Sugared almonds used to be the go-to option for wedding favours ideas, but those days are long gone. The wedding favour has become more than just a token of appreciation, it now represents the opportunity to provide guests with a long lasting and significant memento of your special day. 

Quick Fact:

the first wedding favours are believed to sugar cubes given inside a crystal or porcelain trinket box. They were referred to as bonbonnieres and date from a time when sugar was expensive.

The idea of marking your wedding day in the hearts and minds of your guests is a good one. However, this does mean you’ll need to spend some time contemplating the best wedding favour ideas and perhaps even adapting these ideas to your own needs. After all, it is your wedding day!

Don’t forget to consider the ages of your wedding guests before you choose the wedding favours!

Check out these favour ideas to get your imagination going:

30 Wedding Favour Ideas

1. Sugared Almonds

This may be the traditional approach to wedding favours but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad one. Take inspiration from ancient times and consider the way you’re presented your favour. A trinket box is a great way to keep it simple yet elegant and provide a lasting memento to your wedding day. 

2. Fortune Cookies

Take a slightly different and fun approach by putting fortune cookies into exquisitely designed bags, or another trinket box. 

If you want to really make this personal, you can bake your own and insert messages specific to your guests. You can even create them in unusual shapes relevant to your wedding.

3. Brownies

Sticking with sweet treats there is little more enticing than a slice of chocolate brownie. Again, this wedding favour can be designed in any shape that suits you. You can even add your own frosting or special extra ingredients; making it a real wedding treat.

4. Cookies

Opting for cookie to give to your wedding guests leaves a world of options open. There are hundreds of different flavours and shapes that you can choose from.

You can even personalize these wedding favours with a little frosting and your own wedding design.

5. Sweets In A Jar

If you have children at your wedding then they’ll love getting sweets as a favour. But, don’t be fooled. Presented nicely all your guests will love your wedding favour ideas. Try creating a jar each with a personalized tag, or an etching on the glass.

This isn’t as expensive as you may think and can be great wedding favour while reminding people of your wedding forever.

6. Personalized Chocolates

Chocolate is loved by virtually everyone and it’s a great way to thank your guests from coming to your wedding.

But, you want a wedding favour, not a bar of chocolate. Consider using personalized chocolate bars, or having the wrappers personalized on individual chocolates.

Alternatively, you can purchase heart-shaped chocolates and fill a trinket box for each guest. By selecting chocolates with different flavour centres you’ll be able to keep your wedding guests guessing.

7. Chocolate Covered Goodies

If you’re not convinced about giving chocolates, perhaps because it can feel unoriginal then try covering things in chocolate. As far as wedding favour ideas go, this one leaves it pretty open to the imagination.

Consider which foods your wedding guests love, (or perhaps hate), and cover them in chocolate. Peanuts, raisins, grapes, even apples, you can cover almost anything in chocolate and write a personal message in it before it sets!

8. Thank You Bag

Wedding favours are supposed to be a way of thanking your wedding guests for attending and being part of, your wedding day.

What better way to remind them that you appreciate their time than to give them a bag which says so? This is one of the best wedding favour ideas because it is a useful gift, your wedding guests will be able to use the bag over and over again, and be reminded of you and your wedding day at the same time!

You can opt for a shopping bag and fill it with goodies, or a wine bag, or perhaps even a wash bag! Just don’t forget to put your personalized wedding message.

9. Shot Glasses

Shot glasses make great wedding favours as they are a useful addition to any home and something that will encourage people to let loose occasionally.

To up the ante, you can have a message, or their name put on the glass, then challenge everyone to take a shot of something with you on your wedding day.  If they take the shot they get to keep the glass!

It’s a good way of breaking the ice at a wedding and helping people to get talking to each other.

Just don’t forget to have a non-alcoholic drink available for anyone driving or too young to drink, you don’t want your wedding day becoming a police raid! 

10. Mini –Journal

Presenting each of your guests with a journal is a great idea for a wedding favour. The journal gives them a way to record your wedding day and is something they can keep for life. 

This makes it a really personal wedding gift that can be treasured for years.

You can make it more personal by adding an engraving to the front of the journal or even incorporating a relevant picture, such as the bride and groom. If the journal is for a particularly special guest you can even add a photo of you and them together.

If you want to you can even create different versions of this favour for different wedding guests.

11. Magnets

You won’t have your wedding photos completed before the wedding day but that doesn’t mean you can’t add a nice photo of the bride and groom to a magnet and resent it as your wedding favour.

There are plenty of kits that can be bought to create your own magnet, allowing you to present your guests with a photo or an engraved image/personal message.

This is a wedding favour that will last for years and can be a lot of fun.

12. Spice Blends

If you’re looking for a slightly different approach to your wedding favours then you should consider a spice blend. 

Choose your favourite spices and play with them until you get the aroma that really delights you. Then, the spice mix can be placed into bags and tied with lace, ribbon, or anything else that you wish. 

The completed favour will look stylish and smell fantastic. Of course, your friends can decide whether they are actually going to use the spices or not. 

To complete this favour simply add a tag that reminds people of the date of your wedding. You can personalize this by adding their name and a message if you wish.

13. Pebbles

Pebbles may not sound like the most exciting thing to take home after a wedding but they can be a great choice for your favours.

Simply create a jar with a variety of colourful pebbles and a tag reminding people of your wedding day. Alternatively, you can select one special pebble for each person and carve your wedding message directly onto it.

