Who doesn’t love a good crepe!? They are versatile, quick, cheap and (most importantly) incredibly delicious. This makes a crepe van the perfect catering choice for any occasion. The beauty of the crepe is that you can fill it with whatever sweet or savoury filling you desire. In fact, it is the variety of fillings that makes the crepe unique and distinguishes it from the traditional pancake. Though we have to admit, we love a pancake too!

Crepes’ rise in popularity has also coincided with health-consciousness. They can be tailored to meet many dietary requirements. For example, using buck-wheat flour instead of regular flour makes them a great gluten-free option for your guests! You can even swap milk out for water or a plant-based alternative. Therefore, with so much flexibility, you’ll be bound to find a crepe that fits everyone’s tastes.

16 Incredible Crepe Van Options Around the UK

Crepe De La Crepe

Crepe de la Crepe serves both sweet and savoury food from a vintage horsebox that has been transformed into a fun mobile creperie. They cook delicious French crepes to order, or if you want something other than crepes, large, fluffy Belgian waffles! Both are served with a wide choice of tempting fillings.

Location: Essex

Price: Starting from £550 per Event


Baristaroo’s incredible crepes are cooked right in front of you on their very large crepe machines. They serve crepes from a fantastic big pink van, with a super shiny finish. These guys do mini pancakes too, so check them out for some effortless catering options.

Location: Greater Manchester

Price: Starting from £4 per Person

Little Flo’s Tuck Box

Incredible crepes served from a cute converted horsebox called ‘Little Flo’. Every person will receive either freshly made crepes or waffles if you prefer. Little Flo’s Tuck Box are proud to serve delicious, freshly made treats with a large variety of sweet and savoury toppings, only using the best ingredients and the freshest fruit available! 

Location: Hertfordshire

Price: Starting from £200 per Event

Did you know? – Crepes don’t always have to be sweet! Many suppliers also provide savoury crepe options – now there really is something for everyone!

Crepe Britain

Choose between their fun wooden horse box or a classic gazebo style set-up for Crepe Britain to serve delicious crepes to your guests. Their packages includes a choice of having either sweet or savoury toppings for your crepes, or both if you fancy – they don’t judge!

Location: Hampshire

Price: Staring from £499 per Event

The Crepe Stop

The Crepe Stop uses a beautiful vintage trailer converted to a crepe van, using only the finest ingredients to serve delicious crepes. No party is too big or too small for these guys, their stall can fit perfectly in any indoor or outdoor location. Whether you’re looking for unlimited crepes or just a few for your guests, this supplier has all bases covered.

Location: Hertfordshire

Price: Staring from £250 per Event

I Love Crepes

I Love Crepes have over 9 years experience and, 10,000 crepes later, believe they can offer you the perfect catering service. You can expect great customer service, reliability, smartness and only freshly made crepes made from free range and organic ingredients. Why put up with second best?

Location: Leicestershire

Price: Staring from £650 per Event

Top Tip – Crepe vans make the perfect treat the evening of a wedding reception!


MasterCrepes: where every day is pancake day! The chefs have been Trained in the oldest crepes school in France. Not only that, but their authentic crêpes are created with traditional 100% buckwheat galettes, which originates from Brittany in France and are all freshly made-to-order. They aim to make the best crêpes this side of the Channel – Bon Appetit!

Location: Hertfordshire

Price: Staring from £300 per Event

The French Revolution: Crêpes and Galettes

Not only does their iconic Citroen H van look super cool, but they are true professionals. For these guys, crepe making is an artform that they take seriously. They pride themselves on their galettes, based on buckwheat flour, they are a new discovery and a revelation! With vegan and gluten-free options, The French Revolution should be top of your list!

Location: Brighton

Price: Staring from £600 per Event

Bon Vivant

Bon Vivant serves crepes from their independent crepe van. The name of “Bon Vivant” derives from the French saying describing a person who is “living well” – enjoying the finer things in life; good food and a luxury lifestyle. Slot yourself into this role, by choosing this super team at your next big event.

Location: West Sussex

Price: Staring from £10 per Person

Did you know? –  Crepes tend to have more protein than carbs because they are made of ingredients such as milk, eggs, only a little flour. This makes crepes a healthier pancake option!

Cripes its Crepes

Cripes its Crepes serve delicious crepes from their beautiful vintage 1978 Citroen H Van throughout Surrey, Kent, Sussex and London. Their team have catered for a few celebrities in their time; like the cast and crew of Star Wars as well as feeding the likes of Peter Crouch and Bruce Springsteen – wow!!

Location: Suffolk

Price: Staring from £6 per Person

The TeaPod

You get more than just delicious crepes at The TeaPod! They also have waffles, milkshakes and teas, all served from their modern, pretty trailer. They use fresh, locally-sourced ingredients and all of their packaging is eco-friendly!

Location: Cambridgeshire

Price: Staring from £10 per Person

The Clog and Pancake

What if crepes aren’t your favourite style sweet treat? “What about pancakes?” – we hear you cry! The Clog and Pancake bake mini Dutch pancakes from their lovingly restored horse trailer and serve them with a range of toppings! There are sweet and savoury options and they make an ideal snack for all types of events.

Location: Gloucestershire

Price: Staring from £4 per Person

Did you know? – Most suppliers don’t just sell crepes! They can also do waffles, milkshakes, teas and coffees!

Pedal and Push Catering

Not your traditional crepe van. These crepes are served from a vintage catering tricycle; Pedal and Push make and serves fresh, delicious French crepes. Their tricycles are fully self-sufficient and because of their size, they can set up pretty much anywhere! They bring everything we need to give you a worry-free service.

Location: Shropshire

Price: Staring from £350 per Event

Pancake Events

Pancake Events set up an amazing crêpe bar at your venue. Their professional private chefs create indulgent French crepes for your events and private parties in London. Sweet, savoury, gluten free crepes made on order and made right in front of your guests with professional crepe machines! Enjoy the delicious crepes, pancakes made with home-crafted batters and traditional French recipes.

Location: London

Price: Staring from £12 per Person

Top Tip – Crepes don’t just go down well with adults, but with kids too!

KK Catering – Crepe Corner Creperie

Their crepes can be sweet, savoury and healthy, but it’s KK’s versatility that ensures there’s a flavour to suit every palate. With an extensive menu of 26 different options, you are bound to have a crepe to tempt the taste buds of each of your guests. Furthermore, these guys are willing to travel far and wide for your events – check them out.

Location: Manchester

Price: Staring from £575 per Event

Pancakes Ltd

Platinum Pancakes use the finest local ingredients, direct from the farmers to ensure super freshness in their cooking. Every pancake is made to order with flair. Pancakes are the perfect catering solution, you choose the fillings to suit your taste and the pancake is freshly made and filled in front of you!

Location: Birmingham

Price: Staring from £4 per Person


Whether it’s your special wedding day or a just a small gathering with close ones, a crepe van will be the ideal caterer for your event. Create a unique and unforgettable experience for your guests and find your crepe van supplier today on Poptop for your next event and support your local businesses! 🎉

Want to do some flipping of your own? Check out how to make your own crepes with this classic crepes recipe 

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