Reading Your Poptop Stats

Here, we’ll tell you about Poptop Stats – the most powerful tool in your supplier toolkit. In this guide, you will…

  • Find out about Poptop Stats, FREE to Poptop suppliers.
  • Learn how to use Poptop’s Stats to boost bookings. 
  • Start using data to level up your business.

This might all feel a bit alien to you – maybe even intimidating. Don’t worry, we know exactly how you feel! We’ve purposely made your stats really easy to understand, and we’re going to show you how to get the very best out of them.

First off, let’s start with the absolute basics. 

Why should I care about stats and data?

If you advertise your business online understanding stats and data changes everything. It can truly transform the way you do business. 

Here at Poptop, every decision we make is driven by data. It’s been a game-changer for us, and we want to help make it a game-changer for you too. Start using data to drive where and how you do business, and the sky really is the limit.

Want to know the great thing about data? It doesn’t lie. As events professionals, we have a romantic tendency to always look for the positives. That’s a good trait, but sometimes we need a clear and unbiased picture of our business health. Data shows us the truth – warts and all. 

Want to know how well your business is really performing? Want to know where and how to spend your time and money effectively? The real, unvarnished answers are there in the numbers if you know how to make sense of them. 

The problem with most data.

We’ve established how vital stats and data are to running an effective modern events business. But there’s one big problem. Most analytics are insanely difficult to understand. 

Once you get yourself set up with something like Google Analytics, you may find yourself looking at a page like this thinking ‘wow, that looks great…now what do I do with it?’.

You may consider spending money on analytics consultants to read the tea leaves for you. Maybe you’ll buy expensive software to tell you what all this data means. Most likely, you’ll despair at the whole thing, cast it aside as useless, and never use it again.

Resist that urge! And resist the temptation to shell out cash on analytics consultants!

Because now you’re on Team Poptop, and we’ve made using stats a piece of cake. 

We’ve taken all the intricate data you see in the image above and boiled it down into some really simple numbers. We call them Poptop Stats, and unlike most analytics, they’re easy to access, easy to understand, and easy to use to your advantage. 

And to top it all off – you get all this FOR FREE. Just for being a Poptop supplier.

The two types of Poptop Stats.

There are two different types of stats you’ll encounter on Poptop. They both tell you different things, and both are super important. Here, we’ll look at each of them in turn.

THE BIG PICTURE – Want a wide-angle look at your overall Poptop performance, relative to the best suppliers on Poptop? Use your Super Supplier Stats.

THE DETAILED VIEW – Want to get granular about how to level up every aspect of your service listings, making them more competitive and more attractive to clients? Use your Listings Stats. 

Next, we’ll look at each of these in turn, and how we can use them to boost bookings and improve the way we do business. 

Read on for more! We recommend starting with Super Supplier stats, as they’re a bit easier to use.

Super Supplier Stats – The Big Picture

Let’s start with Super Supplier stats – the easiest stats to use. Once you understand them, we guarantee you’ll become obsessed with them!

In this article, you’ll find out…

  • What Super Supplier stats are.
  • How you can use them to boost your visibility and bookings on Poptop.

In the first chapter of this guide, we described Super Supplier Stats as the ‘big picture’ view of your Poptop performance. Let’s look at why.

What is a Super Supplier?

Super Supplier status is awarded to the very best suppliers on Poptop. We celebrate suppliers who perform brilliantly on Poptop by rewarding them with big, business-boosting benefits, like top search ranking.

You can read about Super Suppliers here.

Anyone on Poptop can become a Super Supplier. These game-changing badges are awarded entirely on merit and performance. You just need to hit five key targets over 3 months to make it. These five key targets look like this.

Super Supplier status has become coveted amongst Poptop suppliers. So we’ve made it easy to track your Super Suppliers status with – you guessed it – Super Supplier stats. 

Your Super Supplier stats can be found here. Keep in mind – you’ll only be able to see them if you have live listings on our catalogue!

How to read Super Supplier stats.

Here’s an example of what your Super Supplier stats will look like.

As you can see, they’re pretty self-explanatory! Each stat explains what it specifically measures, and what level you need to hit to become a Super Supplier. 

If you’re hitting a Super Supplier target, you’ll see a little green tick next to it. If you’re not quite there yet, you’ll see a little red cross. Easy peasy!

Stats that show your progress.

