With everything going on this year it can be difficult to organise a celebration, but your Halloween party doesn’t have to be cancelled this year, especially with it falling perfectly on a Saturday. If you need some inspiration or you want something to get you into the spooky spirit, just check out these alternative ideas to celebrate Halloween with your household or in your bubble. Which ones will you do?!

20 Unique Ideas to Help you Celebrate Halloween This Year 🦇

1. Get Your Freak On! 🧛🏻‍♂️

What do we do on Halloween? We dress up. Whether you’re young, old or somewhere in between, this is probably the best and easiest way to get into the Halloween spirit. It doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive, why not use recycled materials or things you can find around the home to create your favourite Halloween look? Check out this article from Poptop for ideas!

2. Scare Yourself Silly 😱

Another super easy classic! Why not have a movie marathon with your household. Pick from animated favourites or super scary horrors. If you need some movie recommendations, we have a fab article of all of Poptop’s Halloween favourites and recommendations here.

3. Let’s Do the Time-warp Again! 🕺🏾

Super Silent Discos – Poptop

No household halloween party is complete with music and dancing. And what better way to do just that by having a silent disco?! Create some classic playlist, stick on those headphones and boogie the night away, easy peasy! What is more creepy than jumping out your skin when someone taps you on the shoulder while you’re wearing headphones!! If this is the one for you, take a peek at our Silent Disco services.

4. Creepy Carvings 🎃

A family favourite of ours, carving pumpkins is a very easy way to get creative within your bubble and help you get in the mood for Halloween. If you need some inspiration, the internet is your friend, and if you are doing this with little ones you can easily stick to felt tip pens or permanent markers. Oh, and once you’re done with the jack o lanterns, there are so many tasty autumn treats that you can make from the insides!

5. Scary Snacks! 🧁

…Which brings us onto baking! Think the Great British Bake off, Pumpkin pies, pecan tarts, cinnamon cookies; whatever tickles your fancy. Baking some Halloween shaped treats or autumn flavoured goodies is the perfect way to make an ordinary day extraordinary. Gather around the table with your household and dig into your Halloween feast. 

6. Spooky Afternoon Tea ☕️

Chouxlicious – Poptop

If you are don’t feeling like baking, or if you want to send a halloween treat to someone you love, why not get afternoon tea delivered?! Our suppliers offer a range of packages that can include autumn classics and tasty halloween treats!

7. Ghoulish Glamping 🏕

Do you remember camping as a child, swapping spooky stories and eating too many marshmallows? Why not recreate it by hiring a fancy bell tent and gathering around the fire pit in your very own back garden? So, grab your blankets and mugs of hot chocolate and check out our tent services of all shapes and sizes perfect for your glamping needs.

8. Get Competitive! 🎲

A Halloween games night can always spice up your plans. If you are looking for spooky games, there are countless to choose from and if in doubt you can always stick to the board game classics of Cluedo and Operation. Or go back to your childhood roots with a big conkers competition or a game of wink murder.

9. Hide & Seek 🗺

Treasure hunts can be fun year round, so why not hide Halloween tricks and treats all around the house for your family to discover. You can either leave clues around for your friends to find or create a spooky themed scavenger hunt!

10. Treat Only – Halloween Cocktails! 🍹

Everyone needs a nice drink at autumn time, whether it be a good old hot toddy or a tasty hot chocolate. So, pull out your chemistry set and concoct some great Halloween cocktails or mocktails and autumn winter warmers. You could host a competition with a prize for the best one or even the most creative. Think about using different colours for some really creepy cocktails. Better still, book a Cocktail Masterclass!

11. Decorations 🦇

Possibly the easiest thing to get you in the Halloween mood is to decorate your house! It doesn’t have to be complicated; make some bat bunting, crack some glow sticks or make some DIY hanging ghosts. Pinterest has so many ideas out there for DIY decorations, or if you want to grab something quick and easy, then most shops have a halloween section!

12. There’s Been a Murder! 🕵🏻‍♀️

Not really! But Murder Mysteries are a great way to celebrate Halloween. There is a whole range of murder mysteries out there for different numbers of people, so we are sure you can find a perfect one for you. So why not take on a character for the night and pull on your detective hat. 

13. Apple Bobbing 🍎

Are you interested in Victorian history? Or many you just have tons of spare fruit? Then why not go bobbing for apples?! This tradition goes back hundreds of years and it is certainly a lot more tricky that first thought. Pair this game with a prize for the fastest time or the most apples retrieved and you have yourself a winner. 

14. Zoom Party! 💻

Here us out, as we know you may never want to hear the word ‘Zoom’ ever again. But we are betting it’s been months since the family and friend’s quizzes died out, so why not kick them back up again with Halloween costumes, freaky quiz rounds and maybe a cheeky halloween tipple to keep you toasty. Don’t forget to check out the online entertainment options we have at Poptop!

15. Ghosting (COVID Friendly Trick or Treating) 👻

Made for COVID-times, this game can be a great way to still feel as though you can go trick or treating. Ghosting is the act of leaving a paper bag (sometimes decorated as a ghost) of Halloween sweeties, toys or pranks on the doorstep of your family and friends. They in turn should then go and leave a ghost of their own outside someone else’s house. This is super fun and a very easy way to feel as though you are trick or treating. Why not leave a clue behind to let them know who left it! 

16. Read Your Future! 🔮

If you are feeling the pull of the cards, why not do a tarot reading? There are loads of different tips and tricks online. Some readings can even be done with a deck of cards that you have collecting dust in your house. Not only is this a fun way to get the family together, but the cards may tell you your future.

17. Get Crafty ✂️

If you have paint, glue, glitter or even some felt tip pens, why not get a little creative this autumn? Draw or print with some orange leaves from outside, collect a rainbow of colours and create a spooky collage for Halloween.

18. Face Your Fears! 💀

Face paint is great for children of all ages and adults combined, so why not get in the Halloween mood with some spooky designs. Do you want to paint a cobweb over your face or are you becoming a zombie? Check out some ideas here.

19. Haunted House 🧙🏽‍♀️

So we can’t spend Halloween like we usually do, but why not turn your house into something haunted?! There are so many fun ideas on Pinterest and one of the all time favourites is creating a feel guessing game. Peel grapes for eyeballs, use strawberry laces for intestines, carrots for fingers; then ask your blindfolded victims to feel and guess what the ‘body parts’ are. 

20. A Game of Shadows! 🌜

For this one all you need is a torch and some. Why don’t you learn how to make shadow puppets with your hands and put on a Halloween performance. You could even cut our paper shapes for scenery and to make your creatures even more realistic!

Holidays are the perfect time to get together in your household or bubble and create special memories, and nobody said this can’t be done in the comfort of your own home. We have to celebrate the little things to ensure our day to day life still has those special sparks so explore our services today and let us help you have something to look forward to. 

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