While there is something elegant and classic about a religious venue for your wedding, that doesn’t mean this is your only choice. In fact, there are plenty of unusual & unique wedding venue ideas to choose from.

All you have to do is be prepared to do a little research and think outside the box. Once you start exploring the possibilities you’ll realize that it’s possible to have a unique wedding without breaking the bank.

There are two distinct options that you’ll need to choose from, the fancy, unique wedding venue that may not be anywhere near where you live, and the unique venue near your home that not everyone sees as a wedding venue.

It is worth noting that the first option comes with a price tag. Not only can some of these unique and stunning venue options be expensive, but you’ll also have to consider how you’re getting your wedding guests to the venue. 

You may also need to consider booking your venue now, even if you’re not getting married for several years. Some of the most unique wedding venue options get booked up many months and years in advance.

The second option still gives plenty of unique venue options. But, it is likely to be local to you, making it easier for your wedding guests to get there. This type of venue is generally easy to book at short notice as they are unique because others haven’t thought of them as wedding venues.

You could be the first and start a new trend!

Unusual Wedding Venues For Those Prepared To Travel

The amount of travel you and your wedding guests will need to do depends on which wedding venue you choose and where you are currently located. But, all of the following offer great potential as unique, and exciting wedding venue options:

1. The Public Library – New York, USA

This is one of the most famous buildings in the US, despite being the second largest library in the country. It has approximately 53 million items and you can get married here, providing you comply with their conditions. It’s hard to think of a more stunning venue.

Any wedding ceremony must be performed by a government official and you’ll need to provide the library with an outline of your wedding ceremony before the event. This will need to be approved of course!

You can then rent the space at the Public library and create a truly unique and special wedding ceremony. If you’re feeling a little mischievous you can even insist that the wedding guests whisper, you are, after all, in a library!

2. The Golden Gate Bridge – San Francisco, USA

Move from one side of the country to the other and you’ll leave the stunning library to find an open-air wedding venue that will thrill and enthral. Getting married on or beside Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco is one unique, unusual, and amazing place to say ‘I do’.

You can actually pick your spot, in conjunction with a local wedding officiant, all you need is good weather and a place to party after the wedding ceremony. 

In fact, this unique wedding venue has several open areas and sheltered areas, meaning that you can still complete your wedding ceremony, even if the weather doesn’t want you to.

3. Wookey Hole Caves – Somerset, UK

The thought of having a wedding ceremony in a cave may not, at first, sound appealing. However, once you experience Wookey Hole Caves you’ll realize that this unique venue is actually incredibly romantic.

The caves are thousands of years old, they are dry and the temperature remains the same throughout the year, allowing you to plan exactly what you’ll wear at your wedding venue. You’ll also appreciate the candles and tiny lights that adorn the caves, providing a subtle and romantic light for any happy couple.

What you may find amazing is that this unique venue can actually accommodate up to 100 people!

4. La Fenice Opera House – Venice, Italy

Italy is a country of romance and Venice is potentially the most romantic city of them all. Choosing a wedding venue here means that you’re already on your honeymoon!

This famous and unique opera house was founded in 1792 and has been home to hundreds of performances over the years. Now, it could be home to your wedding ceremony!

The opera house is named after the Phoenix, a symbol of its ability to rise from the ashes after misfortune and become greater than it was. It’s fitting as the opera house has been rebuilt several times after suffering fires. 

The opera house today is a fantastic building inside and out, a fantastic and relatively unique choice for your wedding venue, and you can even scale the space to suit the size of your party. Don’t be intimidated by the sheer number of seats, it is possible to retain the romance in this venue.

5. Hotel de Glace – Quebec, Canada

Moving back across the globe you can opt to have your wedding ceremony in the Hotel de Glace, literally the Hotel of Ice. The name is appropriate as this is a unique chapel made of ice.

Surprisingly you won’t be cold inside, you can even enjoy the saunas and hot tubs to help keep you warm, despite being in one of the coolest places on Earth!

There is no doubt that unique and unusual wedding venue will give you some of the best memories of your life.

6. Atlantis Marine World – Riverhead, USA

You have probably got an aquarium near you but it may not offer what this unique wedding venue does, the opportunity to say your wedding vows while underwater.  As well as your wedding guests you’ll be watched by the sand tigers and sharks that live in this aquarium.

Yes, you’ll be inside a steel cage, but you’re still going to get pretty close to a shark, or they are too you. That takes guts and makes this one of the best if unusual wedding venues options available!

7. The Titanic – Tennessee, USA

No, you can’t actually get married on the Titanic, although it may be possible to do this soon on the replica, which launches in 2022. That would be an unusual and unique experience.

Instead, head to Tennessee in the US and visit the Titanic museum. Here you’ll be able to re-enact all the scenes from the movie, while dressed in your wedding dress. 

What better place to say your wedding vows than on the stairs, under the clock, in the same spot that Jack and Rose headed for dinner. It’s certain to be a unique and extremely memorable experience. 

8. Safari – Ulusaba, South Africa

If you want to try something different then consider an African safari wedding. This certainly isn’t the venue that pops into most brides’ heads, but, it is one worth considering.

The adrenaline will be pumping as you realize that you’re surrounded by wild animals, and that’s not just the groom and his friends. But, it’s actually completely safe, very romantic, and definitely one of the most unusual wedding venues.

Choose Ulusaba and you’ll be well catered for. Included in any wedding package are a wedding cake, wedding breakfast in bed, and even a massage!

