The naked wedding cake is becoming a popular choice at a wedding. But, is it the right choice for your wedding?

It’s time to take a look at what the naked wedding cake is, why it is becoming so popular, and check out some inspirational wedding cake ideas.

What Is A Naked Wedding Cake?

Wedding cakes usually have clothes in the form of icing and frosting. A naked wedding cake is simply one that doesn’t.

At first, this may seem peculiar. After all, the frosting and iced decorations are what makes a wedding cake stand out from a normal cake. But, once you see a naked wedding cake and the different styles available you’ll quickly understand why it is becoming so popular.

Why Are They Becoming So Popular?

There are actually several reasons why naked wedding cakes are becoming so popular.


A wedding is an expensive occasion, even if your budget is unlimited you will see the benefit of saving money by having a naked wedding cake.

Simply because there is no frosting or icing involved the price of your wedding cake will be reduced, that’s more money for other parts of your wedding. Also, read these tips on choosing the cheapest wedding cake.


You can now have any style of wedding you want and virtually any venue. That means the traditional is not always the best option, and your cake needs to reflect the theme of your wedding.

The simplicity of a naked wedding cake means it is much easier for it to feel part of a modern wedding ceremony.


Frosting doesn’t handle high temperatures well. If you’re planning a summer wedding you may find it’s difficult to keep your wedding cake looking its best.

However, this isn’t an issue if you opt for a naked wedding cake. It doesn’t matter where you put it, it’ll look great.

Show Off

On the same theme, a naked wedding cake allows the colors and flavors of the wedding cake and it’s fillings to shine through.

It’s that simple, the cake can look good by itself!

Inspirational Naked Wedding Cake Designs

Of course, going naked doesn’t mean you need to have a plain wedding cake! There are plenty of different options for the cake and alternative decorations.

Check out the following to find the perfect style for your wedding day:


This is perhaps the most obvious option but it can create a stunning looking cake. Choose flowers (read our tips on choosing the wedding cake flowers) that accentuate your dress and the theme of your wedding. 

Give your naked wedding cake a light dusting with icing sugar and then lay flowers around each of the tiers. You’ll be so impressed you’ll forget that it’s a naked cake!

The Stand

Don’t forget that the stand you choose can make a huge difference in how your wedding cake looks. A classic, silver, or even gold stand will lift your cake both physically and emotionally. 

In short, it will look magnificent regardless of the fact that it’s naked.

Black & White

Using minimal icing still qualifies as a naked wedding cake. If you opt for a chocolate cake, which is becoming a more popular wedding choice, then circle the cake with white icing in strips.

In essence, this is like a toothpaste tube but your cake won’t look like that! It will look truly elegant, especially if you add just a couple of flowers to the cake.

Again, a raised stand and a ring of flowers or some similar garland at the bottom of your naked wedding cake will make the cake stand out, for all the right reasons.


Take one naked wedding cake without traditional tiers and add fruit across the top, as well as around the cake.

Make sure that the sandwich layers have their filling oozing out, ideally alternate the filling between cream and fruit based, this will create a stunning looking cake, fit for any wedding.

The best part is this cake could be made at home but it looks like it was made in a professional bakery. That’s a great way to save money on your wedding.

Color The Cake

One thing that most people having a wedding don’t think about is coloring the cake.

For example, if red is the main color at your wedding then get the baker to use food coloring and make you a red cake. 

Add layers with some white cream filling and a couple of red flowers and you haven’t got a naked wedding cake, you’ve got a work of art!

Mix It Up

If you’re still not sure about going naked then consider having more than one cake on the table. You don’t need to have just one wedding cake, or to specify which wedding cake is the most important.

Simply have a cake table and invite your wedding guests to help themselves to their preferred cake. If you’re not sure which cake to cut as part of the cake cutting ceremony then cut all of them, you don’t need to eat all of them. 

The cake cutting is simply starting the process so that all your wedding guests feel comfortable taking a slice of wedding cake.

Make One For the Kids

The adults may like this naked cake as much as the kids but, if you’re doing more than one wedding cake, it makes sense to do one that the kids will enjoy.

Simply take one pain sponge with as many layers as you like, then add a very light frosting. It should be just enough to hold the sprinkles in place, making it look like the perfect sweet treat for a child.

It doesn’t have to be sprinkles, you can cover your naked wedding cake in M&M’s, smarties, or anything else you can think of.

Black Forest Gateau

There are some cakes that are intended to be naked and look fantastic that way. If Black Forest Gateau is one of your favorites then you could choose this as your wedding cake. 

It needs no frosting as it will look delicious whatever else is going on. If you really think it needs more simply add a few extra fruits.

Make It Square

The traditional wedding cake is round but that doesn’t mean you’re naked cake has to be! Don’t forget, it’s your wedding.

Consider a square cake with 2 or 3 tiers, each one looks the same as the one below it except that they are smaller versions of the same cake.

To really get the look right consider creating a colored filling that sits between different layers of the cake. Making the layers different colors in sequence will finish the look and give you the best looking wedding cake you’ve ever seen!

Syrup Topped

If you have a sweet tooth then this is the wedding cake for you. It will need to be on a stand unless you want to make a mess all over the table.

Choose your preferred flavor of wedding cake, dark colors work exceptionally well. Then create several tiers with white cream filling in each layer of your wedding cake.

To finish, drizzle syrup across the top of the wedding cake, ensuring it goes down the sides. The real trick is to get it going down the sides evenly, creating a striped pattern.

This wedding cake will look too good to eat but that’s not going to stop you, it’s your wedding!

Cascade It

Tall and skinny cakes with several tiers are perfect at a wedding to create a delicate image. They also lend themselves perfectly to being covered in a swirl of flowers. 

Choose your favorite flowers, providing they are not poisonous to humans, and gracefully wrap them around your wedding cake.

The cake itself can be left completely naked or have a light dusting of icing sugar, the choice is yours depending on the theme of your wedding.


You don’t have to use profiteroles, you can choose any type of cake that you like! The point is that a stack of small deserts, shaped into a pyramid or similar can look just as fantastic as any traditional wedding cake.

There will be no need for decoration as the careful positioning of the profiteroles will make everyone stop and stare. You’ll just need to be careful that people take them from the top, not the bottom!

Final Thoughts

Your wedding cake is a small but significant part of your wedding day. However, that doesn’t mean you need to rush the decision regarding which cake to get! There are plenty to choose from, whether you want naked or iced.

It is important to find a baker that you can trust, this is even more important when opting for a naked cake, there will be nothing to hide any imperfections in the cake!

The secret to finding the right wedding cake is to look at lots of different ones. You can do this when you do your taste testing, making the experience of finding the perfect naked wedding cake a lot of fun!

Also, check out these guide on choosing the wedding cake topper.

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