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Verified bookings: 25
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Recent review: I had searched far and wide for a supplier of the items requested and couldnt of found any1 better in this company, they went above and beyond my expectations x

Love By Lucy And Liam Chocolate Fountain
Verified bookings: 30
9 Reviews:

Recent review: Very friendly, helpful and professional. Food was great, everyone ate themselves into a coma and DJ said he had never seen such full plates at a function before.

LoveTagEvents Chocolate Fountain
Verified bookings: 27
15 Reviews:

Recent review: Ian & Tracey husband and wife team are very professional and will help to do whatever they can to make sure that your special days are extra special unforgettable memories!

ASJ Catering & Events Chocolate Fountain
Verified bookings: 15
22 Reviews:

Recent review: Thank you so much for the adult buffet food and children’s boxes for my daughter’s birthday party on Saturday. There was such a variety of food, plenty of it and it was absolutely delicious. Thank you for being so efficient and answering all my questions. The party boxes matched the theme perfectly

Diamond Pearl Events Chocolate Fountain
Verified bookings: 20
8 Reviews:

Recent review: Diamond Pearl Events were absolutely fantastic, they supplied 2 bar staff to serve approx. 70 people drinks at my garden party. They were extremely happy to help, always had a smile on their faces. The bar staff served behind the bar and also walked around the marquee making sure everyone had a dr


Recent requests in this category

Wedding - Newcastle Upon Tyne

Average quote: £750.00
i will have gluten free guests which will need to be provided for. i am looking at paying upfront for approx 65 guests to order for themselves on the evening

Wedding reception - Hampshire

Average quote: £950.00
Wedding reception for approx 85 guests including children. We would pay up front. It could be served from a van or within the marquee. We would like a mix of food including vegetarian!

Celebration - Newcastle Upon Tyne

Average quote: £950.00
I'm looking for a hog roast for 45th Birthday and 2nd wedding anniversary for approximately 50 people. Celebration will be at my own garden. No dietry requirements. There also will be 15 children under 7.

Wedding - Kent

Average quote: £750.00
I am having 50 guests on wedding ,in substitute 4 a sit down meal. No kitchen facilities available. I will need bbq, rolls, sides, plates cutlery napkins

Wedding - Essex

Average quote: £800.00
I would like to plan my wedding and surprise my partner with it. I know what she wants as we have talked about it. But I need to know how we can do it and the cost, if possible. Thanks.

Birthday party (adult) - Bristol

Average quote: £850.00
I will start my birthday party at 8pm with around 70 guests. Wanting burgers sausages chicken wings ribs and maybe some kebab style skewers. Will be at village hall. Food paid for upfront. A couple of vegetarians will need catering for.

Wedding - Cheshire

Average quote: £900.00
Wedding in June, 29. All day and evening buffet 75 guests. Want all the usual foods, sandwiches, sausage rolls, pizza, chicken drumsticks ect. Food will be paid for up front before the wedding.

Birthday party (adult) - London

Average quote: £1200.00
A birthday party for my friends, so would like catering costs for evening and breakfast! Estimated evening guests = 50, Breakfast guests = 60

Wedding reception - Glasgow

Average quote: £1400.00
Number of guests approx 110, marquee setting in a field that often hosts events. Pulse and salad and potato sides. Vegetarian option potentially needed. No nuts and a gluten free option essential. Payment upfront. Look forward to hearing from you.

Wedding - London

Average quote: £1300.00
Hi, we are looking for an alternative to a standard 3 course wedding breakfast, do you cater for weddings? We will have approximately 100 guests on 02/07/2016, please could you give us an idea of cost and services offered if you are available? Also, are you able to accommodate gluten free for a couple of guests? Thank you very much for your help

Wedding - Hampshire

Average quote: £1100.00
Hi I'm looking for a caterer for our big day. We've got approximately 60 guests in the day. We were looking to have a hog roast lunch and then a buffet in the evening for approximately 90 guests. I'm sorry I haven't got a definite number as we haven't sent invites out yet. I was just looking into these ideas to get some prices really. I would appreciate if you could give any expert advice.

Wedding - Cardiff

Average quote: £1600.00
me and my partner are having a big wedding at a countryside estate,we are currently looking for suppliers for all the things we require for our wedding.so by that i mean a Dj,Caterers day and evening possibly a good burger van,wedding cars,garden games for the kids,a photographer for the whole day ect. we are going all out and dont want to hold off on anything.any ideas and inspiration would be much appreciated.

Wedding reception - Kent

Average quote: £1000.00
On our wedding reception will be 80 guests, including vegetarians. Our son has PKU which means he is on a strict low protein diet (basically vegan). The wedding will be at a barn that has electricity and water. The food will be paid for upfront.

Wedding - London

Average quote: £1000.00
Hi - We are looking for someone to provide on-site catering at our wedding. The date given is provisional at the moment. We would like to cater for c.100 people, for lunch and early evening meal - we'd be paying for this. No harm in you staying open for people to buy from though I don't suppose. We're looking for prices at the moment and also an idea of your standard menu.

Birthday party (adult) - London

Average quote: £1000.00
I am looking for three food trucks - ideally a diner style van, an Asian cuisine (with good vegetarian options) and a wood fired pizza truck. There is plenty of parking and good access to utilities such as electrics and water. We will pay in full for all guests and expect each van to serve around 80 to 100 guests. Please let me know if you are available on the specified date.

Private party - Lincoln

Average quote: £1200.00
This is for a private event onsite. We will be having several food vendors to serve food to approx 100 guests. Please advise on your setup as we cannot get a vehicles onsite so setup would need to be on tables on the terrace area - plugs and power can be run from the main building.

Wedding - Newcastle Upon Tyne

Average quote: £700.00
I'm looking for a quote for a hog roast or similar style informal bbq for approx 55 guests. It is for a party after an informal register office wedding. Of the 55, approx 10 are children. Thanks in advance for the quote.

Private party - Hampshire

Average quote: £700.00
Sixty people, to be fed over two hours, there is a huge catering kitchen available and also a large bar b que area. We are open to any casual but stylish food. Four veggies and one gluten free.

Fundraising event - York

Average quote: £1200.00
Hello, we are looking into costs of having a hog roast and small bbq for our summer fair on the 26th July. We would be selling the food to the fair guests. Is this something that you do? How much would this cost for approx. 100 people? Do you do veg options also? Many thanks for your help!

Wedding - Somerset

Average quote: £950.00
Hi there, I'm planning my wedding and would like a festival theme, with fish & chips or burgers/hotdogs and an ice cream van. I don't have a location or date at the moment but I'm aiming for a Sunday in October. This would be for a lunchtime period for approx 70 guests. I would want to cover the costs upfront so guests don't need to pay. Thanks in advance.

Wedding reception - West Malling

Average quote: £1350.00
Hi, we are looking for an alternative to a standard 3 course wedding breakfast, do you cater for weddings? We will have approximately 100 guests on 02/07/2016 , please could you give us an idea of cost and services offered if you are available? Also, are you able to accommodate gluten free for a couple of guests? Thank you very much for your help