Micro Weddings have started to creep into the Wedding scene more and more over the last few years, and it is no surprise that Wedding Guestlists are getting shorter. Wedding trends are becoming more relaxed; couples are focusing on smaller details and creating a truly personalised experience for their big day. So, choosing a Micro Wedding is at the heart of the action.

With more of a focus on the guest experience and a more relaxing atmosphere, a Micro Wedding is the way forward for a lot of couples. Would you consider having one?

Everything You Need to Know…

What Is a Micro Wedding?

A Micro Wedding is defined as having less than 20 guests. It differs from an elopement, which is usually a secret ceremony with just two witnesses present and from an intimate wedding, which usually has under 50 Guests. In this case, a Micro Wedding is just the same as any other wedding day. It’s just sized down and with guest numbers tending to be in the single digits or the teens.

Nevertheless, a Micro Wedding doesn’t have to include all of those traditionalist elements because of the more-relaxed nature. So, things like the cake cutting or bouquet toss might be forgotten and instead may be replaced with other elements. It is totally up to the couple in question and how they want to design their big day. Whilst Micro Weddings still tend to have the ceremony and reception, this is more of a celebration throughout the day but can take any form that the Newlyweds like.

Why Should I Consider a Micro Wedding?

1. More Time Will Be Spent With Your Guests

Fewer guests means that you will be able to spend quality time with each and every person. At larger weddings, couples barely have time to say two words to each other, let alone everyone else. A smaller guestlist will ensure that those meaningful conversations can happen and you can actually enjoy the company of all of your nearest and dearest.

2. Limit Your Guestlist

For many couples, the guestlist is the biggest headache when wedding planning. Should I include kids? Is everyone allowed a plus one? If I invite Aunty Pat, I have to invite Great Aunt Joe. You might feel an intense pressure to invite those that you don’t really want at your wedding and family politics seems to always play a part. By choosing to have a Micro Wedding, the pressure is off as your limitations allow you to choose those who matter most to you. Use our handy tool to find out who to invite!

3. You Can Save Money and Your Budget Will Go Further

Budget is another worry for couples starting out with their wedding planning. Naturally, with fewer people attending, the costs will decrease and your budget will go further. So, if this is a concern, you may wish to strongly consider a Micro Wedding.

You can also consider more expensive options, where you can focus on the quality rather than quantity of your guest experience. Instead of choosing the more affordable menus for large guest numbers, pick the very best options for your intimate group of guests.

4. The Big Day Will Have a More Relaxed Vibe

Wedding planning can be stressful at the best of times, and some of that is the pressure to have that big celebratory day, which ticks all of those traditional boxes. But a Micro Wedding allows you to step away from the norm and embrace a more relaxed feeling for your wedding. Choosing a smaller wedding opens you up to a whole host of different options. For example, who needs a sit down three course meal when you can have one table full of friends and sharing tapas and stories all together?!

5. It Is Easier to Personalise

Micro weddings are the complete opposite of a package wedding. You can choose to have your wedding in exclusive-use venues, as you will be having fewer people and they will most likely let you decorate however you like.

If you are considering a wedding with a strong or unusual theme, this is so much easier when you choose to have a Micro Wedding with immersive styles working better in smaller spaces. Make your themes more condensed and focus on quality rather than quantity.

6. You Aren’t in the Spotlight

If you’re not a fan of the spotlight, being the centre of attention on your wedding day can be a little daunting. Especially, when standing in front of a full room of people that you may or may not know. With fewer people and only your closest friends and family present, it doesn’t seem so scary and you are free to be more truthful in your vows and more confident whilst up at the altar.

7. Shorter Planning Time & Less Stress

A well-planned Wedding can take months if not years of preparation. But with fewer people to cater for, it is easier to find everything you need and the turn-around time for the Wedding is shorter. Not only this but organising a party for 20 is considerably less stressful than for 100. With fewer invitations and RSVPs to worry about, the To Do List becomes a lot less daunting.

8. More Options Available to You

With a smaller guestlist, all sorts of doors will start to open to you – literally! You can have your pick of wedding venues for both the ceremony and the reception and guestlist sizes won’t be an issue. Catering options can come from anywhere, with many people opting for less-traditional catering.

9. Easier to Make Things Yourself

Many couples choose to DIY elements of their weddings, whether it be favours, place settings, invitations or something else entirely. With a smaller guestlist, it is easier to create more of the elements yourself with more time to spend on each of those place cards and a slightly bigger budget to create your own centrepieces. DIY-ing means you can add your own personalised touches to the wedding as you will have more time and less to make – it’s a win-win! Check out our DIY Wedding Guide for more!

10. Focus on What Matters Most

Weddings are one of those things where everyone has an option. Your Grandma might think you should stick to the traditions and your Uncle Owen comments on this and that. It can leave you feeling as though you are planning to please others instead of focusing what is important to you as a couple.

A Micro Wedding gives you far more freedom to mould your big day the way that YOU want to. Your choices will be more meaningful and you can leave out those traditions that you aren’t keen on.

Tips for Having a Micro Wedding

  • Cutting Your Guestlist: If you have lots of friends and family, choosing to have a Micro Wedding and cutting down your guestlist is tricky. However, the rule book goes out the window with this sort of celebration! Don’t feel the need to invite people’s partners and extended family members. Stick to your guns and invite the friends and family that you wouldn’t want to be their without.
  • Prioritise Your Must-Haves: Make a list of those things you NEED for your big day. That could be anything from a shower of rose petals, to a vintage VW Beatle to take you to the venue. Your budget will stretch further with fewer guests so you don’t have to compromise on those final touches and little extras; but make sure you keep track of your expenses and use the extra pennies wisely.
  • Don’t Overthink It: It’s all about you! Micro Weddings make it easier than ever to choose those things that you want and forget the rest. Make the most of this by dressing how you want, choosing the venue that you want, and embrace the feeling that anything is possible! Let all your worries go and relax into your wedding planning as those select guests you choose are going to LOVE IT.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, a Micro Wedding is essentially still a thoroughly planned and thought-out Wedding, but just with a smaller guestlist! Not only will you get so spend more time with those that matter most, but you are likely to save some pennies too. If you want to see the latest Wedding Trends, or need some idea of how to plan your wedding, check out our other articles!

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