Out with the old and in with the new! This year is all about throwing a spanner in the works of traditional weddings, and this extends itself to wedding favours too. No matter what sort of wedding day you are planning, there is sure to be a favour that suits your theme, budget and guestlist perfectly – you just need to find it! Your options are endless, from tasty edible treats, to reusable eco-friendly options and personal keepsakes.

So, whether you are a big fan of sticking to the rules or not, check out these wonderful wedding favours and get inspired!

Find Your Perfect Wedding Favours Now…

Edible Wedding Favours

1. Fortune Cookies

Share the fortunes of your happy ever afters with delicious fortune cookies. They can come in so many different colours and styles so you are bound to find one to suit your wedding theme. Choose sweet sayings to go inside and let your guests discover their own fates.

2. Mints

Mints are a fun and easy way of freshening up your wedding favours, so definitely consider them. Not only are they great and easy, but if you are sticking to a budget then they are a cost-effective way of thanking your guests for sharing your special day.

3. Brownies, Biscuits & Macaroons

Sweet treats are always going to be a crowd pleaser, so why not choose delicately decorated biscuits, colourful macaroons or scrummy chocolate brownies for your guests to savour. The perfect late night snack or next day sweet-kick hangover cure!

4. Tea & Coffee

If you and your partner are lovers of coffee or big fans of tea, simply give the gift of a warm cuppa to your family and friends. Find those perfect coffee beans or tea leaves that reflect you as a couple and serve (with or without a funky mug to match)!

5. Sweets & Chocolates

Keep your guests feeling sweet with some of these tasty treats. Out with the traditional sugared almonds and in with lollypops, jelly sweets and chocolate covered fruits. These are super easy to DIY too if you want to make some elements of your wedding yourself. Oh, and the kiddies will love them!

6. Baking Jars

Maybe your guests have had enough to drink already at the Wedding Reception? Pick a hangover cure for your guests to take away with you so they are feeling fresh again in the morning – They will definitely appreciate this one!

7. Miniature Bottles of Alcohol

This one is not for the children! Choose a favourite Rum, Gin or Vodka – bottle up and what have you got.. the perfect wedding favour for any cocktail lover. There are tons of options and decorative bottles to choose from, so go wild and let loose.

8. Hangover Kits

Maybe your guests have had enough to drink already at the Wedding Reception? Pick a hangover cure for your guests to take away with you so they are feeling fresh again in the morning – They will definitely appreciate this one!

9. Jam, Chutney or Honey

The perfect cupboard filler and a tasty spread that your friends and family are bound to enjoy. Not only is this a useful (and tasty) gift, but it is something that can be super personal to you! Choose your favourite fruits and flavours to make the perfect jar-able thank you.

10. Spices, Herbs & More

Give the gift of flavour. Simply choosing fancy spices, salt and peppers or other condiments are sure to add some spice to your wedding. The options are endless with so many different spices out there, so find the one that reflects you best!

Practical Wedding Favours

11. Soaps

Keep your guests squeaky clean with the practical gift of soap. With a whole range of different scents, personalisation and colour schemes you are bound to discover something special that your friends and family will adore.


Can you read your guests and know what they’re thinking? They are thinking bookmarks! For the novel lover, bookworm or even crossword fanatic, bookmarks are a simple and easy gift that is easy to make yourself and can be personalised to each person.

13. Tote Bags

Who doesn’t need a tote bag? These reusable bags are handy to keep in your coat pockets, handbags or in your car. In a world where we are trying to be as sustainable as possible, pick this wedding favour that is sure to be used for years to come and help save the planet.

14. Make a Donation

Why not give back to your local community or choose a special cause that is close to your heart and make a donation on behalf of your guests, instead of spending your money on wedding favours. It’s a great way to support a local charity, and your guests will love that they have helped too.

15. Shot Glasses

Shots, shots, shots, shots, shots, shots everybody! Shot glasses are a great conversation starter. You can leave them to be filled with whatever the drinker fancies throughout the evening, or fill them up with sweets, paper stars or event a plant!

16. Magnets

Whack it on the fridge and you’ve got yourself a winner. Magnets are the perfect gift because they are useful, they can remind you of important occasions and dates, and they can hold up all of those important notes. You can get them customised how you like, with different shapes, colours and more!

17. Stationary

Presenting each of your guests with a journal, personalised pens or a writing set is a great idea for a practical gift that your guests are sure to use. They can scribble down their ideas in a mini-notebook, save important documents with fancy paperclips or use your stationary to plan their days.

18. Pin Badges

Badges are such a cute and quirky way of showing your love for other people, and they can be great for those on a budget. Don’t be held back – you can choose any themes or colours that you want. Make them personalised to your guests for an extra special touch.

19. Candles

A gift that is sure to be enjoyed, candles are an easy wedding favour to make yourself, and you can personalise them with ease and mix together scents and colours that represent you as a couple. Go wild!

20. Children’s Activity Boxes

Are any children attending your wedding? You might want to think about making something special for them. An activity box will keep them busy while the grownups mingle, and can be filled with colouring books, bubbles, dressing up items and tasty snacks. The kids will love them!

Trinkets & Decorative Favours

21. Keyrings

You can never have enough keyrings. Your guests will most likely carry it with them everywhere they go to keep their keys safe and remind them of your special day. This favour can be merged with other wedding favours or as a stand alone gift.

22. Decorative Boxes

Gift boxes are an easy way of keeping all of your important trinkets safe. These favours can be made out of wood, fabric, cardboard, or anything else that appeals. Decorate them with colours that match your theme and add some personalisation or a gift inside and you are sure to have happy guests.

23. Pebbles, Crystals or Gem Stones

Need something even more alternative? Why not consider a personalised pebble or a crystal for your guests? Many people say that crystals bring different energies with them, so choose one that matches your theme and something that will bring good fortune along for your friends and family.

24. Wooden Art

Maybe rock isn’t your element? If you are a fab of woodcraft, why not gift your wedding-goers with stunning wooden carvings. You can personalise them with names, patterns, animals and more! The ideas are limitless and you can find plenty of DIY tutorials online.

25. Animal Ornaments

Are you a party animal? Why not surprise your guests with a miniature animal figure to take home with them?! Choose the same animal for each person or sneakily find out your guests favourite animal and go from there!

26. Cacti & Succulents

Green fingered? Why not present your guests with a cool cactus or stunning succulent? Not only is this a gift that will last a lifetime, but cacti and succulents are super easy to look after, so your guests don’t have to worry about watering them all the time! (Maybe stick to non-prickly ones).

27. Charms

The beauty of charms is that they can compliment any sort of wedding favour, or can stand alone as the main event. Give your friends and family the gift of luck with some of these stunning charm ideas to brighten up their days.

28. Photographs

Photographs will always be the perfect keepsakes because they are so personal. Choose gorgeous photographs of you and your partner together with your friends and family, or just choose individual photos. There are so many styles to choose from that you are sure to find something to perfectly match your wedding theme.

29. Seed Packets

If you are considering an eco-friendly or green wedding (or maybe you just love plants!) a seed packet is the perfect complimentary favour. They can be embellished with a personal message and your seeds will bloom into gorgeous flowers or fruit and veg that your guests can enjoy months after your big day.

30. Thank You Cards

If you’re budget is on the smaller side, or you can’t think of something you would want to gift your guests, a simple thank you can mean a lot to your close friends and family. Create a beautiful card to go alongside the menu or post it to your guests after the event.

Final Thoughts

Don’t forget that this is your wedding day. Anything can be a favour if you want it to be. The above ideas can be used, customized, or simply built on to help create your perfect wedding day; one that will live in your memory forever.

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