Choosing a wedding cake is a difficult decision, it has to portray the right message, look stunning, and take center stage for at least part of your wedding day. That may be why many brides don’t think about a cheese wedding cake.

But you’re thinking about it now!

The simple fact is that the traditional wedding cake is no longer the only option. You can now opt for a naked wedding cake, lots of small cakes creating a wedding cake or even no wedding cake at all. Choosing a wedding cake of cheese really is just the next logical step.

Why Cheese Wedding Cake?

There are an increasing number of people with allergies that could make it difficult to produce a wedding cake and be certain that it will cater to everyone in your wedding party. Part of the issue is that some cakes are okay, while others are not; you may not be able to tell someone with an allergy whether they should have a piece of your wedding cake or not.

Cheese doesn’t give you the same issue. If people have an issue with cheese, it is generally with all cheeses, not specific ones. This means that they will miss out on your wedding cake but you’ll feel much happier; especially as you’re not about to be hit with a lawsuit. 

But, it’s more than that! A cheese wedding cake makes sense! Cheese is naturally enjoyed after a meal, it is light, brings out the flavor of your wine, and it’s easy to have just a little or a lot, depending on how well the wedding food has gone down.

You can even share the cheese wedding cake out at the end of the night with the minimum of fuss.

The Cheese Wheel Wedding Cake

Another great thing about cheese wedding cake is that you can easily make it yourself. The secret is to make sure you mix lots of different flavors, this will allow all your wedding guests to find a piece they like, and the flavors should complement each other.

You will need to taste the cheeses before creating the cheese wedding cake, it’s a tough job but someone has to do it!

Top Tips When Choosing Your Cheese For Your Cheese Wedding Cake

You’ll want to get your cheese wedding cake right and this can be more difficult than you think, especially if you are not a cheese connoisseur.

There are two ways of doing this. The first is to visit a local cheese shop if you have one. They will allow you to taste the difference cheeses and can provide advice on the cheeses that will go best with each other.

You’ll be able to taste the cheeses and discover which tastes appeal most to you and which cheese goes well with your menu.

The second option is to have a cheese box sent to you. The larger dairies will happily send out sample jobs, the idea is that you’re going to order from them, this justifies the cost of sending out cheese samples, potentially for free.

You’ll be able to appreciate the quality of the cheese they have to offer and decide which ones go well, according to your own palette.

Don’t forget that it’s a good idea to try cheeses from several different shops/dairies. This will help to ensure you’re getting the taste you like and it’s the very best cheese in the area. Not all cheese tastes the same, you’ll want to be particular about where you get it from if it’s for a cheese wedding cake.


Cheese comes in a variety of sizes and colors. If possible you’ll want to choose the colors that match your wedding décor. Of course, you do also need to consider which cheese tastes right, there is little point getting one which has the right color but no one is going to enjoy it!

You should also consider the size of the cheese circles. You’ll want to stack the cheese on top of itself, creating the look of a traditional wedding cake. This means decreasing circles will be necessary, ideally, each layer of your cheese will be approximately 2” smaller than the one before it. 

But, this may not work if you can’t find a small enough cheese that you like for a higher level!

Equally, you should remember that the higher levels will have very little cheese. If this cheese proves to be popular with your wedding guests you’re going to run out very quickly. To prevent this from happening always purchase extra cheese, allowing people to have the top layer of your cheese wedding cake, even if it looks like all the cheese has gone.

Balancing The Styles

You need to have as many different flavors of cheese as possible, they also need to have different textures. 

Ideally, you should include hard cheese, soft cheese, a blue cheese, and a soft, crumbling one. Hard cheese is generally the most popular, make sure you have plenty of this spare!

Be Creative

There are actually plenty of cheese specialists that will build your cheese wedding cake for you. All you need to do is talk to them about different cheeses while you sample them.

However, you don’t have to make an appointment with your local cheese cake specialist. You can actually build your own wedding cake of cheese.

You should experiment with the different looks possible and ensure you add some extra slices of cheese to the bottom of the cheese wedding cake; these can be the decoration around the base.

Soft Cheese Is Okay

 If you don’t have a lot of experience making cheese wheels or cheese wedding cake then you may be wary about placing softer cheeses at the bottom of your tiers. After all, the softness will not be able to support the weight of the cake above it.

In fact, you can get around this issue by cutting out a small circle in the center of any soft cheese and then placing an egg cup within the circle. The next layer will rest on the egg cup and not the cheese without anyone realizing.

If necessary use 2 or even 3 egg cups.

Towering Over It

A glass tea light holder is a great way to boost the height of your cheese wedding cake. It can also increase the strength of your cake and even give you room for any decorations you want to put on.

There are other options, you can even use an ordinary cake tier to support the different levels of cheese cake. It really is a case of using your imagination and, for that to be successful, you should really consider making an example of your cheese based cake before the big day.

Break It Down

Just because the traditional wedding cake is 3, 4, or more tiers high, this doesn’t mean you need to do the same with your cheese wedding cake.

Spreading an entire table with small cakes are becoming a popular wedding cake option. You can adopt the same approach when creating a cheese wedding cake, simply scatter the cheese across the table in a coordinated manner, you’ll be surprised at how many positive comments you get.

Add in some grapes and a few personal measures and you’ll still have a cake table that looks fantastic. As an added bonus, people can make conversation while picking the different cheeses to try/enjoy.

Cheese Estimate

It can be difficult to know how much cheese you should have available for each person, especially if you’re going to tell your wedding guests to help themselves. However, a good guide is to provide between 70-100g of cheese per wedding guest. 

This should be enough as a dessert but you’ll need to double the amount if it’s supposed to be part of the main meal.

Getting Your Cheese

Finally, don’t forget that cheese needs to be ordered and must be kept in a cool place. It’s a good idea to get all the cheese you need for your wedding cake a couple of days early. 

This will give you time to chase up any missing cheeses and put it all together to make the perfect cheese wedding cake. In short, getting it ready in advance is one less thing to worry about on your big day!

Final Thoughts

I’m sure that you’ll be thinking about your wedding guests when choosing the right cheese to replace your cake. This is admirable but you also need to consider which cheese you like the most. It is, after all, your wedding day and what you want that counts!

You can also decorate the cheese table in the same way that you would if it was a traditional wedding cake on the table. 

There is no right or wrong way to present your cake of cheese, it is what it is and your guests should appreciate that. They almost certainly will when they’re enjoying it with some crackers and grapes!

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