Engagement parties are all the rage, as happy couples celebrate their planned nuptials, but need time to save for the big day, itself.

If you’re having an engagement party to celebrate with friends and family, here are a few things you need to consider when planning your event:


An engagement party venue typically doesn’t need to be huge. It’s unlikely that many guests will be coming from out of town, so numbers will be fewer than on your wedding day. Venues to consider include pubs and bars, village halls, community halls, and restaurants.

Catering and Drinks

It’s likely that you’ll want to provide some food and celebratory drinks for your guests, which may be available directly from your venue. If you’re hiring a venue without kitchen and bar facilities, you’ll need to investigate external suppliers to provide a buffet and beverages.


If you’re planning a big evening, a great way to boost the atmosphere and get the party started is with a live band or a DJ. This could even be the band or DJ you plan to have at your wedding reception, or a chance to try out one of your shortlisted wedding reception suppliers.


If you already know the theme for your wedding, or at least the colour scheme, your engagement party is a great time to introduce it to your guests. If you’ve not decided on your wedding theme yet, what about blowing up pictures of you both from throughout your relationship so far, and decorating the walls with those?

PA System

At some point during your engagement party, there’s probably going to be time to make some speeches. Depending on the size of your engagement party venue, and how loud the party is likely to get, it might be worth hiring a PA system to make sure that all your guests can hear what’s being said.