So Bojo has announced a national lockdown 2.0 throughout the Month of November. We know what you’re thinking, you don’t really want to revert back to the March version of yourself and rewatch Tiger King with a Banana Bread baking in the oven. So, what is there to do? Have no fear, we have some top suggestions for how to spend November Lockdown. 

20 Ideas to Ease the Lockdown Blues

1. Host an Afternoon Tea! 🍰

Why not plan a tasty afternoon tea or a boozy brunch for your household? Afternoon Tea Delivery is the best option for a pick-me-up on a rainy afternoon. Many couples that live together are planning date nights in, or if you know a special someone with a Birthday or Anniversary coming up, it is the perfect option. Why not pair it with a tasty cocktail or mocktail and you’ve got yourself a real treat – check out our festive Christmas cocktail Ideas here!

2. Workout Plan 🏋🏾‍♀️

Did you start yoga at the beginning of the year and never picked up your mat after August? Maybe you want to start getting fit or trying something new? We all know that the weather is getting colder now, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get physical. There are plenty of home workouts on Youtube and free apps to choose from. Plus you will be able to eat whatever you want at Christmas time, so really it is a win win!

3. Try Something New 📖

In the same way, why not pick up a new skill? How about picking up sign language or trying out a new instrument during this November lockdown? If so, the internet and books are your friend! There are so many options out there to pick from and it is sure to keep you busy.  If not now, when?!

4. Movie Marathon 🎬

Are you a Potterhead, a Disney fanatic? Maybe a Marvel Maniac or a Pirates of The Caribbean Fan? Whatever floats your boat, why not have a film marathon with your favourites? If you want to hire some cinema equipment for your Big Night In to make your experience even more cinema-like, check out ours here.

5. Pamper Yourself! 🧖🏼‍♀️

Do you love having your nails painted? Are you a big fan of face masks? Is a bath and some candles your idea of a perfect evening? Whatever it is, take some time to indulge your senses and de-stress at some point this month.

6. Start a Book or Film Club 📚

Is it just us, or did you find it hard to find new topics to talk about on the weekly phone call with your friends? Why not start up a book club or a film club to keep you going? Plan to read a book a month and then have a discussion about it! Or do the same but with a film, you can probably do this one bi-weekly too. There are loads of Instagram pages dedicated to reviews, so why not check some out? 

7. Be Mindful 🧘🏻‍♀️

The last lockdown was difficult, and with the earlier nights and colder weather, it is now more than ever, important to look after yourself. We should all learn how to take some more time for ourselves and focus on our peace of mind. Whether your mindfulness consists of having a nice cup of tea and some time to think to yourself, doing some self care or writing a journal. Apps like Headspace and Reflectly can be really useful, and they are totally free!

8. Give Back to the Community 👵🏽

Got a lot of time and nothing to do? You could consider signing up to volunteer. There are plenty of elderly people, homeless charities and food banks that are under a lot of pressure as the weather gets colder and the Christmas period looms. There are so many options, from food collection, helping in the kitchens, to dealing with admin and asking for donations. You can easily find opportunities online, so please help if you can. 

9. Christmas Time 🎅🏾

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas (or maybe it isn’t and that is the issue!). If you have a little more time on your hands than you did before, why not look into some Christmas crafts to get you in the spirit and keep you busy during Lockdown in November. 

If you’re not into Christmas crafts just yet, why not make your Christmas card list for the year. Will you be making your own Christmas Cards or are you going to recycle some from last year?

How about Christmas Baking? If you are a big Christmas fan you may know that Christmas cake and puddings need to be made in advance if you are looking to feed it. Time to whack out the oven gloves and get baking!

10. Games Night 🎲

Everyone plays games around Christmas time, so why not dust them off a little early and pick up the Pictionary or grab the Jenga and make a running competition with your household or bubble. The person who wins the most games throughout lockdown gets a prize!

11. Let’s Get Creative!

You might be into watercolour paints, poetry or crochet; now is the time to get out your camera or your pencils and get creative. Why not make some Christmas Presents for friends? Up-cycle some furniture or do some colouring in with the kids.

12. Start a Present Train 🚂

If you want to start a small act of kindness, why not leave a mystery present on your friend’s doorstep. It doesn’t have to be anything big, a packet of sweets or a candle can be enough to lift someone’s spirits during a difficult period. If you want to, leave a note and ask them to continue the train by gifting someone else!

13. Dust off the Cobwebs 👚

We all have probably collected some items that we no longer have any use for. Why not spend some time decluttering your wardrobe of old clothes, get rid of that you received 5 years ago and haven’t used or books you no longer want. There is a simple rule of thumb, if you haven’t used this item in the past year, then you no longer need it! So, pass it on to friends or to a charity – easy!

14. The Great British Lockdown 🍪

Bake off is back! Whether you have been watching it religiously every week or whether you’re late to the show, check out this year’s competition! Why not take a recipe from every week to have a go at baking? Or get inspired with your household to see who bakes the best choc chip cookies or Victoria sponge. (Just don’t bake them all at once or you’ll have tons of cake.. Or do, we don’t judge!)

15. Look to the Future 📆

Okay so we know it can be a little scary to make plans when everything can change in a matter of weeks, but we also know that humans love to look forward to things. So, why not make small plans for your friend’s Birthday or for the New Year. It doesn’t have to be a massive party, we know that this is unrealistic. Hire a Private Chef for your household for a special night together or to commemorate 2020. It is still allowed within the restrictions and we have plenty to choose from!

16. Get a Penpal! 💌

Maybe writing letters will make a comeback in November? When was the last time you wrote a letter to one of your loved ones by hand? Whether your mates are across the world, the country or just at the other side of the city. It might be a nice idea to send them some post. Everyone enjoys receiving parcels and letters, so surprise them with one of your own.  

17. Look Into Your Ancestry 👴

Take a peek into the past and look into your Ancestry this November, you may find some interesting facts about your family’s origins. There are so many easy ways to do this, whether you are just spending time with some elderly relatives and listening to their stories or looking into it online, why not branch out your understanding of the past before the new year?

18. Did You Hear About That? 🎧

Podcasts are a great way of learning something new, staying entertained or keeping informed about the current topics. If you are new to Podcasts, Patreon is a good place to start. From true crime to comedy talk shows, there is certainly something bound to spike your interest. If you prefer, why not check out audiobooks? They are a great way of relaxing if you find reading tiresome or if you have to multitask! Oh, and they’ll be great for the kids too. 

19. Wanderlust, We Got it! 🌄

You might not have been able to go on holiday this year, and if you are one of the lucky ones who has, we are eternally jealous! It doesn’t have to stop you though! There are plenty of things to see and do right in your own city! Check out a tourist guide of your hometown to look for walks and sights of interest – Let’s go exploring this autumn!

20. To Do, or Not To Do List 📝

Those odd jobs that you have been meaning to do since the last lockdown? Get. Them. Done. You will feel so much better coming out of this lockdown with your socks hole-less, your email inbox cleared and your phone backed up. We promise!

Final Thoughts

We know that a second lockdown is not ideal, but we know that we can get through this. Stick together and make sure to check in on your friends and family. 

If you have any events planned and you need some assistance don’t hesitate to get in touch: Or if you are looking for something extra special to celebrate your event, have a look at our online packages that we have available here.