Planning a wedding is never easy. As much as many people would never admit it, much of what we plan for isn’t really for us, but for others. The venue might have a special place in the hearts of the soon to be married couple, but guests are probably more concerned with whether the food is going to be any good, how much a pint of lager is, and what the entertainment will be like in the evening.

Naturally, as individuals we want our guests to leave our wedding thinking “wow, that was great,” rather than “wow, what was that all about?” so we spend time on many things we know matter to them.

Though you probably can’t choose how good the food is at your reception, or get the bar to reduce its prices by 50% for the day, you do have options when it comes to choosing the entertainment. Here are some of the best.

DJ’s for Dancing

Hiring a DJ is probably the most common type of entertainment that couples turn to. Often it is easy as a venue will have a house DJ that is included in the cost, though most are flexible and allow you to bring in your own if you wish.

The rules for hiring a DJ really depend on what you want your wedding party to sound like. Most DJ’s who are booked for weddings will have the full repertoire of popular party hits to hand, but if you don’t want YMCA and The Timewarp being played it’s worth having that conversation before you make a booking.

An alternative to a DJ is to find a friend who is happy to do the honours, and put your wedding disco playlist on two iPods or iPhones, and use those to play the music you want.

Live Bands

Music is always better live, and if you can find a great band for your wedding it means a great night for everyone. Similar to finding a DJ, searching for a band really comes down to what it is you’re looking for. A band that predominantly plays weddings is likely to have a very select group of songs that it plays, so you should have a conversation with them to ensure you’re happy with the playlist.

Ideally, you should try to see the band yourself before you book them. Crashing another wedding to see them probably isn’t feasible, but there will probably be YouTube videos where you can see what you’ll be getting.

Magic for All

Magicians are a fun entertainment option, great for weddings as you can hire someone to perform table magic and quick tricks rather than needing someone to create a stage spectacle with massive props. If your evening party is semi-formal, involving a sit down meal and speeches prior to a disco or another form of entertainment, a magician can help break the event up for guests, especially if you have children there who might be unsettled and looking to be kept busy.

Dancing Shows

Everyone likes a dance at a wedding, so a dancing show or involving dancers in some other way could be a fun entertainment option. How you approach this will depend largely on the type of wedding you have, but some of the choices may include a burlesque dance show, ballroom dancers, or even hiring a salsa teacher to go through some moves with your guests.

You can explore many of the above options here at Poptop UK and make bookings through our website.

Fireworks Displays

Depending on your wedding venue, hosting a fireworks display might be a possibility. Given the popularity of fireworks today, most venues have the requisite licences and insurance, and will even liaise directly with a display company to help them organise your display. Some venues will have a preferred display company or offer displays in-house, though you may also have the option of bringing your own fireworks and allowing a member of the wedding party to take care of it, provided they’re going to stay sober!

What entertainment options have you considered for your wedding? Check out our full range of options now and get in touch to discover how Poptop UK can help make your big day even more memorable.

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