We know that the wedding dress is the most important consideration for the modern bride and the most exciting! Every young girl’s dream is to look like a princess as they walk down the aisle on the biggest day of their life. 

There are lots of bridal shops on the high street today so make sure you give yourself plenty of time to visit many of them to compare their designs, customer service and prices.

One of the best ways to ensure you get the service you deserve is by asking to talk to past clients. Recommendations from happy brides can save you a lot of problems.

Top Tips On Choosing A Wedding Dress

  • Before you visit bridal shops do alot of research in magazines and on the internet to see the many different dress designs that are available. Cut photos from magazines and create a wish list scrap book that incorporates all your favourite dress design details.
  • Give yourself plenty of time to choose your dress because once you have decided on the design it can take up to six months to create your dress and then have the fittings and make any small adjustments.
  • Visit lots of bridal shops and take your scrap book of ideas with you. It is also a good idea to get support and a second opinion from a friend or relative so take them with you. Visit bridal shops midweek when they are quieter. Ring the shop and make appointments. Take a list of questions with you as you may forget things in the excitement.
  • Wear the underwear you want to wear on your wedding day as this can make a difference to the shape of your body. If you are having a white or cream dress then wear light coloured underwear.
  • Be prepared to try on styles that you hadn’t considered as it may look very different on you than it did when it was hung on a rail. Choose the best style that is flattering to your body shape.
  • Listen and take note of what your wedding dress adviser says to you. Their opinion is important as they have seen hundreds of brides and they know alot more than you do when it comes to styles and colour co-ordination.
  • Don’t expect to find the perfect dress on the first day. Take your time and analyse every aspect of the dress and make sure you are 100% happy with it. If you think you have found your ideal gown then don’t make any rash decisions, go home and sleep on it.
  • Wearing your mother’s wedding dress is guaranteed to add a very personal touch to your day. So long as you are of a similar size to your mother then it can be subtly altered and updated. If you haven’t got your mother’s dress and want to go vintage then look in second hand shops.
  • If you are a bride with a fuller figure then don’t worry, most quality bridal shops will have plus size wedding dresses to fit you from 18 – 34.
  • If you plan to diet for your wedding then it is best to do it before you start having dress fittings. Don’t go on a crash diet a few weeks before your wedding date as your dress will not fit you anymore.
  • Don’t forget to consider what the whole look will be when you add the veil, tiara, jewellery, gloves and shoes.

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