14. Homemade Jam 

If you prefer you can opt for chutney! The idea is to make a jam that they can enjoy and will look nice in your personalized wedding jars. It’s a nice touch if you can use local, seasonal fruit, to create the jam. 

If you’re not an expert at making jam you can easily find someone near you who is, or you can choose alternative local produce.

Again, don’t forget to add personalized wedding tags to ensure people appreciate the gift every time they use it.

15. Soap

Soap is a great gift for your wedding guests as it can be used or kept. You can select the aroma of the soap to match your wedding theme and even create shapes, such as hearts or something relevant to your wedding day.

Of course, a presentation bag and a nice tag for this favour are essential as you don’t want the aroma overpowering your wedding celebrations!

16. Wood Craft

Wooden hearts engraved with your initials and the date of your wedding is a beautiful and thoughtful way to tell your guests you’re glad they came.

You can select any shape you want and any message, you can even make extra large versions of these wedding favours for your special guests.

17. Aromatic Candles

Just as soap can give off a delightful aroma, so can candles. The great thing about candles is that they can be made in virtually any shape or size and you can select the aroma.

This allows you to match this wedding favour with the theme of your wedding and with the aroma you know your friends love.

You can even colour code the candles at your wedding!


A bookmark is an often overlooked favour idea but a good one. Despite the apparent decline in book reading most hoes still have a collection of books and a bookmark is one of those things that you can never find!

By making the favour a personalized bookmark you’ll be able to create a thank you message and a picture that you feel is relevant. Your wedding guests will have no reason to forget your special wedding day!

19. Key Chain

Along the same theme, you could opt for a key chain, there are literally hundreds of designs to choose from. 

This favour can be merged with one of the other wedding gift ideas on this list, such as the wooden heart, or even the bookmark! 

A key chain can be carried with your wedding guests or kept at home, allowing them to remember and think about your special day whenever they use it. 

20. Heart Box

Take your wooden heart favour up a notch by turning it into a wedding heart box. This doesn’t need to be made out of wood, it can be fabric, cardboard, or anything else that appeals. However, wood lasts well, is easy to engrave with your wedding message and can even be painted to match your wedding colours.

21. A Donation

It is becoming increasingly popular for people to make donations instead of giving gift cards. This is a nice idea if you’re not sure what favour would suit all your wedding guests and you want to do something good for others.

Again, pair this with a nice bag of sugared almonds and a thank you card, advising the donation being made on their behalf; you’ll have a wonderful wedding reminder and even make your guests feel good on your special day.

22. Photo 

If you’re really struggling then check out one of the photo printing services and get a photo of the happy couple printed onto something.

You can choose from a mug, bookmark, or even a photo frame.  Every wedding guest will benefit from this favour as they’ll have something to last them a lifetime.

23. Seed Packets

If you’ve opted for a green wedding then this is a great complimentary favour. A seed packet can be engraved with your thank you wedding message and your guests will be able to think about you and your wedding day as the seeds start to grow and turn into plants.

You can also offer small plants but people tend to take more care of seeds.

24. Personalized Mints

Head back to the food aisle and you’re certain to find plenty of mints to choose from. The idea for this favour is to put the mints in a small tin and personalize it with a wedding message or image that will mean something to your guests.

Even after the mints are gone they’ll have a useful container to remember your wedding and use for something else.

25. Miniature Gin

Miniature gin or any kind of spirit is a great way to give the adults at your wedding a treat. You don’t have to stick to a traditional miniature, there are plenty of unique flavours on the market and you can add a personalized wedding message.

Combine it with an etched jam jar as a glass to create a rustic but charming favour.

26. Child Activity Box

If you have children coming to your wedding then this is a great way to kill two birds with one stone. Make the favour, for children, an activity box. This means it includes colouring and puzzles. It should also have something dedicated to your wedding, the colouring could be an outline picture of the bride and groom!

You can also create an adult version of this favour. In fact, it can be used to challenge your wedding guests and get people talking to each other. The box you choose to use should be re-usable to give all your wedding guests something to take home. 

27. Charms

Charms don’t need to be attached to a bracelet! You can purchase charms to attach to key chains or simply to keep at home. 

The great thing about charms as favours is that there is virtually no limit regarding the design or the material you can choose from.

This makes them easy to match to your wedding theme.

28. Tea Time

If you’re into the huge array of teas currently available then you need to consider creating a small tea offering for each of your wedding guests. 

A cup filled with a selection of tea bags should do the trick. Of course, it should be sealed into a bag and the cup could have a wedding message on it, inspiring all your friends every time they drink tea.

29. Party Animals/Ornaments

Another good wedding thank you gift option is statutes. You can choose to have some made in the image of you and your groom, or you can opt for a funnier version. It’s even possible to choose a selection of party animals or significant ornaments to ensure every wedding guest has something relevant to them personally.

30. Just Thank You

If your budget is low and you’re not sure what gift is right for all your wedding guests, then consider a simple thank you. 

You can do this via a little card or by telling everyone thanks you.

It’s even possible to set up a wedding site that will allow everyone to upload and share photos of your wedding day. Guests can then access and download the shots they want to keep and remember your wedding day by.

Despite costing virtually nothing this is a thoughtful and useful gift, for your wedding guests and yourself.

Final Thoughts

Don’t forget that this is your wedding day. Anything can be a favour if you want it to be. The above ideas can be used, customized, or simply built on to help create your perfect wedding day; one that will live in your memory forever.

Also, don’t forget to use our free printable wedding planning checklist.

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