No hen party is complete without a few games, but how do you know which hen party games you should be doing?

The answer is actually surprisingly simple, any party games you enjoy will help to make sure the hen party goes well. Of course, you have limited time and there are so many games to choose from, you can’t simply leave it until the hen party starts to pick the hen party games. You need a plan and for that to be successful you need a list of hen party games to choose from.

Fortunately, you’re in the right place! Here you’ll find plenty of games to choose from that will help your hen party to go with a bang and your hen to have the time of her life. The following games will help to ensure that everyone at the hen party has the time of their life, that’s not always an easy feat!

But, before you start it’s important to remember that dressing the hen up is just as important as picking the right party games. There are not many opportunities to dress your hen up, make the most of them and go crazy; bunny ears anyone?

13 Hen Party Games

hen party decor

1. Word for Word

You’ll find this is one of the best games for the start of the night, it helps the conversation start flowing and the party members to get to know each other.

Simply place a piece of paper under every glass with one word on it, the word should be a conversation topic.

hen party balloons

In each of the glasses, there should be a small free drink for everyone, as soon as they reach the bottom of their drink they’ll need to start a conversation with the person on their right, using the topic shown on the glass.

Within a few minutes, they’ll be a surprising amount of noise and all the hen party will be starting to get to know each other.

To make this extra effective put people who don’t know each other next to each other, it keeps the focus on the games and the hen, not on individual conversations. 

2. Prosecco Pong

What hen doesn’t want a glass or two of prosecco on their hen party? There are two ways to play this game, both involve ping pong balls, glasses, and prosecco; although you can add or substitute some gin in if you like!

prosecco pong hen party games

Option 1

Simply line up your glasses, or plastic cups with nothing in them and take turns taking shots. Every person at the hen party needs to attempt the same shot, that means getting the pong into a specific cup or bouncing it through several cups.

If you succeed you take a drink, this can be two fingers of prosecco, a straight shot of gin, or any other liqueur that takes your fancy!

Option 2

The alternative is to put a drink in each of the glasses and line them all up. It’s not necessary for everyone to know what is in each glass! Again, all the hen party guests take it in turns throwing the pong, if they successfully get it in a cup they have to drink the contents; even though they don’t know what it is!

It is worth noting that while this is a great ice-breaker, not everyone on a hen party wants to play drinking games. They simply need a little encouragement and prosecco pong is a great way to break the ice.

3. Advise For The Bride

This is another great ice breaker at a hen party. The first part of any party can be awkward as people don’t know each other very well. 

advice for the bride-to-be hen party games

To help rectify this simply give every one of the hen guests a simple card that gives the hen 3 top tips for how to be a good wife. The writer doesn’t put their name on the card, allowing everyone to guess who wrote it.

You’ll be surprised at how funny the results are and how effective it is at breaking the ice.

4. Nicknames

You can prepare this before the hen party, as the organizer, or you can create nicknames at the start of the day/night. The great thing about this hen party game is that it can keep going all night.

beach hen party ideas

Every hen will need to be given a nickname and you’ll need to decide a penalty, a shot of something is usually a good starting point.

Once the hen nicknames are allocated they must be used all night, if anyone forgets they have to do the penalty. This is one of the hen party games that lasts all night and can even be a source of amusement at the wedding!

5. Test The Hen

Of course, the point of any hen party is to make sure the hen is put on the spot and made to do things which test and challenge her. Not all of these party games need to involve the opposite sex!

Before the hen party starts, get everyone at the hen party to write down a fact about themselves that they think the hen will know. These facts can then be presented to the hen who will need to identify which person each fact belongs to.

hen party games and ideas

Not only is this hilarious, but you’ll also find that the hen may start to feel the effects of the alcohol sooner rather than later. For every fact they get wrong, there will be another drink lined up…..

6. Challenge Time 

When you’re on a hen party there is virtually no limit to what you can ask the bride-to-be to do. All you have to do is frame it as a challenge.

A simple starting point is to challenge them to blag a free drink from the barman or another man in the bar. This shouldn’t be too difficult if you’ve dressed them up properly as a hen. 

photo challenge hen party games

With this in the bag, you can move onto more difficult challenges, such as persuade a man to give you his underpants….. The sky really is the limit on this one.

