Your wedding cake will take pride of place and be the focus of much attention at your reception. The design of your cake can be personalised to your exact requirements unlike anything else on your wedding day so make sure it says something about your style and personality.

If you are lucky enough to have a talented relation who has offered to create your cake then make sure you are confident that the finished product will be to a high standard. If there is any doubt, then very tactfully decline the offer and use a professional, the last thing you need is a cake disaster!

Consider the overall style of your wedding when deciding on your cake design. A very big elaborate wedding will need a cake that will stand out but a minimalist modern style wedding is more suited to a clean simple cake design.

Use the experience of your chosen baker to guide you. They will have a portfolio of cake creations that may inspire you to come up with something unique for your wedding.

You need to know how many guests you are having to make sure the size and number of tiers on the cake will be enough to feed everybody. You may also want to send cake to people that couldn’t attend as well.

You don’t have to go with the traditional fruit cake. There is an unlimited choice of ingredients possible these days which your baker can recommend to you. Make sure you have a tasting session before you commit to the final cake.

Topping the cake is a nice touch. You could add clay figures modelled on the bride and groom, fresh flowers to match the bouquet, initials done in confectionery, two doves kissing or a photograph frame with the couples picture in.

Never move the cake yourself. Ask the caterer to put it on your table as soon as it arrives as they are used to dealing with unsteady cakes.

If you are planning on keeping the top tier for your first anniversary or as your first child’s Christening cake then it will need to contain alcohol so it can be frozen.

The cutting of the cake is usually done before dessert is served in case you are using it as the dessert, but there are no set rules, you can cut it after the speeches if that is better for you.

You may want your guests to take a piece of cake away with them so you will need some little boxes, possibly with your names on them.

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