Whether your a thrifty bride or you love a good bit of crafting, adding DIY elements to your wedding is the best way to add a personal touch. DIY doesn’t have to be hard because there are lots of ways to put your mark on your wedding ceremony and reception. The only limit is your imagination! Luckily to get you started, we have a ton of inspirational photos for you.

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Wedding Decor & Even More!

Backdrops & Altars

Everyone knows you usually get married at an altar, but did you think about spicing it up? A feature wall or a backdrop is a great place to get photos taken, because who doesn’t love a flower wall photo op! As well as also being an easy way to convey your theme without taking up too much space.

Wedding Signography

Secondly, a huge part of weddings nowadays, signography covers everything from seating plans, to decorative signs and pictures. Even if you’re a DIY novice, you can succeed with these, because they can be as simple as you like!

Candles, Fairy Lights & Lighting

Equally important is lighting up your venue, so be sure to check whether your venue has different lighting options. However, if they don’t or you want to add a little more, DIY has never been easier. Stringing up fairy lights or adding candles can transform your venue into a fairy tale dream.

Alternative Decorative Ideas

The great thing about wedding decor is that there is no limit to how much you include, and it doesn’t have to be traditional! More and more trends use modern bunting, ribbons, props and furniture. Which ones will you DIY for your wedding?!

Everything to Do With Wedding Tables

Don’t stress about your tables! We know there is a lot to think about when it comes to layouts, place cards and even more, but there is plenty that you can DIY well ahead of your wedding so take a deep breathe and dive into these inspirational ideas.

Table Layouts

It is likely that your venue will already have shown you how they usually layout their tables. But if you are still considering options, have a look at some less-traditional trends. DIY your wedding table layouts too – why not?!

Place Setting Cards

Your guests need to know where they will be seated, so place cards are essential for your guests. It just so happens they are one of the easiest wedding elements to DIY too; from simple cards to wooden keepsakes or incredible drinks coasters…

Table Numbers

Similarly with place cards, if you have multiple tables, you might want to include table numbers. Again, super easy to DIY and you can incorporate whatever theme you choose. They will form part of your centrepieces so make sure they compliment each other if you are adding more to your wedding tables.

Chair Sashes & Decorations

Most people underestimate how easy it can be to decorate your wedding chairs yourself, for your ceremony and your reception. An incoming trend at the moment is mismatched chairs and chair sashes, so you don’t even need to stick to one design!

Floral Table Centrepieces

One of the most popular ways to decorate your wedding tables is with floral arrays, but have you considered pulling up your DIY socks and giving it a go yourself? The flowers don’t even have to be real if you want to make your centrepieces well in advance. Try and research seasonal favourites and mix different textured flowers for a well rounded and multi-layered approach.

Alternative Centrepieces

Don’t worry if you’re not the biggest flower fan or if you don’t think a green-fingered approach to your centrepieces is on your wedding DIY horizon, there are plenty of alterative options. Consider using fruit and veg, your favourite novels or simple leaf arrangements.

Host With the Most: All Your Guests Need!

Thinking about your guests and all of their needs might take up a good portion of you time; from coming up with your wedding guestlists to ensuring you have everything they need to make them comfortable. But, which elements can you DIY?

Wedding Invitations or Save The Date Cards

At the beginning of your wedding planning journey comes the creating and sending of your save the date cards and your invitations. This is something that you can DIY that will set your personalised wedding theme off and will also save you a few pennies. It is easier than you think too, check out these beautiful invitations for some inspiration.

Wedding Favours

It is typical for you to gift your guests a little trinket or surprise them with something sweet to thank them for celebrating this important milestone with you. Whether you are having an intimate or a large wedding, wedding favours can be a cute and simple way to get involved with the DIY side of your wedding. Furthermore, you can personalise your gifts because you know your guests the best.

Guestbooks & Messages

Another quick and simple way to DIY your wedding is to get involved with your guestbook. For example, this can be as easy as purchasing a gorgeous journal and decorating the cover, or you can consider some of these quirky DIY ideas collected below, just for you.

Wedding Lounges or Alternative Seating Areas

Your guests may need somewhere to rest their dancing feet, so it is nice to include some comfy and less formal seating areas. If you are looking to DIY these wedding lounge areas, thrift shops will be your friend. They don’t have to be all furniture based too, have a look into cosy pillows and beanbags for a less-formal and easier option.

Easy Essentials & Extra Bits!

From your cake (essential) to beer barrows and pretzel bars, you can take your wedding in any direction that you want to. Some elements will be harder to DIY than others and you may want to practice before you plunge into the deep end and others you will already be great at.

Wedding Bouquets

Floral arrangements might be your cup of tea, so why not give it a go and create your own bouquet (or the bouquets and button holes of your wedding party). You don’t have to just include flowers either! Why not consider origami paper elements; LED fairy lights or even glitter ? Add a little DIY sparkle and make your bouquet as unique as possible.