Choosing your bridesmaids may be a daunting task if you have a large family or many close friends but try not to get pressured into choosing someone you don’t know very well and maybe not be interested anyway.

Choose very close friends or family members you can really get on well with now and in the future. You don’t want to have someone in your wedding photographs that you may one day regret so don’t be bullied by the mother-in-law to choose her relation because they have never been a bridesmaid before!

Bridesmaid’s Top Tips

Tip One: If you’re having young children make sure you discuss what will be expected of them with their parents. Children can cope better if they know what is going on around them. It is rare just to have children, it is a good idea to have an adult as well who can take some responsibility off you.

Tip Two: Most brides will have at least one bridesmaid but there are no set rules so you can have any number of adults and children to accompany you down the aisle.

Tip Three: Look at the bridesmaid dresses alone first so you have an idea about what style and colour will go well with your gown. You won’t be able to please everybody so you may as well please yourself.

Tip Four: If your adult bridesmaids haven’t met before then get together before the wedding to discuss what you want from them on the day and your ideas about dresses. They will enjoy the day better if they have some input about what they are to wear.

Tip Five: Each bridesmaids outfit can be different but make sure the colours compliment each other. Take advice from the bridal shop advisor.

Tip Six: You are the main attraction on your wedding day so make sure your bridesmaids compliment you and don’t outshine you.

Tip Seven: Ensure all your bridesmaids attend your rehearsal so they know what will happen on the day. This will also help young children as it will make them less excitable when it comes to doing the real thing.

Tip Eight: Consider using a young flower girl who can go down the aisle before you and scatter petals from a basket onto the floor. Check with the place you are having the ceremony first as some have restrictions about it.

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