You’ve probably thought about the wedding venue decorations, after all, it’s an important part of your big day.

However, there is a lot more to this than just adding a few flowers and perhaps a balloon or two, this is your wedding day, you’re going to want the décor and the venue to look perfect.

Fortunately, that’s what we’re here to help with. Check out these tips to ensure your wedding venue looks perfect.

Wedding Venue Decorations Ideas


If you have priceless artwork on the walls you may want to leave this on display, providing you can trust your wedding guests to leave it in one piece.

However, in most cases, the reality is that the walls are fairly drab and the décor options are limited. You can’t repaint them and you can’t pin lots of things to them, without causing a lot of damage. 

But, what you can do is add drapes to your venue. You can find drapes or large pieces of material at a number of places, you’ll have to look these up in your local area. Then, hang them from the top of the walls down each side, there will almost certainly be fixings in place that you can use.

This will ensure your wedding colors are present in the room and can change the venue into a more romantic setting, creating the perfect décor for your wedding day.


It goes almost without saying that you’ll want flowers as part of the decor at your wedding venue. The question is where and what do you do with them?

Instead of opting for small bouquets on the tables and at each side of the door, take the flowers to the next level and create archways, making sure that every wedding guest has to walk through the archway as they enter the venue.

You can also create a pergola of flowers that surrounds or covers the bride and groom. The great thing about this approach is that the flowers don’t have to be real, the wedding venue décor will look just as good if the flowers are fake and it will be easier to organize. 

You can also occupy some of the wall space at your venue by using rose garlands, or any other flower. These can be particularly effective at highlighting a specific point, such as the guest book, or a photo booth.s


Your wedding guests need to know where they are sitting and where other important places are, such as the toilets, where the bride will enter the room, and even where the wedding cake is.

It’s easier than you think to help them, simply add chalkboards to the entrance, angling them to direct wedding guests through the right doors and allowing them to absorb the necessary information in the process.

This approach makes it easy to do last minute adjustments and should really fit with the theme of your special day.

To really make the chalkboards a special part of your décor start each one with a short rhyme from the bride and groom to the wedding guests. It will help everyone to start the celebrations in the right mood.

If you’re using chalkboards to direct the wedding guests you may want to consider purchasing miniature chalkboards to put on the tables as place names. These stand out well and are a nice feature of any wedding venue décor.

Cake Table

Your cake table is going to be noticed and it’s not just the wedding cake the guests will be looking at. Consider balloons, (yes, they do have a place in your wedding), above the cake table. They should be foil and color-coded for your wedding celebration. 

Having a balloon that spells ‘cake’ is at your discretion.

Your cake table also needs wedding confetti, to complement the wedding cake. If the cake and it’s topper is well enough designed and made, you’ll not want anything else distracting from this space. 

Tables & Chairs

Having entered your venue your wedding guests should see a stunning display in front of them. The flower archway is simply an entrance, the table and chairs now need to draw their eyes, including a clear indication of which table is which. Your wedding guest will be getting hungry and will be eager to sit down.

Set the tone by covering the tables in a bright colored table cloth and complementing this with alternating chairs. Each chair should have material around it which is tied into a bow at the back. By alternating the colors you’ll remind everyone of the wedding color scheme and create a fantastic view for wedding guests entering your reception venue.


There are hundreds of different ways to create wedding table centerpieces, you’ll need to consider what message you want to get across to your wedding guests.

But, the key point to remember is that your centerpiece should rise up from the table. It must stand out or there is little point in having the décor.

Your centerpiece can be flowers, floating candles, antique tea light holders, or anything else that you can imagine. 


The right lighting will make a huge difference to your wedding venue and the proceedings. You need to keep the lights bright during the main dinner and then allow them to dim as the evening kicks off. 

While it is possible to do this just by turning off some of the lights, or by using dimmer switches, you’ll find using fairy lights and candles is a much better way to get the desired effect.

Fairy lights, or lights on a string, can be wrapped around almost any part of your venue, adding to the décor. They can even be left off for the main wedding ceremony and then turned on as the main lights go off.

Just remember that candles can be dangerous, position them carefully, you don’t want your wedding remembered for all the wrong reasons!

It’s also worth considering using hanging lights, or even candelabras, these can help to provide a diluted light which will enhance the look and feel of your venue.

The Photo Board

Most people think of their wedding day as a time to collect photos, and it is. But, a wedding is also a great opportunity to share photos of the bride and groom’s story so far.

You can select a section of the wall, or a table, which is dedicated to large posters showing photos of the bride, groom, and their families. It’s a great opportunity to do a little teasing while improving and personalizing the décor at your wedding venue.

Use A Ladder

Trying to display everything in a succinct but attractive way can be difficult, especially if space at your venue is limited. That’s where wooden step ladders can come in useful as décor items. They’ll need to be white or painted a color to match your theme.

The steps make great shelves, allowing you to display poignant photos of the pat, or perhaps mages of those that couldn’t make your wedding day.

This approach allows you to put 2 or 3 steps next to each other, creating a large display area but a small footprint. 

Other furniture options can be used, such as a chaise lounge that will create a stunning photo opportunity for your guests, as well as you and your groom. You can even combine this with your string of lights or drapes to create a special feature area, whether you use it or not.


Water isn’t just for drinking! You can create a stunning entrance to your wedding venue by placing a fountain in the entrance way. The wedding guests will need to walk around it, giving them a chance to admire it.

But, more importantly, the sound of running or trickling water is surprisingly therapeutic, allowing your guests to relax before the events start to unfold. 

This will help your wedding day to go more smoothly.

Use The Food

You may not think of food as a wedding venue décor option, but, if you’re having a buffet then it’s a great way to up the ante without increasing the cost.

The simplest way to do this is to use tiers, these lift the food off the table, making it both more visible and more attractive. It’s also a great way of increasing the food available without taking up too much space. 

Go crazy with food décor and you’ll be rewarded with smiling, happy guests!

Final Thoughts

The wedding venue décor is a personal decision, there is no right or wrong decision when deciding the décor, you simply need to consider what works for your theme, the budget you have available, and the space at your venue.

You’ll often find that once you have the initial vision the venue décor falls into place almost by itself. But, don’t be afraid to ask for tweaks or talk to the venue about a way to get the look you want without damaging the existing structure.

With a little perseverance, anything is possible and you do deserve the wedding venue of your dreams. 

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