your cake a pale pink, this will allow your flowers to be white or a deep purple. The contrasting colors of these flowers will ensure your cake looks fantastic.

Peonies & Roses

For a chance to see your guest’s jaws drop you’ll need to pair peonies & roses. These flowers are available in virtually any colors, allowing you to get the right color for your theme.

The secret here is again that less is more. Opt for a 4 or 5 tier wedding cake and place a couple of flowers on top with just a couple on one of the tiers. The simplicity of this design will make it look elegant and timeless.

Amaryllis & Berries

If you love chocolate and have opted for a chocolate tiered wedding cake then you may want to consider finishing it with a large red Amaryllis on top and smaller bunches of berries around the tiers. 

Your wedding cake is guaranteed to look stunning with these flowers on top. The only problem is that it may look too good to eat!


You can get these flowers in several different shades, allowing you to match them perfectly to your wedding cake and your wedding theme.

Again, these flowers will work best if you keep it simple, go for white and pink and place them on every other tier, offset from each other. You’ll be surprised at how a small number of flowers can transform your wedding cake.

Final Thoughts

There really is no limit to the combinations available between flowers and cake. The trick is to remember that this is your wedding, your flowers, and your cake. If you like it that’s all that really matters.

Of course, it won’t hurt to have a test run or two, ensuring you really are happy with the cake and flowers combo. You may even change your mind before the big day arrives, having test runs will help to ensure your wedding cake flowers look perfect on your special day.

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