Autumn is here meaning cosy nights, hot chocolates and, of course, spooky season! So, why do we celebrate Halloween? The real reason traces back to the ancient Celtic festival ‘Samhain’ which had revelers dress in costumes to ward off spirits and souls of the dead who would return homes on this day – hence the infamous costumes we still love to wear at Halloween Parties today.

Nowadays, we celebrate Halloween for a bit of fun. Who doesn’t love sweets and chocolate?! Halloween is the perfect family-friendly occasion and the perfect excuse for a party; fancy dress theme, of course! But don’t worry, it’s not just for kids, so get your freak on and have a magical October.

Check out the ultimate list of Halloween party ideas to make planning your scary celebration a little easier…

Let’s Make Your Next Halloween Party Spook-tacular!

Ghastly & Ghoulish Décor

So, you’ve decided to celebrate Halloween this year. You’ll need food, entertainment and of course décor! Decorating your home or venue is such an important part of a party, it sets the tone, the theme and the vibe. It’s so simple too and Halloween is one of those holiday’s that doesn’t have to have any set theme.

Spindly Spiders & Wicked Webs

Fake Spiders and cobwebs hung around your home is inexpensive, super easy, and super scary! Seriously, who isn’t afraid of spiders? Add these bad boys to any piece of furniture and you’ve got yourself haunted house vibes.

Pick Up a Pumpkin!

Pumpkins, pumpkins and more pumpkins! Is it even Halloween if you don’t see pumpkins decorating the whole street? Whether you’re carving scary faces, or creating a masterpiece for the Best Pumpkin Competition, pumpkin’s versatility makes decorating a dream. Inside? Outside? How about both!

Bloodcurdling Banners

Halloween banners are great decorations for your spooky celebrations. Easy to put up, easy to take down, and with such a wide variety to choose from, you can tailor the theme to as vague or as specific as you want it to be. Check out this simple ‘TRICK OR TREAT’ banner.

Spine-Tingling Smoke Machines

Smoke machines are a no brainer for Halloween but are typically forgotten about. These simple machines are the perfect finishing touch to your horrifying Halloween home (and they can even be used again for other types of celebrations). Just plug them in to add a creepy sense of dread and despair to all the fun…

Spooky, Scary Skeletons

If pumpkins come in at Halloween’s first spot, skeletons are a close second. Infamous and synonymous with Halloween, bones can be dotted around the party, hung as a full skeleton, or even laid across your snack table spread! Whether its the classic decomposing body or a splash of colourful Day of the Dead vibes, you can’t go wrong with skeletons as décor!

Devilish Drinks & Frightening Foods

Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble… here is a simple list of spooky concoctions for you to cook up to serve at your Halloween bash. From remastered cocktails, to classic cupcakes (with a decorative twist), these easy goodies will go down a treat! Don’t forget to check out our comprehensive Halloween food and drink article for more.

Chocolate Pumpkin Cake

What better way to combine the most Halloween-ey colours there are? A rich, deep chocolate cake covered in orange fondant icing. You can add some finishing touches too using black icing tubes to create a spooky face on top or with a drizzling of melted chocolate.

Check out the recipe.

Toffee Apples

The toffee apple is the perfect little evil treat and super quick and easy to make. Simply skewer your apple through the base and roll it in some sticky toffee before leaving to set. Even better, any left-over apples can be used for apple bopping later!

Witch Hat Cupcakes

Cupcakes are another delicious treat to make and are perfect for larger parties as you can batch cook these in a flash. Not only this, but they’re also a super fun activity to do with the family, and even the younger ones can get involved! Cook up whatever flavour you fancy and top with icing fondant witch hat décor.

Pumpkin Oranges

Looking for something a bit healthier amongst the mountains of sweets, treats and all things chocolate this Halloween? Perfect for the little ones (and adults too!), simply peel some oranges and push a small stick of celery through the top to create a faux pumpkin look.

Pumpkin Devilled Eggs

Another pumpkin-look-a-like snack, simply hard-boil some eggs and chop in half to reveal the orange yolk inside and garnish with fresh chive to finish off. Super simple and easy to serve several guests, devilled eggs are ideal for your Halloween bash – I mean, it’s in the name!

Check them out here.

Halloween Jelly Shots

Let’s get the party started! These bad boys are super easy to make, and you can get a variety of colours using different dyes and jelly flavours – strawberry for red, orange for orange, blackcurrant for black just to name a few. Prepare these the night before to check one thing off of the list and make your party set up easier on the day.

Glow in the Dark Gin

You can never go wrong with gin! Add some spooky vibes to this all-time classic by choosing a blood orange flavoured gin and garnishing with a glow stick. Who said themed parties were hard work? If you really want to go for it!

Spooky Cocktails

Have some fun with some different tasting cocktails this Halloween. Why not hire one of our many cocktail bars who can make some classics with a spooooky twist? It’s the perfect way to celebrate Halloween!

Evil Entertainment

Whether you’re looking to entertain the little ones with classic party favourites or provide some fun at your adult Halloween bash, there are no shortage of ideas for scary but fun games you can easily incorporate in.

Cocktail Masterclass – With a Halloween Twist!

Why let the mixologist have all the fun? After all, it’s Halloween, you deserve a treat! Not only could you have a bar to provide a scary twist on your Halloween drinks, but you can also spend the night making them!

Horror Movie Marathon

What is scarier than watching a horror film in the dark, hiding behind your sofa cushions and blankets? Watching a horror film in the dark… outside! For your party entertainment, hire one of Poptop’s many outdoor projector screens and watch all the season’s best scary films in your own back garden.

Bell Tent Halloween Sleepover

Spend the night sleeping under the full moon this Halloween in a fully, scarily decorated/themed bell tent – the perfect package for the little ones’ Halloween bash. You can get a range of bell tents, from fully furnished with movie packages and dinner party vibes to blank canvases, which you can easily add some scary decorations to for the perfect set up.

Final Thoughts

So, are you feeling autumnal and spooky yet?! However you choose to celebrate Halloween, whether it be a night of apple bopping and murder mystery or a feast of sweet treats, devilish food and eerie drinks, there is no shortage of party ideas to help inspire you. This is just the start!

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