A reminder – Super Supplier status is awarded to the best suppliers on Poptop. That means you can use these stats to gauge how effectively you’re using Poptop

Poptop works differently from most listing sites. Whilst we’ve made online bookings management easier and more streamlined, we recognise there’s a learning curve in working out how to use Poptop well. 

Super Supplier stats are the perfect way to monitor whether you’re using Poptop to its full potential. The more Super Supplier stats you hit, the more effectively you’re using our platform.

And the more effectively you use Poptop, the more bookings you’ll get. 

If you consistently hit all five targets, we’ll award you with Super Supplier status – so every client who visits the Poptop site will know you’re the very best. 

Super Supplier stats summary.

Let’s re-cap the main points from that section.

That’s the headlines on Super Supplier Stats! If you want any more advice on how to use Super Supplier stats, get in touch by booking a call with our team. Or you can use the instant messenger on your supplier dashboard to chat directly with our experts.

Next, let’s look at Listing Stats, and how we can use this detailed view to really start leveling up our booking numbers. 

Listings Stats – The Detailed View.

In the first chapter of this guide, we told you that listings stats offer a ‘detailed view’, showing you how your service listings are performing. But how? 

For each listing you create and publish on Poptop, you’ll have listings stats. These give you vital information on your listing. Information like how many people are seeing your listings in their searches, and how many of those people are clicking through to find out more. 

Go and take a look at your own listings stats here.

Understanding how each of these stats is connected can make a HUGE difference to your Poptop performance. The more knowledge you have of these stats, the better equipped you are to out-perform your competitors. 

In this article, we’re going to give you a quick overview of how listings stats work. But you can go much deeper into listing stats than we’re going to go here. 

If you’re interested in learning more about listing stats, we can help! You can sign up to a Poptop membership and get your very own Poptop Mentor. They’ll teach you how to become an absolute Poptop Stats genius, using stats to really level up your business.

For now, lets just look at the basics. 

How to read your Listings Stats.

This is what your listings stats will look like. 

Much like Super Supplier stats, the numbers themselves are pretty self-explanatory. The key to using listings stats is to understand how each of these numbers are connected. 

For now, we’ll just focus on four key numbers, and what they can tell us. Here’s a little analogy we can use to understand listing stats a little better. 

The Client Story.


Let’s focus on these four stats above. They might seem vague and disconnected in isolation. In truth, they’re anything but. 

These numbers are telling us a story. They’re showing us the journey a potential client is taking – from spotting your listing in the search catalogue, to shelling out money and booking you for their party.

Think of ‘Impressions’ as the first page of the story, and ‘Money Generated’ as the story’s end. If your story is exciting, clients will read it from cover to cover. They’ll literally ‘invest’ in your story by committing to spending money on your service.

If they find your story uninteresting, or they find someone else’s story more compelling, then they’ll invest their time and money elsewhere. 

Lets look at each stage of our client story, and what it can tell us.

By using these four stats, you can identify where clients are losing interest in your story. Then, you can use this information to strategically improve your listings, and increase the number of people who read your story to the very end.

Let’s take a quick look at how these four chapters of the story are connected.

Getting impressions but not clicks?

That means your listing is being seen in the search catalogue by lots of people, but not many people are clicking through to find out more about your service. 


Take a look at your main listing photo and your listing title. How does it match up to your competitors? Are they more exciting? More intriguing? Does your listing truly stand out? Get a better photo in place, re-write your title, and monitor your progress to see if anything improves. 

Getting clicks but not shortlists?

That means your main photo and description are strong, but something in your listing isn’t working for clients. 


Have you got strong visuals that show your service in action? Do you have great descriptions that compel the client to book? Does your Q&A answer every question a client might have? If you’re struggling with this, you can book in a listing consultation with our experts!

Getting shortlists that aren’t converting to bookings?

That means clients love your catalogue ads and listings, but something is stopping them from committing their money.


The biggest stumbling block at this stage is client communication. Once shortlisted, you can use Poptop’s inbuilt messenger service to start a conversation with the client. This can make all the difference in tipping the balance. Never leave a question unanswered or a message unread. Suppliers who answer their messages promptly and professionally secure upwards of 80% of their shortlists.

Listing Stats – summary.

Let’s re-cap the main points from that section.

This really is the absolute basics of reading your listing stats – but it’s a great place to start!

As we said earlier, you can really dive deep into these numbers – and the more you know, the better you’ll perform on Poptop. To learn more, check out our Membership options and get yourself booked in with a Poptop Mentor!

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