Everyone wants to choose the perfect evening wedding invitation wording but where do you start? 

It’s important to get the wording right, it needs to celebrate the union of you and your loved one but be enticing enough to convince anyone to attend. (Of course, if they’re true friends any wording on their wedding invitation will do!).

Assuming you’re looking at a whole day wedding, then the wording for the evening invitations is especially important. You’ll need to consider if they will be disappointed not to have been invited to the whole wedding day and how to make sure they get to your evening wedding ceremony at the right time.

Getting the evening wedding invitation wording right is critical to evening attendance and the success of your wedding day!

Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place. Here are our evening wedding invitation wording tips to make sure you get it right:

12 Tips To Get the Perfect Evening Wedding Invitation Wording 

1. Who’s Inviting Them

Let’s get one thing straight, you may not know every one of your friend’s friends. If you just write “Dan & Mo” on your evening wedding invitation are you sure that they will know it’s you?

It can seem so obvious to you that you don’t even think about adding your full name to the evening wedding invitation wording.

But, if you want them at your evening wedding celebrations you need to be specific.

This is also a great time to set the tone of your wedding. If the invitation wording is formal then people will assume it’s a traditional, and fairly formal, evening occasion. Make the evening wedding invitation wording fun and light and there’s a good chance that people will dress more casually.

Consider which you want when deciding how to make sure the wording shows the invitation is from you.

2. Place & Time

Of course, every evening wedding guest needs to know where your wedding is and what time they should turn up.

You’ll need to consider this carefully.

Traditionally a wedding lunch will include the speeches; that’s after the official ceremony and photos. This does mean it is hard to control exactly how long the meal will take. Frequently the day section of your wedding can finish as the evening segment is about to start.

But, your wedding guests will potentially want time to refresh before the evening event starts. The management at your wedding venue will also want to refresh the room, ready for the evening festivities.

In short, you need to estimate what time your evening wedding reception will start and create your evening wedding invitation wording according to this. Ideally, the venue could have a secondary space to accommodate guests that arrive for the evening before the main space is ready!

3. Themes

While the style of your invitation wording can hint at the theme of your wedding evening it is still a good idea to be clear. After all, do you want your uncle dressed as a tart simply because he got the theme wrong? 

This is your wedding day, the attention should be on you!

It is, therefore, a good idea to include the theme on the evening wedding invitation wording. Simply state “formal attire” or “dress as your favorite superhero”.

Your evening wedding guests will know what to expect.

Top Tip: If you’re doing a themed wedding tell your evening wedding guests that you have spare costumes available for anyone that turns up without one.

That should convince all your wedding guests to come appropriately attired!

4. Color Scheme

The invitation wording may tell a story about the theme of your wedding. But, the colors you use on your evening wedding invitations will give everyone a clue about what colors you’ve chosen.

You don’t want anyone turning up at your wedding looking better than you if that is even possible. Traditionally people avoid wearing white as this is the color of your wedding dress.

But, if you’ve opted for a different color wedding dress to the norm then you may want to consider adding this to the invitations. You don’t need to give too much away, just a simple “The Bride requests people avoid wearing red” will do.

This tells people not to wear red but doesn’t specify if that’s because of your dress or some other factor. If this is clear on your invitation wording you shouldn’t have any issues with usurpers.


When you’re trying to organize the wedding evening it’s important to know how many people to cater for. This can be difficult to calculate as it will depend partially on how late the wedding day events run.

The later the wedding lunch finishes the less food you’ need for those guests, but you’ll still need to have enough for all the evening guests and a little for the day time guests. It’s definitely better to have more than you need! 

To help calculate the right amount of food and that the venue is the right size include an RSVP with each evening wedding invitation. 

All your evening guests have to do is return the RSVP or give you a call and you know the attendance numbers for your wedding evening. The specific evening wedding invitation wording can be as easy as “Please Reply to confirm attendance/non-attendance by the …..(put your chosen date)”.