Of course, there will need to be a penalty if the hen fails and perhaps a time limit.

selfie challange hen party games

It’s worth noting that while a penalty drink is fun, you do want the hen to last the night and enjoy the party, too many drinks too soon could make this difficult to achieve.

7. The Dare

As hen party games go this is similar to the challenge. The main difference is that it’s not just the hen getting challenged.

truth and dare hen party games

Select a few dares, such as getting a piggy-back from a stranger, or photo-bombing someone’s picture. You’ll need to make a hen chart to track everyone’s progress and you’ll need to trust each other to be honest.

hen party alcohol games

Then all the hens have to complete the dares, the last one to do all of them will face another penalty!

8. Bridal Statements

It can be fun to see what everyone knows about the hen, after all if they’ve been invited to the hen party you’d assume they know her fairly well.

hen party games ideas

Before the party starts, compile a list of facts about the bride, make sure that they are not too easy! Then add in the same number of false facts, that are comparable to the actual facts; this will make it harder to distinguish between the two.

Then you can read out the statements at the hen party and everyone will need to say if it’s true or false. 

This can just be a bit of fun to get the party started or you can create a scorecard, the loser has a penalty to do which can be decided by the hen.

9. Never Have I Ever

You may have come across this party game before, it’s effectively one of the most classic and funny hen party games in existence. In fact, this is a great game to play later in the night, when the drink has managed to loosen everyone’s tongues a little.

This will help to keep the party going and find out some of the more risqué secrets of all members of the hen party.

never have I ever hen party game

One person, perhaps the hen, starts by saying “Never have I ever…” and lists something they’ve never done. Anyone who has done this takes a drink, you’ll have to decide if that’s a shot or a set amount of something.

You may be surprised at what the other people at the hen party have actually done!

One word of warning, don’t make statements that will deliberately cause friction, such as “Never have I ever slept with the groom”, when you know one of the hen party has. That’s a sure fire way to end the hen party games and perhaps even the wedding. 

10. Pin The Trunk

The level of rudeness you use in this hen party game will depend on where you are and how many hens you have, as well as their rudeness tolerance.

In effect, you print a picture of a hunk, either a celeb crush of the hen or a man that appeals to everyone. It’s not a good idea to make this the groom!

hen party decor

Then, everyone takes it, in turn, to pin the trunks on the picture while wearing a blindfold, the results will be fun, penalties are optional as you’ll all be in stitches.

11. Man Making

If you’ve ever wanted to make your own man then you should give this a go on your next hen party. It one of the simplest hen party games but very effective.

hen party games and ideas

You’ll need some play-doh or similar.

Every person in the hen party needs to be allocated a body part, they then make it without anyone seeing it and the hen is given all the pieces.

It’s the hen’s job to put it all together in the way she thinks works best, be prepared to laugh.

12. Clothes Swap

A great way to get the hen started is to provide her fancy dress novelty wear, the kind that screams she is a hen.

hen party ideas

But, you can take this a step further and demand that she swaps clothes with someone else in the room or the bar. The question really is how long do they need to swap for and what’s in it for the unlucky victim?

13. The Pinata

For a quick bit of fun, assuming your party venue allows it, hang a piñata up and take it in turns to whack it.

You can fill it with hen party treats, once the piñata is broken open there will be a mad scramble to get the treats. 

the piñata for hen party

You can always add in a few dares, challenges, or shots to the treats, people won’t know what they’ve got until they’ve finished scooping things up.

Final Thoughts

The hen party is the last chance for the bride-to-be to let her hair down as a single lady, this is why you need to make it the best possible party.

Hen party games are supposed to be fun and help the day, evening, or both go smoothly.  However, it is always important to consider the guest list for the hen party. A wide age range and outlooks on life can make it difficult to get everyone involved. 

If this is likely to be the case it’s advisable to have more hen party games lined up than you’ll need, this will give you the opportunity to switch games and tact until you find something that suits all.

Don’t forget, this is supposed to be about the hen, don’t be afraid to remind everyone of this if necessary!

If you get it right, the games will make this one party that the hen, and all her friends, will never forget!

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