This is guaranteed to make you happy before you even say I do and make the most of your wedding day and the venue.

9. Hogwarts – Northumberland, UK

If you’re a Harry Potter fan then you may dream of getting married in Hogwarts Hall. Of course, the Hogwarts used in the majority of the films is actually a miniature version and lots of film sets. 

But, before it became such a big phenomenon, the first two films actually used Alnwick Castle in Northumberland, UK, as the famous school of wizardry. The best part, if you’re a fan, you can actually have your wedding ceremony there! Now that’s a pretty unique and exciting wedding venue option.

Unusual & Unique Wedding Venue Options Near You

You don’t need to spend a fortune travelling to an exotic wedding ceremony, no matter how unique it is. If you want a lot of wedding guests this may not be a practical option. However, there are plenty of options in your local vicinity that will be both unique and inspirational as a wedding venue.

You’re certain to be able to find some, if not all, of the following venue options in your vicinity. All you need is a little imagination! 

1. On The Wings of an Airplane

You don’t need a massive hall or caste to get married, you just need a venue that you both love and the commitment of that love!

Saying your wedding vows while strapped to the wings of an airplane is not something that appeals to everyone and you won’t be the first to do it. But, you will be joining a unique club.

If you don’t have a fear of heights, want the ultimate adrenaline thrill, and can find a wedding officiant prepared to do it, then the wings of an airplane may just be the wedding venue of your dreams.

2. The Zoo

Of course, flying through the air doesn’t appeal to everyone. You can say ‘I do’ with your feet firmly on the ground and still enjoy the thrill of adventure. While the safari park is unique and exciting, it is not an option for everyone.

After all, the cost of getting there will seriously limit your wedding guest list. However, there is almost certainly a zoo in your area and they will be more than happy to conduct the wedding ceremony and even host the wedding reception. 

The zoo is a fun, exciting, and unique venue for your wedding and one well worth considering, even if you’re not an animal lover!

3. A Barn

If you want a completely different experience and don’t mind not having a religious wedding ceremony then you should look for a local barn that is dry and, preferably, has power.

You’ll then have a shell that can be converted into any wedding theme you like. Barns are still unique and unusually wedding venue choices but, they are a great option as you can dress them up elegantly or keep them dressed down for a more traditional barn dance.

You will need a little imagination when visiting this type of venue for the first time. But, you can add lighting, flowers, banners, themed games, and any other type of entertainment you desire. 

You’ll be surprised at how fantastic this venue can look, with surprisingly little effort. And, of course, it’s unique.

4. The Local Park

This is probably a better choice if you’re going for a summer wedding, although you may still need to plan for inclement weather!

The local park is a unique choice for your wedding venue simply because most people don’t think of it as an option. However, it will have a nice open space, an area that will house your gazebo, and some of the best views in your town. 

All you need is a wedding officiant, permission from the town council, and the desire to convert a normal park into a beautiful wedding venue. Get the time of year right and Mother Nature will do most of the prep work for you.

5. On The Beach

If the park isn’t your thing but you like the idea of an open-air wedding then you should consider your local beach. Again, you’ll need to get permission and plan for all weather eventualities.

But, this venue option will allow you to feel like you’ve eloped, while having your friends and family with you. That makes it a pretty special wedding venue.

Just remember to pick your dress with the sand in mind. You’ll probably have your wedding reception somewhere else, you may want to have a different dress for the wedding ceremony and the wedding reception.

6. Bungee Jumping

Bungee jumping isn’t unique, other couples have said their wedding vows this way, but not many.

You’ll be joining a small and exclusive club, as well as getting an amazing thrill on your wedding day. This wedding venue is definitely not for the faint-hearted, but, if you have an interest in bungee jumping or have done it before, then it’s a great option for your wedding vows. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it!

7. The Garden Party

It may not seem unique to have your wedding venue as your own garden. But, you’ll have the complete freedom to redesign your garden as you like. In fact, if you start early enough you’ll actually be able to transform the layout of your garden to suit your unique wedding needs.

When you have your wedding ceremony in your own garden you can incorporate as many of your ideas and themes as you want, all your wedding guests need is a place to sit, some food, and, perhaps a place to dance.

Your garden can be the most unique wedding location of all, as well as providing you with a dream wedding on a budget.

8. Local Art Gallery

Your local art gallery will probably be delighted if you ask them to be your wedding venue. They will already have a beautiful space, all you’ll need is their blessing and an officiant. You may need to consider an alternative wedding reception, this will depend on the size of the gallery and their insurance risks.

However, most art galleries are happy to give you a relatively blank canvas, allowing you to create the wedding venue of your dreams with minimal effort.

You’ll even be able to choose whether to leave the art up or have it all taken down to give you a blank canvas! It may not feel unique when you book it, but with a little work, it certainly will feel unique when you’re ready to say your wedding vows! 

Final Thoughts

The wedding venue no longer has to be a church or similar religious building, there are no hundreds of possibilities open to you. All you need to do is open your eyes as you move around, on your daily commute, the bar crawl, or even when you enjoy a Sunday afternoon walk.

There is no wrong venue for your wedding, simply the one that works for you. All you have to do is figure out which elements of the wedding day are important or essential to you, then you can incorporate them into your choice of venue.

Don’t forget that even the simplest wedding venue can be converted into a space of your dreams, all it takes is a little work and you’ve got plenty of friends who’ll want to help with that!

Also, check out these ideas for cheap wedding venues to satisfy any budget.

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