By adding a date to reply, your evening guests will ensure they have let you know, they won’t want to be uninvited! If you’re feeling generous you can even supply the return envelope; you can’t make it any easier!

6. Request Cards

Another thing to consider including with your evening wedding invitations is a request card. This should be returned with the RSVP.

A request card gives your evening guests the opportunity to request certain songs. This is a good idea as it can help to encourage people onto your dance floor which really helps to get the party started.

If you’re not sure how to word this part then try “I promise to dance if you play….”

7. Keeping It Formal

If you’ve decided to stick with tradition and want a formal wedding day as well as formal evening wedding invitation wording then you need to use full names.

The correct format is to use your full maiden name and your partner’s full maiden name along with “request the pleasure of your company at their marriage/ evening wedding ceremony…”

Using your maiden name is important as you are not yet married and people may not recognize your married name straight away.

Traditionally the evening wedding invitation wording is less formal as this is seen as more of a party but your evening invitation wording can portray the right ambiance for you.

8. Do Them Early

Everyone has commitments and their own lives to lead. That means, as much as they may like to come to your evening wedding reception, they may not be able to clear their schedule.

That’s why it’s essential you choose your evening wedding invitation wording early and get the invitations out to your guests. 

If you’re struggling to decide the exact evening wedding invitation wording or have yet to sort some of the details then you can always do a “save the date” card. This advises your family and friends of your plans and helps to ensure they keep that day or evening free.

After all, you want as many of them as possible to share in the joy of your wedding day.

9. Add A Personal Touch

In your haste to get the perfect evening wedding invitation wording, don’t forget that your evening invitations should reflect who you are!

If you want extra large, extra small, or funny shaped invitations then do it! It is your wedding day/evening.

As well as choosing the style of your invite you’ll need to decide if you’re going to write them all by hand or have them printed. 

If you have a lot of evening wedding invitations then it can seem like a good idea to let the evening wedding invitation wording be created by a computer. However, handwritten invitations are more appealing and will help you to connect with your guests, before they even RSVP. 

In fact, handwritten evening wedding invitations also provide you with the opportunity to add a personal note. Yes, they’ll take longer to write but your potential guests will appreciate the touch. This will be reflected in attendance numbers and the quality of the gifts you receive!

10. Don’t Include Your Wedding List

Sending the wedding list with the handwritten evening wedding invitation wording is not a good idea. This will make it look like you’re only inviting them to see what they’ll bring.

Instead of attaching the list to your carefully written evening wedding invitations, simply include a link to your wedding website.

This is a great place to keep people up to date with your plans and allow them to get involved in your wedding day preparations.  You don’t have to listen to them but the more involved they are the more committed they will be to coming and celebrating with you, whether for the evening or the whole day!

11. A Little Extra

The evening wedding invitation wording has to cover the when, where and why. But, there should be space for a small personal message that reminds all your family and friends just what they mean to you.

You don’t need to write a separate message on every evening invitation unless you’re a very good writer.

You can just opt for something like “We hope you can attend as it won’t be the same without you”. It feels personal but is easy to add to all the evening wedding invitations.

12. Weigh Your Invites

It may seem a little unusual when considering your evening wedding invitation wording, but, the size and weight of the invitation, plus the weight of the writing, will dictate the amount of postage each envelope costs. 

By considering this in advance you’ll be able to limit the cost of posting all these evening invitations; allowing you to use the money on your wedding day.

Final Wording

Getting the evening wedding invitation wording right can seem difficult. However, if you break down the wording into sections you’ll find it’s actually very simple.

Here’s a quick reminder of what you need on your evening wedding invitation wording:

  • Your name and your partner’s.
  • The date, time, and place.
  • Any theme.
  • RSVP details, or return form.
  • A small personal message.

The color of your evening wedding invitation wording and card should reflect what you’re going to use in your wedding. 

With a little luck, you’ll get plenty of positive responses as have the party of your life!

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