Celebrate the love affair of a lifetime by choosing the perfect 50th-anniversary cakes made especially just for your anniversary celebration. A golden jubilee is a special and distinct celebration, especially when it comes to the 50th-wedding anniversary. Here is a guide to help you choose the perfect 50th-anniversary cake made especially for the day of celebration. 

When couples celebrate their silver jubilee, or even better, their golden jubilee or 50th wedding anniversary, it is a huge accomplishment for the couple as they set out to be exemplary for the rest. Of course, this calls for celebration!  

Staying together in love for 50 years is a massive achievement. It is a sign of true love and eternal bonding. Thus, the golden wedding jubilee is an occasion that must be a merry celebration, that too in a very special way. And what adds great value to any celebration? A cake of course! 

If you know someone who has reached that phase of the life of being in togetherness for 50 years and are looking for the type of cakes that are suitable for the celebration, we are here to help you with the arrangements. Be it your own celebration of 50th- anniversary cake, a cake for your parents or grandparents, the following guide will elaborate on the choices of cakes that are pristine for the occasion.

Choosing the 50th Wedding Anniversary Cakes

A lot of thought, more than you could possibly imagine goes into creating the perfect 50th anniversary cake. The celebration of 50 years of togetherness with your spouse, everything must be perfect to the T. A cake is a big part of any celebration. A lot of effort has to be put in selecting the perfect 50th anniversary cake. Starting from the size, frosting, flavor and decoration, each little detail counts. 

Types of Golden Wedding Cakes 

The first thing to do while picking your 50th-anniversary cake for a celebration is to select the type of wedding cake you want. Wedding cakes cover a wide assortment of types starting from very simple to highly gorgeous. The different types of 50th-anniversary cakes you can choose from are:  

1. The Naked Cake

For a cake that is both basic and classic, you can choose your 50th anniversary cake to be naked. A naked cake simply is a cake without any coating or frosting on it. It is a cake with a minimal amount of frosting just enough to hold the layers together. 

Although it sounds like a far off idea to go for a 50th- anniversary cake, if done right, it could actually look bold and elegant.  While the basic idea may, look old fashioned and rustic for such a celebration, this is actually a modern and emerging trend. A good thing about naked cakes is that the baker can completely focus on the flavours and fillings. Sometimes, excess decorations, fondants and icing alter the true flavour of the cake. With a cake that has minimal decoration, the flavours will sing out and so will your 50th anniversary cake in the celebration.

2. Single Cake

This is another way to avoid that fancy and pompous 50th-anniversary celebration. If you want something simple yet delicious, this is the way to go. In fact, in today’s times, this is considered something unique. With all these layers and tiers of 50th anniversary cakes everywhere, you can stand out in a crowd with pure plainness.

A single cake consists of only one layer- it can be big or small depending on the number of guests. If you are celebrating with a small number of people, then you do not have to waste just to show off. 50th anniversary cakes can be small, simple and sophisticated all at the same time if you adopt this amazing 50th-anniversary cake idea.

3. Tier your way up

If your idea of a 50th-anniversary cake is a flamboyant centrepiece in the celebration, then this will be your perfect pick. A common belief says, the fancier the wedding celebration, the more number of tiers the cake has. Meaning, the number of tiers on your 50th anniversary cake is directly proportional to the extravagance of the celebration. The most common number of tiers is three; however, you can go up or down depending on the arrangements and choice of 50th anniversary cake and flamboyance of the celebration. 

4. Stacked Cake

Stacked cakes are a modern twist to tiered cakes. Stacked cakes feature a pile of crepes, pancakes or cheese wheels stacked on top of each other in descending order. Stacked cakes aren’t just normal layered crepes or pancakes that are left dry! These can also be filled with delicious fillings, jams, fruits, chocolate sauce and crème and be served with honey or syrup, adding sweetness to your celebration. 

This idea is perfect for couples who are planning on having a morning 50th wedding anniversary celebration. It makes for a great brunch and eliminates food waste while saving up on money! In addition, couples who do not like to eat cake but still want to follow the tradition of a 50th-anniversary celebration cake can make good use of this idea.  

5. Mountain Piled Cake

A golden jubilee celebration cake is a cake for the occasion after all. Whether you create it the typical way, make it out of crepes or serve it in individual pieces, it gives the idea of a 50th-anniversary cakes. People who do not like big cakes can use this alternative. Individual pieces of desserts such as cupcakes, cookies, tarts or doughnuts can be used instead. This will add a unique and memorable touch to your golden jubilee celebrations that people will likely not forget. 

The cupcakes and cookies can be customized with different messages such as names, initials, quotes, words and a “50”.  This is also a creative way to serve little treats to guests and you can shove away the idea of wastage because there is a very low possibility that any will be left! People have a tendency to pick up and eat little desserts while at a celebration.

You can stack these up in a 3-story cake tier, or keep them enclosed in a tiered transparent container. For decoration, you can throw in little flowers or fruits here and there. Thus, get creative and implement the ideas. 

Things to consider while picking the perfect 50th-ANniversary cakes

Many things go into consideration before making the perfect cake. For a golden wedding anniversary celebration, perfection depends upon a selection of shape, size, fillings, flavours and decoration.

Size and shape 

First, you need to decide the size of the cake you will order. This depends upon the number of people you invited to be a part of your celebration. For a crowd of fifty, one large cake or two medium and small-sized tier cake will be sufficient. For additional people, increase the number of tiers and cut down for less. Along with size, you should also think about the shape. Cakes do not always have to be circular; they can be square, rectangular, heart, diamond-shaped or even spherical! Shape and size are the two primary things you need to decide on at the very beginning.


Unless you are going for a naked 50th-anniversary cake, you need to give an inordinate amount of thought to the coating of your cake. For instance, will you use frosting, icing or fondant? If the golden jubilee celebration is going outdoor on a hot summer day, then buttercream or whipped cream frosting is a bad choice. It can easily melt and destroy the cake.

For a light coating, icing is a good choice if you do not want to underwhelm the actual cake flavour. If you want a very heavy decorative cake that will hold together for long, fondant is your go-to option. A lot of creative stuff can be created with fondant. For a more simplistic design and flavour, you can choose a chocolate drip or sprinkles. 

Sprinkles are a funky way to demonstrate your 50th-anniversary cake. If you know a couple who still has the youthfulness alive, you can portray it with sprinkle decoration. You can also play with colours in your cake such as white for regal, ombre shades or even bold colour combinations like golden and black.

Fillings and Flavors

An integral part of making the selection is to choose the flavours and fillings. Do you want a fruitcake or a cheesecake? Which one would you pick from chocolate, vanilla and caramel? The list of flavours is endless. Have a thorough discussion with the baker before ordering and taste all the possible flavours. 

If you are ordering a multi-layered cake, then you can opt for a different flavour in each layer. For such styles, denser flavours should be placed at the bottom with lighter ones at the top. You can also try flavour combinations, like a jam filling inside a chocolate cake. 


The last and most fun thing about a cake is the decoration. Use cake toppers to decorate your golden jubilee cake and display your affection for each other. You can also use miniature figures made of plastic or fondant to sit atop your cake. Little bells and ornaments are a good idea too. 

Ideas for decorating and creating 50th anniversary cake are endless. With the right pick, the 50th anniversary cake design will stand out and people will remember them for ages to come.

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