Are you looking to book a live band for your wedding party? Before you get too bogged down in searching through and listening to hundreds of acts, here are some key things to consider before picking your wedding band:


Work out your budget and what you want for your money. Do you just want the band for an hour in the evening, or do you want a longer set; maybe music before and after dinner; or for the whole day – playing before and after the ceremony, and then at the reception? Does your budget include any extra sound equipment requirements, or refreshments for the performers, or are you happy to pay for these separately? These are important extra factors that you need to consider.


If your wedding is designed around a specific era or theme, you’ll want to your musical entertainment to match – it could be a 1920s jazz band, 1950s acapella, a swing band, or a cover group. Alternatively, you and your partner might have a favourite musical style that you want to focus on. Deciding on your preferred style will really help you to shortlist potential bands in the early stages of your search.

The Set-List

Will the band be playing your first-dance song? How flexible are they for the rest of the set? How long will they perform for, and when do they need to stop for breaks? Are they open to taking requests from your guests on the night, or in the weeks running up to the event? It may be tempting to try and dictate every song that will be performed during your night, but trust a good act to take your must-haves and would-likes, and work in a few surprises that they know will fit to your tastes.

When you do start researching and shortlisting band options, be sure to read reviews, seek recommendations, watch videos, and ideally find a time to go and see them actually perform. The live entertainment at your wedding will be a big part of the event, so you definitely want to get it right.

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