The wedding car is a traditional part of any wedding ceremony. But the wedding car is about more than just the car. You also need to get the wedding car decoration right. After all, how many other times in your life will you get to shout out to the world that it’s your wedding day?

There are actually two parts to the wedding car and the wedding car decoration. 

1. Choosing The Wedding Car

The soon to be happily married coupled are usually responsible for choosing the wedding car of their dreams. There are many different styles to choose from, contemporary, sports car, novelty car, open-roof car, or a modern top-of-the-range car. By the way, you can easily and safely choose the wedding car from our catalog.

flower wedding car decoration

Once the car has been chosen for your wedding you still need to add wedding car decoration; these are often in the form of flowers and ribbons. But, you’ll find some interesting alternative decor ideas below to make your wedding special.

2. Post Wedding Ceremony Decoration

The second part of the decor for the wedding car is that which is added at the ceremony before the car takes the happy couple from the wedding to the reception.

This is traditionally the tin cans and other items that make the car noticeable as it takes its wedding day journey.

paper wedding car decoration

If you’re stuck for ideas regarding the decor for your wedding car then check out the following and make your wedding day really special:

Wedding Car Decoration Ideas


Ribbons are a traditional approach to car decor but that doesn’t mean they should be overlooked. Because they are traditional people will instantly associate the car with a wedding and will be more forgiving.

It’s going to help you to feel special on your wedding day.

You can tie ribbon across the bonnet in a V, however, you can also wrap it across the trunk, around the roof, or even have it hanging off the wing mirrors. 

If you’re dealing with a personal car for use after a wedding you can even wrap the entire car in ribbon, making it difficult to get into it. That makes it more than just wedding car decor; it’s a good joke as well!


Flowers are also a traditional approach to car decor for a wedding. Again, there are many different approaches you can adopt, from the sprig on the wing mirrors to a wreath across the back, or literally covering the entire car in flowers.

You will need to ensure the flower decor is attached to the car properly or your wedding car may arrive at the wedding looking like a normal car!

The great thing about flowers is that they are easy to coordinate with the wedding colours; allowing the car to look stylish even if it is covered in flowers.

Licence Plate

A licence plate is a much more discrete decor for any car. But, it does offer the advantage of being a permanent souvenir/reminder of the wedding day.

The key to choosing the right licence plate is to know what colour the car is and the colour scheme of the wedding.

just married wedding car decoration
vintage wedding car decoration

You can then choose colours for the plate and the writing that matches the wedding themes but also stands out from the car effectively.

It’s simple but an effective and considerate touch; especially if the car needs little extra decor.

Personal Stick-On Decals

You can purchase stick-on decals that won’t damage the paintwork on a car. Alternatively, magnetic options are also good. There is an array of standard options available for weddings, stating the traditional messages.

However, to really get your personal message across you may want to consider having a laser cut sign made and fasten this to the wedding car. It can be stuck, magnetized, or simply tied to the car to ensure it stays in place as they drive.

Stick on decals are also a great option for adding to the windows of the wedding car; you can transform the car with the decor and create your own wedding message. You may want to ensure the driver can still see where they are going!

It is also important to check with the owner of the car before you add your wedding stickers. They may not appreciate their car being covered; especially if they’re worried about getting the decor off without damaging the paintwork.

The Tin Can

Tin cans on a rope are one of the oldest types of wedding car decor and yet still an effective and popular option. After all, when else can you drive down the road making this much noise and not be told off?

Your wedding is a special day! 

tin can wedding car decoration
vintage wedding car decoration
personalized wedding car decoration

You must make sure the cans are empty, labels are removed, and the ropes are strong. This will ensure they don’t fall off the car just 100 yards down the road!


You can choose between standard balloons or helium-filled ones when looking at wedding car decor. Of course, the balloons will need a wedding message and helium ones are likely to pop if attached outside of the car while it’s driving.

ballons wedding car decoration
balloons wedding car decoration
red balloons wedding car decoration

But, tying balloons to the wedding car mirrors, roof, aerial, and anywhere else is a great way to draw attention to the car. You can also fill the inside of the wedding car with balloons which will prevent the happy couple from getting in. Make sure these are helium filled and they can even fly into the sky when they open the doors, that makes them great decor and a nice touch to the celebrations.


Finally, you should consider adding flags to the wedding car. You’ve probably seen diplomatic flags on the front wings of a car carrying someone important. You can attach flags to the wedding car wings but you’ll probably find it easy to use clip-on window flags.

vintage wedding car decoration

Add one to each window of the wedding car and it will look impressive driving down the road. It’s possible to get custom wedding flags for the wedding car or to have your own personal message. By customizing you can create your own wedding message or even use a picture of your friends to decor the wedding car.

vintage wedding car decorations

If the bride and groom have a good sense of humour you can even use more embarrassing photos for the flags on the wedding car!

Mixing It Up

Of course, there’s no reason why you can’t mix up these decor ideas and put all of them on the car. On any other day, this level of decor is likely to seem overkill or even absurd. But, when you’re celebrating you’re wedding day anything goes. Make the most of the opportunity and go over the top with the wedding car decor!

wedding car decoration ideas
unusual wedding car decoration

Just be prepared to honk the horn and wave as your wedding car gets looks of surprise and support from onlookers. Everyone loves a wedding and good decor on the wedding car can really boost the atmosphere for everyone involved.

presents wedding car decoration

Getting the wedding decor right on your car is a great way to have a little fun as you go between venues or even leave for your honeymoon. After the stress of organizing the day, it’s good to take a few moments to relax; good quality decor on your wedding car is the perfect way to do this.

For more wedding car decoration ideas, check out our Pinterest board:

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