Your wedding day is likely to be the biggest and most expensive event you will ever plan, so many couples now employ a wedding planner to help them make sure everything goes as it should. Others, however, see wedding planners as an extra, unnecessary expense on top of everything else they need to take care of.

So why should you consider a wedding planner when organising your big day?

There are potentially hundreds of things to organise and coordinate – if you’re not incredibly organised, it’s easy to lose track of something, or even miss it altogether.

 – You will have many suppliers to coordinate and communicate with on multiple occasions as the day gets closer.

 – Everything about the day needs to be carefully scheduled and delivered on time.

 – Organising a wedding can be an incredibly stressful process, which can distract you from fully enjoying your day.

 – A wedding planner deals with this level of coordination all the time and is skilled at dealing with hiccups and complications along the way.

 – A wedding planner will only manage what you want them to manage – so hand over the stuff you don’t want to deal with like transport logistics for guests, supplier contracts, and tracking payments and deposits, while you enjoy picking cakes, flowers and food.

 – They will have regular suppliers and know the best in the business for whatever you require, so they’ll be able to get you great rates and make sure you get the right suppliers for your day. They want everything to be perfect for you, so won’t push you to use suppliers you’re not keen on

 – Having a wedding planner with industry knowledge and negotiation power can actually result in your saving money, overall, even when you factor in the cost of hiring them.

 – They’ll make sure the actual day runs to schedule and that everyone is in the right place at the right time.

 – If anything goes wrong or is missing, they’ll be there on the day to take care of any problems while you get on with enjoying yourselves.

Not every couple will need a wedding planner, but if you know you’re not fantastically organised, need to juggle a lot of things, or are simply short on time, it’s definitely worth considering hiring a professional to ease the pressure and make sure your day is as perfect as can be.

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