The day of the sugared almond has been and gone. Nowadays, wedding favours are an opportunity for you, the bride and groom, to make a lasting impression on your guests, and send them away with a fitting reminder of your special day.Choosing your own unique wedding favour is a great way to capture your personality.
Below is our ever-growing definitive list of wedding favour ideas as an addition to our catalogue of wedding suppliers.

Edible Wedding Favours

You’ll never go wrong giving your guests (of all ages) edible wedding favours. Each favour offers a tasty individual treat and also has the ability to add to the overall theme of the wedding. Choosing the right packaging or style can really compliment the overall theme of the day.

Fortune cookies – Buy these in bulk at an Oriental market, or make your own. For a little extra flair, dip them halfway in melted chocolate and dust with collared or theme-appropriate edible baking sprinkles. Gourmet shops sell theme-shaped sprinkles in the shape of hearts, snowflakes, balloons, fish, you name it.

wedding favours - fortune cookies

Sugared almonds – The traditional bridal gift, either in white or pastel shades. While you’ll find these in craft shops, you can also find them in bakeries and gourmet food stores, as well as online.

wedding favour ideas - sugared almonds

Brownies – Dress them up with theme sprinkles, frostings or use a cookie-cutter to shape them into stars, hearts, or other theme-oriented shapes and package individually.

wedding favour ideas - brownies

Sugar Cookies – Make them yourself or use pre-packaged sugar cookie dough. Cut them with a fun, theme-oriented cookie cutter found at the craft or gourmet store, frost with a thin layer of coloured icing, and pipe on designs with white icing.

wedding favour ideas - sugar cookies

Personalised Sweet Jar – Perfect for kids and big kids alike. The pot also makes for a beautiful little keepsake.

wedding favours sweet jar

Chocolate Wedding Favours

Chocolate wedding favours are one of the most common types of wedding favour, and with good reason. After all, who doesn’t like chocolate? Providing chocolate to your guests is a great way to keep them smiling whilst they’re waiting for food to be served. Are you worried that some of your guests may not be enthused by your menu choices or type of wedding cake? Supplying them with chocolate gives them another option, something sweet to snack on, putting your mind at ease.

Chocolate wedding favours are also timeless, and will compliment traditional weddings perfectly. They are a cost-effective option, usually proving less expensive than non-edible favours, but without compromising on effect or appearing tacky.

Don’t let the fact that chocolate wedding favours are commonplace put you off – there are still a number of ways to make sure your favours are unique. You could personalise the chocolates, either with your own details or those of your guests, or experiment with different, distinctive flavours of chocolate. What better way to get the conversation flowing on the table than surprising guests with chilli-flavoured chocolate or popping candy? The types and varieties of chocolates available are endless, so finding a type of wedding favour to compliment your theme or personality isn’t a difficult task. Whilst important, wedding favours are a relatively small detail of your big day. Chocolate wedding favours are a great choice for someone who wants to impress their guests, without spending too much time searching for the perfect gift.

Just Married Chocolate – Just married chocolates can be found in a selection of sizes and styles. Finding the right chocolate really is down to personal taste.

Chocolate Wedding Favours - just married chocolate

Homemade Chocolates – You might get them at a candy shop or make them yourself using melted chocolate and plastic candy form trays, adding sticks to turn your creations into chocolate lollipops. Craft stores supply candy form trays in a host of theme shapes: beach (starfish, seahorses and beach balls), hearts, wedding, winter (snowflakes and snowmen), flowers, etc. Use tinted chocolates bought right at the store to make your home-melted favours conform to your theme.

wedding favour ideas - handmade chocolates

Chocolate-covered Everything – Dip some strawberries, dried apricots, cherries, peanuts, Oreos, pretzels, and even coffee-stirrers and spoons into melted chocolate and then let them solidify on wax paper before packaging as favours. Use a specifically packaged mix, which you’ll find in gourmet shops and supermarkets, to get the best results. They’re incredibly easy, microwavable, a great group project to work on, and they taste terrific.

wedding favour ideas - chocolate everything

Personalised Wedding Favours

Personalised wedding favours are an increasingly popular option. There are limitless possibilities for customisation, enabling you to create something exclusive and unique. Choosing personalised wedding favours allows you to use your imagination and stand out from other couples that opt for more traditional gifts. The favours can be created to compliment the theme of your wedding, both capturing your personality and ensuring that your guests feel special.

