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Top 11 Wedding Photographers Shared Their Tips For A Smooth Photo Session At Private Events

Weddings are all about surprises. Although, we are not denying the fact that wedding photographers do have magical abilities (just look at some works of our Poptop photographers) but they may not have enough power to fight all unpredictable situations at private events. The best thing you can do ...

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9 Tips That Will Get You More Bookings

Looking to increase your bookings? We have provided 9 tips that will get you more bookings and give you an edge over your competitors. Increase your response speed - Suppliers, who reply to requests within 2 hours have 20% better chances for a booking. We have found suppliers reply afte...

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Why Clients Are Not Responding to My Quotes?

Ever wonder why clients are not responding to your quotes? This article will give you an insight into the client's mind and a few tips on how to get a response. At Poptop there are two ways you may have received a request for a quote. Firstly by our concierges, who strongly believe you...

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How to Get More Bookings in 2017: Guide to Make Your Poptop Profile More Attractive for a Client

Well-completed profile is 70% of success in Poptop Do you wonder why some of your competitors achieve better results in business than you? The reason might be simple — their profile or website looks more attractive for a client. Believe it or not, but first impressions count and you ...

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Feedbacks from Poptop suppliers

Poptop is a great website that puts us in touch with the right kind of clients. Also the user friendly site is a great platform to engage with clients and also see perspective leads too. It's been successful so far having secured bookings for some of our bands and creating a further web prese...

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What’s new in the latest Poptop update: online leads, new quote submission interface, and updated ranking

We’re delighted to announce a number of updates and improvements to the Poptop events suppliers booking platform. We’ve not only improved the interface of key pages, but also added some very important features, based on feedback from our users. 1.     &n...

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How to book a client on your first meeting

The first meeting with a client can be a lot like a first date. You’re nervous. Palms are sweaty. You know you’ve got to make a great first impression, but what if they just don’t like you? What if you don’t get that second date or client confirmation befor...

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Events suppliers and tight budgets – the discounting dilemma

A common dilemma for events suppliers is whether to offer a discount when a prospective client says they can’t afford your services. When you’ve already down the leg-work of getting to know them, putting together a quote and following up a few times, it can be tough to hear tha...

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Why you should package your events offerings

Choice is great, and as an events supplier, you no doubt offer a wide range of services and add-ons to your basic provision, so why do potential clients keep going elsewhere? The truth is, too much choice and too many options are confusing. When people are planning events, they’ve go...

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Six reasons why hits on your website aren’t turning into event bookings

The hits on your website are totting up, but no one’s filling out your contact form, or calling you up to book you for their big event. You’ve done the google ads, got the professional design, and you know your past clients love you, so what’s stopping the enquiries from rol...

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