You have probably known exactly what you want your wedding day hair style to be like for a long time, even before your marriage proposal!

This is a good thing, you are the best person to know what hair style makes you feel confident. Be prepared to alter your plans slightly to fit in with your overall look but don’t get pushed into something you are not happy with.

Bridal Hair Top Tips

Tip One: Now is the time to start getting your hair in top condition by eating a healthly diet and using quality hair products.

Tip Two: Are you 100% happy with your current hair stylist? If you are then great, work with them to get the look you want but if you aren’t then it is time to look for a new hairdresser. Ask your friends to recommend someone they trusted to do their bridal hair style.

Tip Three: Have you got the time to visit the hair salon on the morning of your wedding? If not then ask if your hair stylist can visit your home on the wedding day, this will reduce your stress levels as you won’t have to worry about time and transportation etc.

Tip Four: If you have short hair and you want long hair on your wedding day then if you have time let it grow or you could experiment with hair extensions, they are very realistic now.

Tip Five: If you are considering a change of hair colour or highlights then don’t wait until your wedding day as it may not look exactly how you imagined it would. Try the colours weeks before then if you are not happy it can be coloured over.

Tip Six: Take a photo of yourself wearing your wedding dress and discuss with your stylist which hair style will look the best with your gown. If you have a full dress then you need a full hair style with volume on the top but if you have a slender cut gown then a modern style with minimal decorations will look good.

Tip Seven: Make sure you have a hair trial a few weeks before your wedding and don’t forget that your hair will grow after the trial so either plan on having it cut again or allow for the extra length.

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