There’s a misconception that personalised wedding favours are both expensive and time consuming. However, a variety of personalised gifts are available online, to meet a diverse range of budgets. These can either be personalised with the details of your special day, or customised for each individual guest. As the customisation of these items is taken care of for you, it demands very little of your precious time. This means that you’re free to focus on everything else, safe in the knowledge that you will be providing your guests with something rare and memorable.

If you’re on a tight budget, why not customise the favours at home? Again, the opportunities are endless. From edible treats, to trinkets that your guests can take away and keep forever in their homes, there’s something to cater for all.

This type of favour often carries more sentiment than traditional gifts. They usually take more time to perfect, especially if they’re being personalised by hand, but this makes them even more special. Your guests will appreciate your efforts and will go home with a lasting reminder of your special day.

Personalised Thank-you Bag – These make great gifts by themselves, but they’re even better when filled with treats such as chocolate or almonds.

wedding favour ideas - personalized thank you bag

Personalised Shot Glasses – Everyone always seems to be short of a shot glass and every time this gets bought out it makes for a great story.

wedding favours ideas - personalised shot

Personalised Wine Bottle Bags – You’d be hard pushed to go wrong with a bag full of alcohol and these are something your guests will treasure.

wedding favour ideas - personalised wine bag

Unique Wedding Favours

Mini Journals – Not only a mini journals extremely useful they also fit perfectly into handbags or pockets. A great favour for any guests that are always forgetting things.

wedding favour ideas - mini journals

Luggage Tags – Many wedding favours end up at the bottom of a kitchen drawer, luggage tags not only look great they are also extremely useful.

wedding favour ideas - luggage tag

Bottle Stop – Suprise your guests with a wedding style bottle stop. These are available in different styles and are available in several different styles.

wedding favour ideas - bottle stops

Wedding Magnets – Magnets make great little wedding favours and they’re also extremely useful for holding up notes or children’s drawings.

wedding favour ideas - wedding magnets

Coffee Beans – These are a fantastic little take-home gift and can be personalised in any way you want.

wedding favour ideas - coffe beans

Single Use Cameras – These single-use cameras make for fantastic memories. Placing a few of these on every table will guarantee you’ll be left with lots of different memories you wouldn’t have had else

wedding favour ideas - single use camera

Unusual Wedding Favours

To create a lasting impression on your guests, break with tradition to provide them with something a little less ordinary. The more unusual and original the favours, the more memorable they will be. Not only will this send your friends and family away with something different to remember the big day, but it will also create a talking point on each table. Is your seating plan causing you undue stress?

Are you worried about guests sitting with people they’ve never met? Think of the wedding favours as a conversation starter: what will get them talking?

Don’t worry if you’re struggling for ideas – the Internet is full of inspiration, and there are no limits to the weird and wonderful types of wedding favours at your disposal.

When choosing an unusual wedding favour, be sure to consider how you would like your wedding day to be remembered. Whether it’s elegant, fun or traditional, the appropriate use of wedding favours can be an affordable way to convey the desired tone to your guests.

For example, if you wish for your wedding to be remembered as a fun, you could provide each of your guests with props to be used to create photos. This will set the tone for the rest of the day and incite conversation among your guests, as they compare props and take photos of each other.

Twig Ball Point Pen – Bring the outdoors indoors with these unique twig ballpoint pens, which you can personalise or leave them blank.

wedding favour ideas - ball point pen

Personalised Soap – A talking point and very handy, give your guests personalised soaps (assuming they have a good sense of humour and won’t take offense).

wedding favour ideas - personalised soap

Aphrodisiac Spice Blend – Pick your favourite spice blend and give your guests something very unique to leave your special day with.

wedding favour ideas

Fair Trade Message Inscribed Pebbles –  Smile, love, dream these are just some of the inscriptions you can put on pebbles for all your wedding guests.

Make Your Own Bird House Kit – If your guests are creative, why not give them their own birdhouse kit to keep them occupied.

DIY Wedding Favours

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, why not make your own wedding favours at home? With DIY wedding favours, you can make sure the guests receive exactly what you had in mind, without being restricted to readymade online favours. Often, handmade wedding favours are the ones that will impress your guests the most, as they appreciate the time and consideration it has taken to create them.

If you’re a creative type, or on a low budget, these types of favour are perfect as they are completely under your control. You can showcase any particular talents or skills that you may have, whilst creating something that compliments the theme of your wedding day perfectly. For the less creative among us, there’s an array of DIY wedding favour kits available both online and in shops. These are perfect for those who want to get imaginative with their wedding favours but don’t know where to start. There are also a number of simple DIY wedding favours, such as bombonieres and compilation CDs, which will enable you to wow your guests with little creative know-how.

