Our Client Support Team are a powerhouse making sure that YOU have the very best experience with Poptop.

It’s about time you got to meet our incredible Poptop Client Support Team and the friendly faces that you may meet along your Poptop journey. Whether you are giving us a call, reading our blog posts or receiving our interesting emails full of event planning tips- here is the gang behind the magic of it all!


Heading the Client Experience is Paige, who has been with Poptop since January 2018. She is the friendliest human ever and has big love for Poptop. Paige leads all content creating, marketing campaigns and optimises and oversees the whole client experience.

Passions: Books, Fortnite, my Boyfriend’s Beard, Events & Fruity Cocktails

Fun Fact: When she’s not working, Paige is most likely either playing on the ps4 or knitting.

I love the team that I work with. Watching the department build up over time and seeing the team grow and succeed on a regular basis is one of the best things about my job for sure.


Our lovely Laurel is the Client Support Manager! She has been part of the Poptop Team since June 2019 and is the definition of a Girl Boss. Laurel supervises all client communications and works with Paige to push campaigns and delve into marketing.

Passions: Dance, Food, Dogs, Marvel Cinematic Universe, Travelling, Climate Change & R’n’B music.

Fun Fact: Laurel is INCREDIBLE at makeup – watch this space!

Poptop is one of the greatest places I have ever worked. I feel so happy and positive when I come into work every morning.

I think this is mainly due to the great team of people that I work with – we all get on so well and we are all allowed to be ourselves which can be very rare in the workplace.


Tasha is one of our Client Support Heroes who has been with us since September 2019 and is a total good egg! She helps with our client communications, as well as creating content for our Blog and posting on Social Media – check out our Instagram Reels for some silliness.

Passions: Parties, Disposable Cameras, Exploring the Planet, Roller Skating & Plants

Fun Fact: Tasha’s favourite day of the year is Halloween.

Poptop is an fabulous company to work for. I love that I can be creative and have a safe space to share my ideas.

This is a place where I can be totally myself and I honestly feel like my colleagues are more like my best friends!


Our not-so-new newbie, Amy has been a Client Support Hero since February 2020 and is a super cool dude. Emailing and chatting with clients on the phone, with some blog writing sprinkled in are the things that Amy does best!

Loves: Dogs, Zelda, Cooking, Drawing, Cult Films & all things Yellow

Fun Fact: Amy is an amazing artist, she creates her own designs and prints!

One of the best things about working for Poptop is the incredible team, you can guarantee that they will be there for you during the good times and the bad.

I have never worked in a job where I have felt more comfortable and happy than being here at Poptop!

Need Some Help?

Whether you have a quick question about the way Poptop works, or you need some in depth help finding the very best services for your event. We are here to help, with extensive knowledge and a whole range of events under out belts! You can reach the Poptop Client Support Team at hello@poptop.uk.com

Check out all of the incredible packages that we have available to you and make your event the very best it can be!

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