Are you in the process of planning your wedding reception? No doubt you’ve been to weddings before and learned from what you think they did well and not-so-well. Even so, it’s easy to miss some features of the day that can be real frustrations for guests if they’re not considered in the planning stages.

Free Time

There will be periods during the day when guests are left to their own devices – between you making your vows, dinner being served, and the evening disco kicking off. During these times it’s good to put on some form of entertainment to keep guests occupied – it could be a hired entertainer like a close-up magician, or simple things like boards games and activities which they can do in small groups at their tables or where they are standing. Music is another great way to keep guests entertained, and can help to get the dancing started early.

Drinks and Nibbles

Wedding days can be long and be tiring for everyone involved, especially if the ceremony itself is in the middle of the day. This can lead to long periods between meals, which can lead to people getting a little bit cranky and frustrated. Make sure there are nibbles and refreshments available as soon as guests arrive at the reception venue, and some snacks later in the evening after the main meal, so people can re-fuel after dancing their socks off.

Breakout Space

If your venue is indoors, it’s likely that guests will want to get outside for some fresh air or for a cigarette break at some point. Make sure there is access to some outdoor space when booking your venue, and also consider other breakout rooms or areas within the space, where people can relax if they don’t want to hit the dancefloor, or need a bit of a break from the festivities. They’ll also need space to leave coats, bags, and their high heels as the night progress.

A little bit of thought about these aspects of your wedding day can make a big difference for your guests, so make sure you don’t skip past them when making your plans!