Congratulations – you’ve been made a bridesmaid and you are in charge of planning the all important hen party! Maybe you are a seasoned Maid of Honour who has been on a hen do before and you already know some of the ropes, or this might be your first time planning an event like this.

You’re probably super excited (and maybe a little stressed) especially if you have never planned an event before. Don’t forget to use the other hens to your advantage, listen to their ideas and their tips – you don’t have to do everything alone. Check out this handy step by step guide to get you started.

On With The Hen Party Planning!

The Important Bits

Starting To Plan…

Speaking to the Bride is one of the first things to do. Because this day is really for them, it is likely that they will have some ideas about what is top of the list and the things that might be crossing some lines.

Decide what sort of direction you would like to go in. Do you want a day of being pampered or are you wanting to get the adrenaline pumping? Ask the Bride to set a budget that ensures that everyone is included and has a great time first of all so that you know what you are working with.

Top Tip: Don’t forget to consider the ages of the hens, any that might be pregnant, poorly or injured.

Location & Travel

Once you have your budget outlined and some idea of what you are working with, you can find the perfect location for your hen party. Do you need to book accommodation for everyone? Are all the hens coming from different locations?

Whether it’s a night out in Newcastle, a weekend in Prague, or a garden party in your backyard, you need to consider how everyone will be getting there. Are you thinking a party bus or limousine to take you to the main event? Whatever it is, make sure to include this in your budget!

Top Tip: If you are having everyone travel there separately, make sure there is enough parking for those driving!

Date & Time

This should be an easy one! Speak to the Bride and hens to see whether they have a particular time frame that they would like the hen party to take place. Gone are the days of hen dos the night before the wedding, therefore you should have a little more leeway with dates.

Speak to all of the hens and find a date when they are available. There may be some moving plans around, so try and come to at least a provisional date early and the the hens can book holidays off work, arrange transport or babysitters if needed.

Top Tip: Make a group chat with all of the hens to make planning easier. But don’t include the bride if you want it to be a surprise!

Popular Activities

When it comes to finding the perfect activity for the hen party, it might feel a little daunting. There are lots of people’s opinions to consider and everyone will be throwing different ideas your way. Nevertheless, don’t be intimidated, just make sure you have the Bride in mind whilst you plan and everyone will have an incredible time.

Here are some top hen party activities to get you started:

Hen Party Games

Whether you have decided to do an activity or not, hen party games are perfect as the main event or as a nice little icebreaker. In other words, if then hens don’t all know each other, they soon will!

There are so many to choose from, and there are plenty that don’t really require very much prior planning. Why not host a quiz all about the married couple to be? Or host a wedding dress fashion show made from recycled materials and toilet rolls?

Top Tip: Struggling for ideas? Pinterest is your friend! There are tons of incredible ideas to get inspired.

Food & Drinks

Catering is an essential part of party planning, and chances are you will definitely want some great drinks and delicious food at the hen party too.

You may want to have a classy sit down meal cooked to perfection by a private chef, or you may be thinking of something quick and easy like a buffet. Don’t forget about drinks too! Are you considering hiring a mixologist or a mobile bar to ensure that the drinks keep flowing so you don’t have to worry about it?

Top Tip: Don’t forget dietary requirements – check in with the hens ahead of time.

The Final Bits

Decor & More

Decor is another important factor, simply because it makes a party really feel like a party! Choose a classic colour like pink or rose gold, or even make everything themed with the Bride’s favourite things. Balloons, garlands, bunting and banners are always a great starting place and great for pictures too!

You can also choose to DIY a lot of the decorations yourself, especially if you have the helping hands of all of the hens. There are so many ideas online to help you out, that you are sure to find the perfect decor to suit your Bride.

Top Tip: Sticking to a colour theme is a great way of making sure everything looks good together.

Accessories & Dress Up

A hen party staple is dressing up and accessorising with cheesy bridal gear. This might be something you want to ask the Bride about ahead of time, or you might want to leave it as a surprise!

From L-plates to bridal veils and sashes, there are so many options to choose from. Make sure you have enough for everyone. You can even make your own costumes and banners as part of the hen do activities. There are lots of DIY instructions online – so go wild!

Top Tip: If you are thinking of full costumes, make sure your hens know in advance so they don’t buy special outfits.

Hen Party Favours

Are you gifting all of your hens with some hen do party favours? Some people choose to gift these during the hen do, especially if they include t-shirts, costumes or bits and bats that can be used on the hen party.

Gift bags don’t have to be expensive and can include a range of silly and funny accessories, the classic willy straws and ‘team bride’ type merchandise. You can easily get personalised gifts if you want to include the Bride’s name or the names of the hens – just make sure you get this sorted ahead of time!

Top Tip: If you are gifting t-shirts, make sure to get everyone’s sizes so they fit nicely!

Final Thoughts

Whatever you decide to do for the hen do, just make sure to keep the Bride in mind while planning. They are sure to love it! Make sure you take lots of pictures and relax – it’s a party for you too! With so many different options for a whole range of budgets, and plenty of DIY options, you are sure to get inspired and have fun planning.

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