Wedding cakes are not only a timeless tradition, but also a great opportunity to bring some creativity and personal style to your day and these wedding cake trends for 2021 are no exception. The iconic ‘cutting of the cake moment’ is a great photo op and is sure to be a highlight of your day. And, apart from anything else, everybody will be eating it at some point too!

Long gone are the days of entirely white cakes covered in royal icing. Cakes are now another way for the married couple to show off their individuality and embody the theme of the wedding.

Finding the perfect cake can be a difficult process (but a tasty one too). To give you come guidance through this world of confectionary. With all this choice, you’re bound to find the cake style you love whilst keeping in with what’s hot this year. So, without further delay…

Check Out These Stunning Wedding Cake Trends!

Nature Themed Cakes

This wedding cake trend is one of our favourites. Bring the outside in! Clever cake makers recreate bark effects and use woodland inspiration to mimic beautiful nature. They look gorgeous every time and it could be the natural dessert of your dreams!

Light Pastel Colours

Whatever the season, bring some spring/summer vibes to your day with a gorgeous pastel colour scheme for your cake. It will look great with flower details, or just simple colourful brush strokes. A great way to bring some colour to your cake without making an overly big statement. 

Naked Cakes

A (kind-of) oldie, but a goodie. It was a few years ago that this particular cake trend first peaked, however it’s quickly becoming a timeless style that works every time. It’s almost ‘shabby-chic’ in the way that the buttercream is spread lightly over the cake edges to create its namesake affect, and looks great when finished off with some intricate floral elements on the top, or piled high with fresh fruit!

Black Cakes

Whether you’ve gone for a traditionally white dress or not, who says the cake has to be white? This dark and sleek contrast is guaranteed to turn heads and you’re able to style it in a way that suits you best. Brighten it up with sugar flowers, have a cute bespoke cake topper or choose coloured undertones – this cake is cool, and can also be personalised to you and your wedding style. 

Single Tier Wedding Cakes

Ged rid of the ‘must have’ elements you think are cake law, which in this case include tiers and tiers of white flowery cake. Make more of a statement with something more simple in size and elegant. Check out these single tiered cakes and see how the simple shape makes way for a more creative design. 

Translucent Designs

An elegant theme that pairs the fluidity and elegance of water or flower petals with stained-glass inspiration; these isomalt cake decorations are stunning and completely edible too! They can be used as stand alone decorations or paired with a range of other gorgeous elements.

Pressed Edible Flowers & Fruit

A total vibe! Pressed edible flowers are on track to be a huge theme again in 2021. Who needs buttercream flowers or chocolate blooms, when you’ve got the real thing! If you are considering a garden or outdoor wedding, this might be the theme for you.

Individual Mini Cakes

What is more practical than personal mini cakes for each of your guests?! These can be made of just about anything and can be from bite-sized desserts to full cakes. Just make sure you have another cake if you are wanting to do the traditional cake cut for photos.

Tall & Thin

After the last year, many couples are opting for smaller guestlists and finding that they don’t need to have a huge 6 tier cake. But that doesn’t mean that tiers are off the table! Instead cake makers are crafting thinner, sleeker creations that look incredible.

Cake Alternatives

This is the perfect choice if you’re feeling non-traditional cake vibes or if sponge just isn’t your bag, baby! A towering pile of brownies, macaroons piled high or even a cheese wheel makes for a fab talking point among guests and even better, it’s so unique! Ideal for couples looking for something a little on the quirky side. 

So, What Next?

Now you’re an expert on wedding cake trends, you will need to think about filling, size and the ingredients! Use this quick and handy guide to give you some more inspiration.

Final Thoughts

Wedding cakes are a great way to add your own stamp onto your wedding day, simply because they come in a whole range of shapes and sizes. When it comes to these wedding cake trends, the world is your oyster and you can make them your own. Then once you have found your favourite, all you need to do is choose the perfect flavour!

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