This is a great way to get the rest of the wedding party involved in the preparations for your special day. Invite all of your bridesmaids over for a day of wedding talk and creativity, relieving the pressure of having to produce a gift for each of your guests yourself. Creating the wedding favours at home should be an enjoyable experience, not stressful, so remember to have fun while you’re making them!

Mini Jam Jars – These are extremely cheap and easy to make. Brownie points for making the jam yourself.

wedding favour ideas - jam jars

Homemade Soaps – Although these can be bought, it’s also easy and fun to make your own soaps.

wedding favour ideas - home made soaps

Mood-Setting Favours

Give you guests something to remember you after your special day. These list of mood-setting favours will allow your guest to relax and rejuvenate.

Candles – Choose from an enormous variety of shapes, colours, scents and sizes at the craft shop or online. Add a pretty candle holder or candle platform tray to complete the gift.

wedding favour ideas - candles

Bath Bombs – After a long wedding day you’ll guests will truly appreciate these bath bombs.

wedding favour ideas - bath bomb

Favours with a Future

Bookmarks – Printed either with theme-oriented graphics such as the Eiffel Tower or a Tuscan vineyard, famous quotes like Anais Nin’s “Dreams are Necessary to Life,” superheroes and children’s book characters, flowers, sandcastles, inspirational sayings, etc.

wedding favour ideas - bookmarks

Key Chains – with great sayings, quotes, pictures, or even mini mirrors on them.

wedding favour ideas - key chains

Potted flowering plants or seedlings – Guests can plant and watch grow for a season or forever. Here’s a great tip for a truly useful potted plant that looks more expensive than it is….Buy well-grown rosemary seedlings that stand more than four inches tall and wrap the plain plastic holder with coloured foil and a ribbon.

wedding favour ideas seeds

Wedding Favours for Men

Traditionally, one wedding favour was given to each family or couple attending the wedding. However, trying to find a wedding favour that will please all of your guests is not an easy task. As such, many couples are now opting to provide different wedding favours to men and women. Whilst women are usually satisfied with sentimental gifts or chocolate, the men can sometimes find these a little feminine. Although they would never admit to being unimpressed by the gift, it may get left behind or handed over to a female wedding guest.

Your male guests are likely to prefer fun or practical gifts, such as alcohol miniatures, bottle openers, and playing cards. If you have already decided upon edible favours for your guests, you could always opt for something a little more masculine – like chocolate footballs. Consider the personality and hobbies of the groom, or the wedding guests, when choosing the wedding favours. For example, if they are sporty, perhaps their chosen sport could be used as a theme when looking for appropriate wedding favours.

Providing wedding favours chosen specifically to cater for your male wedding guests is a great way to ensure that all of your guests feel appreciated, in what can often seem like a very feminine occasion. It does not have to be costly or time-consuming. In fact, on average many of the wedding favours tailored specifically towards the male guests are more affordable, and some providers will still offer discounts on bulk purchases of different items.

Lucky Sixpence In Gift Box – A firm favourite with men of all ages, you can’t go wrong with a lucky sixpence for your male guests.

wedding favour ideas - lucky six pence

Personalised Bevelled Cufflinks – Personalised, sentimental and very useful. Give your male wedding guests something they will use again and again.

wedding favour ideas - cufflinks

Hip Flask – All men love a hip flask, practical and stylish. Get the gents something unique they will love.

wedding favour ideas - flask

Children’s Wedding Favours

Whilst wedding season is often the highlight of the year for adults, the majority of children do not share the same level of enthusiasm. It is important to provide the children with something fun to keep them quietly occupied throughout the speeches and wedding reception. Providing your younger guests with appropriate wedding favours will ensure that this important part of your day can proceed without interruption from disgruntled children.

There are child-friendly wedding favours to suit all budgets. From edible treats, such as kinder eggs, to toys and games. An extremely popular choice is to provide the children with gift bags, including an assortment of gifts to entertain them throughout the day. Colouring books and crayons, jigsaw puzzles and storybooks are perfect for keeping the children interested, and in their places, for the seated parts of the day. You can also include gifts to keep them entertained in the evening, such as disposable cameras and tubes of bubbles.

When looking for children’s wedding favours, you should consider the age range and gender of the children attending. For example, it is unlikely that older children will be enthused by colouring books and crayons, but these will be suitable for your younger guests. Similarly, young boys may not be interested in toys aimed at girls, and vice versa. There are a number of wedding favour suppliers who will create custom gift bags for your guests’ children. You can also make them yourself, which may be a more affordable option if you’re working to a tight budget.

