If you want to combine your wedding with your honeymoon then why not have your wedding abroad? This has become more and more popular in recent years as wedding packages have become very affordable.

The idea sounds idyllic; you fly off with your nearest and dearest to a warm country then have your ceremony on a white sandy beach or a posh hotel, have a relaxing honeymoon and spend much less than you would have done at home.

wedding abroad

Top Tips On Organizing A Wedding Abroad

  • The average cost for the marriage including a two week holiday will be somewhere between £2000 and £4000 depending on your destination and any extras you request.
  • Most couples will opt for a complete wedding package from a travel agent or independent specialist tour operator because the amount of work needed to plan it yourself is enormous. The professionals will have all the contacts needed including all the information about the legal situation in the country of your choice. A wedding package can be cheaper than booking every part of the wedding separately.
  • If you are booking a complete wedding package then ask your travel agent what is included i.e. suit and dress hire, decorations, food, photographer, videographer, drink, Registrar’s fee, cake, flowers. Don’t forget to request a quote for any special extras you may want on the day.
  • This type of wedding could be perfect for you and your partner if you have very complicated family issues to deal with so there is less chance of upset and stress.
  • If you want a large wedding with all your family and friends then this probably won’t work as the guests will be expected to pay for themselves which may not be possible.
  • Popular destinations for weddings abroad include Florida, Mauritius, Antigua, Seychelles, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Maldives, St Lucia, Barbados, Las Vegas, Cyprus and Las Vegas.
  • You will need all your original required documents, such as birth certificates, decree absolute and death certificate of former spouse if relevant. If you forget any one of them then you probably won’t be able to get married. To find out the latest legal information click here.
  • If you need a passport or visa then sort them out months before you are due to leave. Some countries will require that your passport is valid for six months after your wedding.
  • In some countries you both must be over 21 years old to get married.
  • Some countries will require you to be a resident for 5 days before the wedding. It is a good idea to give yourself a few days to acclimatise before the actual ceremony takes place anyway. You are more likely to enjoy your day if you give yourself time to get organised than if you have to rush around and get stressed.
  • You will usually receive your marriage certficate soon after your ceremony but it can take up to 4 months in some countries, if this is the case then it will be posted to your home address. Either way, make sure all the details are correct.
  • Your marriage will be legal when you get married abroad but you still have to register your marriage with your local Registrar on your return to the UK. To locate your local Register Office please click here