It doesn’t matter if you have 2 tables or 100, you’re going to need to decide on wedding table decoration, and that’s easier said than done!

Your wedding table decoration must reflect the theme of your wedding, but, it can also be a great ice-breaker for the guests that don’t know each other. In fact, the decoration on your tables should serve several purposes, understanding what these are can help you to make the right decision regarding which wedding table decoration to use.

Wedding Table Decoration Ideas

1. Introductions

One item that must be included on the wedding table is the name card, this identified where everyone is sitting. 

Of course, the name card should be easy to read and the color of it will correspond with the theme of your wedding. But, this is also an opportunity to get conversations started.

You can add a drawing onto the name card, perhaps a caricature of the person named. Alternatively, you could include a one-word topic, tell your guests they have to speak about this topic to the person on their right before you arrive at the top wedding table. 

It can not only break the ice, but it may also even get some funny stories going! The point is, the name card can be so much more than just a name, with a little imagination it can help people get to know each other while being an integral part of your table decorations.

2. Table Number

This is very important when your guests are looking to find their spot. It can also help the caterers to make sure that they know which table they are looking after and that you’ve all been served.

For these reasons, the table number has the potential to be the most important part of your wedding, and yet it is often overlooked.

A wedding table number needs to be easy to see, placing it in the middle of a table is not usually enough as the centrepiece will go there. Any other location will prove to be more difficult for some guest to locate the table.

You should, therefore, consider elevating the table number. It can be placed on a slim stick or suspended from the ceiling, depending on how high that is.

While the table number does need to fit in with the theme of your wedding day it also needs to stand out. A red pen on a black surface can be effective, especially if you have red in your colour scheme!

3. The Favor

Tradition dictates that favors are left at each place on the wedding tables. These are a small token of your appreciation that the guests chose to join you.

Wedding favors can be almost anything, from sugared almonds to biscuit mixture, chocolates, perfumes, printed glasses, cocktails, the list goes on!

The best favors can be taken home with the guest, giving them something to remember your special day with. Pictures, coasters, or even bottle stoppers are all great for future memories.

Of course, it goes without saying that the theme and colour of these favours need to tie in with the theme of your wedding and the overall wedding table decoration.

4. Tableсloths

This is really the first layer of your wedding table decoration scheme. For many weddings, it is simply white because it will correspond to your dress and it’s a great backdrop to any other decoration you want to do.

But, it doesn’t have to be white, you can select any color you want, providing it doesn’t clash with your dress.

Even a white tablecloth doesn’t have to be plain, it can be patterned, made of lace, or even an irregular shape. All you have to do is think about how it fits into your wedding table decoration plans and how it will look as you enter the room.

5. Add-In Chairs

If your wedding is at a venue then they will probably have chairs already. This is a good thing! You don’t want to blow your wedding budget on buying or hiring chairs!

However, just because the chairs are already there doesn’t mean you should forget the when creating the perfect wedding table decoration. 

Grab some material and wrap it around the back of the chair, you’ll need enough to be able to tie a bow at the back, transforming the chair from a normal seat into something special.

You can choose virtually any size of bow, depending on the size of the room and the rest of your wedding table decorations.

Assuming you have more than one color in your wedding you can really boost the appearance of the room on arrival by alternating the material on the chairs. For example, one chair is red, the next is white, and so on. It will really set off the wedding table decoration efforts.

6. Napkins

Napkins, or serviettes, are an essential part of your wedding ceremony. People will want to politely dab their faces and ensure they are clean for the rest of the day’s events. 

But, your napkin, and the associated ring, also needs to be part of your wedding table decoration. Ideally, the napkin will match the color of your wedding scheme, it’s up to you whether you go for the primary color or your secondary color.

However, the napkins also give you an opportunity to start bringing the wedding table decoration together. Simply choose two colors for the napkins, the same two colors that you used in the chair ribbons. You can then create napkins that match the chairs, either in sequence or in an alternating pattern.

The effect, against a neutral, but not necessarily white, table cloth will be impressive and will show your guests you know what you’re doing when it comes to wedding table decoration.

Don’t forget that you’ll need a napkin holder, these can be simply rings which match into your color scheme, or you may even want to get a bit fancy and create swans, or other animals out of the napkins. It takes practice to get them right but they are excellent decoration and extremely practical.