Wedding Alphabet Doodle Pad – Keeping the kids entertained is easy with this alphabet doodle pad set, this particular set comes with a gift wrapping option.

Colour in Wedding Favour Bag – Keep the kids colouring in all day and well into the evening with this fantastic wedding favour bag with gifts.

Wedding Party Sweetie Bag – For instant peace and quiet during the wedding speeches you won’t go wrong with a wedding party sweetie bag.

Wedding Children’s Activity Pack – A children’s activity pack will keep the little ones occupied for hours, various sheets to colour in and accompanying crayons.

Wedding Favour Boxes

Once you have decided upon the type of wedding favour to offer your guests, you must consider how this will be presented to them. Whilst sometimes considered unnecessary, wedding favour boxes are usually an excellent, affordable choice.

Wedding favour boxes can be used to package all types of wedding favour. Edible treats, such as chocolates or cupcakes, can be contained within boxes, as can non-edible gifts such as scented candles or bottle openers.

If you are creating the wedding favours yourself at home, using wedding favour boxes is a great way to ensure that your wedding favours look professional – even if you are not the most creative! They are available in abundance, at a wide range of prices. Finding the perfect wedding favour box does not have to break the bank!

It is easy to find the perfect box to compliment your wedding theme. They can also be customised with ribbons, stickers or slogans to convey your personality to your guests. Boxes can also be used to help set the tone of your special day. Do you want your wedding to be fun? Cover your boxes with brightly coloured polka dots or patterns. If your big day is a more elegant and classy affair, opt to decorate your boxes with ribbons in colours to match the table decorations. Sometimes, wedding favours get left behind because it isn’t clear what they are. If you use wedding favour boxes, you can attach your guests’ names to them for the avoidance of any doubt.

Recycled Card Favour Boxes – Are you keen to do your bit for the environment on your big day? If so then these recycled card favour boxes are for you.

recycled card wedding favour box

Heart Shaped Gift Box – For the true romantics among you, here are some truly beautiful heart shaped gift boxes for those all important wedding favours.

heart shaped wedding favour box

To Have and to Hold Favour Boxes – Sets of 10 unique and beautifully designed wedding favour boxes in white, perfect for the elegant bride on her big day.

to have and to hold wedding favour box

Lace Inspired Favour Boxes – We all love a bit of lace on a wedding day so why not indulge in your wedding favours with these unique boxes.

lace wedding favour box

Wedding Favour Bags

If you are looking to create your own wedding favours on a budget, wedding favour bags are a fantastic choice. Popular when packaging edible gifts, for little expense they can transform simple, low-cost wedding favours. Their use is not limited to edible favours. Available in a range of sizes, they can be used to package all manner of gifts, from bookmarks to bath bombs.

For those of you creating your own wedding favours, there’s an endless variety of bags available online and in stores, so it will be easy to create something that looks professional and meets your budget. From traditional organza gift bags, to clear cellophane bags adorned with personalised stickers, wedding favour bags are highly customizable to suit your theme. Bags are also available in any colour imaginable so, regardless of what you’re looking for, it won’t be difficult to find. Your time is precious, so investing in wedding favour bags is the perfect way to ensure that your wedding favours look fantastic, without having to spend days creating them.

If you’re not looking to produce the wedding favours yourself, there are a number of suppliers who will take care of the whole process for you. Simply choose the type of bag that you would like, and what is to be contained inside them, and let someone else do the hard work.

Whether you decide to make them yourself or have a supplier do it for you, using wedding favour bags is guaranteed to ensure that your gifts are presented to guests elegantly, complimenting the theme of your wedding.

Fair Trade Cotton Favour Pouch – Every wedding day should be filled with bags of love, give your guests a little something to remember the day by with these lovely little favour bags.

wedding favour bag

Vintage Inspired Lace Favour Bags – These favour bags are simply beautiful and perfect for those special wedding favours.

vintage lace wedding favour bag

Personalised Initial Mini Gift Bag – An alternative way of personalising your wedding favour bags is to highlight their initial, a clever idea.

Charity Wedding Favours

Charity wedding favours are a great way to give back on your special day. Essentially you make a donation to a charity such as Cancer Research on your guest’s behalf and the charity will then send you cards explaining the charity donation.

Cancer Research Favour Pins – These wedding favours not only make you feel great for giving back, but it also helps to increase awareness of fantastic charities like Cancer Research.

charity wedding favour

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