7. Confetti

You’ve had confetti chucked all over you as you left the church and perhaps again as you arrived at the reception. But there is still room for more.

Table confetti has been around for many years but it is still a favourite at wedding receptions. Simply get a handful and sprinkle it across your wedding table, before anything else is put into place.

Most wedding confetti is made up of metallic miniature words, such as ‘congratulations’, or ‘just married’. When you sprinkle them on the table they should catch the light nicely, helping to create the awe-inspiring wedding table decorations that you wanted.

It is important to check with the venue that they are okay with this metallic confetti, their cleaners will need to get rid of it afterwards. You should never use the paper confetti as this gets wet and leaves stains, potentially damaging the wedding venue.

8. Centrepiece

You’ve managed to work your way across the table, taking care of all the smaller bits of wedding table decoration, but, now you need to think about the centrepiece. This is the part that first catches the eye before your guests notice all the smaller parts which blend the decoration subtly and beautifully together.

Although you can choose or design any centrepiece you want, it is important to ensure it has height, it needs to rise off the table, ensuring it is visible to everyone. However, it also can’t be too tall as this will discourage conversations between the guests!

If you’re not sure what you should use as a centrepiece here are a few ideas to inspire you, making sure you have the best wedding table decoration possible.

 9. Floating Candles

A simple bowl of water with floating candles can make a great centrepiece. The bowl will have to be large enough to stand out, the number of candles you use will depend on the size of the bowl.

You can purchase different color candles to ensure they blend into your existing color scheme.

To really finish this centerpiece it’s a good idea to add some glitter and perhaps even food coloring to the water, this will make it sparkle and ensure the centerpiece corresponds to all the other details of your wedding table decoration scheme. 

10. Flowers

This is certainly a much more traditional approach to a centrepiece but it is one that can still work. You’ll need to choose flowers that aren’t too tall and, again, they should correspond to your existing color scheme.

Roses are always a nice option and can be purchased in a variety of colors. You could also add a single rose to each plate, next to the napkin and its holder. This will look elegant and help to blend together all the details of your wedding table decoration scheme.

If you fancy trying something a little different you can fill a small birdcage with flowers, allowing them to come out through the wires. This can make a delightful and extremely colorful centerpiece, well worth considering.

Alternatively, if you want to gain height with your decoration without distracting from the conversation you should add a candelabra to the table. Your flowers can then be focused down low but with a little climbing up and around the candelabra.

It’s a good idea to keep the flowers rising up as greenery, allowing the focus to be on the lower part of the table decoration. 

11. Figurines

Instead of flowers and candles, you can have some fun with the centerpieces and your guests if you think they are up to it.

3D printers are now quite impressive and affordable. You can visit a 3D printer specialist and have your own figurines created. This is one way of getting your own face on a cake topper!

If you know who is sitting at each wedding table, and you should know, you can choose a figurine that reflects the people at the table.

For example, if all your friends are into aqua aerobics then have a figurine made of you doing aqua aerobics. This can be the centerpiece, giving your friends a giggle and helping them to easily identify their table.

Doing the wedding table decoration this way gives you the opportunity of expressing your personality across the room.

If you prefer, you can focus the figurines on individual guests. Just make sure you know they will be able to take a joke, if necessary. 

12. Games

An alternative approach to wedding table decoration is to incorporate a game in the centerpiece. This should be something that can be played as your guests eat and will help them to get to know each other.

Suitable options will be questions to ask the person next to them or dares to be completed.

The funnier it is the easier it will be for your guests to relax and enjoy your wedding day. Making a game part of the decoration makes this easy.

13. Don’t Forget The Top Table

In many cases, the guest tables are circular while the top table is long and rectangular. This is because the bride and groom want to see all the friends they’ve invited.

However, it does mean you need to consider the decoration on the top table separately. It will still need to fit in with the overall decoration theme on the other tables but will have to be elongated to ensure it looks good across the whole length of the table.

You may find it’s a good idea to add decoration to the front of the table, this can help it blend while making it obvious that this is the special table, and you are special on your wedding day! 

Final Thoughts

Getting the decoration right doesn’t need to be difficult providing you’re prepared to break it down into the different elements. Getting a grip on each of those elements will ensure you have everything you need to make the perfect wedding table decorations.

Don’t be afraid to use your imagination and go wild, provided the color scheme matches your color choices you really can get away with virtually anything, after all, it’s your wedding day!

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