The past year has been a hard one. With so many of us having to change plans, rearrange parties and postpone meeting up with our loved ones. But that doesn’t mean that we have to stop celebrating those big events, and many of us have turned to interesting ways of doing so. One of which is organising an afternoon tea celebration!

In order to get some in-depth feedback, we have conducted interviews with some clients who have ordered afternoon tea through the lockdown period to find out what they thought of it.

Don’t Take Our Word for It – Read the Reviews!

Cheer up a Friend in Lockdown? Afternoon Tea!

Christine’s Experience

Christine was looking for an afternoon tea service that was close to where her cousin lives in Sheffield. After she heard her cousin had to self isolate for 2 weeks before having an operation, she wanted to treat her to something nice. Luckily, Christine had a browse online and stumbled across our website and was pleasantly surprised with our packages. Overall, the website experience was easy to use, there was great communication and she was able to sort the delivery quickly. After the delivery, her cousin said the food was delicious, just enough for one person and she was extremely happy with it.

“I would recommend it as it was exactly as advertised.  I even had a personal call from the provider which was a nice touch and would definitely book again.”

Christine, Afternoon Tea Fan

Celebrating a Birthday? Afternoon Tea!

Darryl’s Experience

Darryl’s wife had a Birthday coming up and he wanted to do something special, yet still in line with lockdown restrictions. He googled ‘afternoon teas delivered‘ and had a browse though a couple of the options, going for the one that ticked all of his boxes. Once it arrived, he said it was brilliant and his wife was delighted with it. There was plenty of food and it was enjoyed by the whole family.

Poptop made it clear what he would receive which made it easy to plan the day. The whole process from ordering to receiving was really straightforward and stress free. When asked whether he would consider booking again, Darryl said ‘Absolutely. My wife is keen to. Just last week, me and my brother were talking about plans for my mom’s 60th and we are hoping to order from yourselves’.

“I needed something safe and that would still be with the Lockdown restrictions… something a bit different that would show how much we love her and appreciate all she does. We have a long tradition of enjoying cream teas in Devon so the afternoon tea brought back memories but from the safety and comfort of our own home.”

Darryl, Afternoon Tea Fan

Val’s Experience

Val was looking for a nice Birthday treat for her Sister as unfortunately they were unable to celebrate as usual with all of the lockdown regulations. So, she had a quick Google search for afternoon tea caterers in her area and Poptop came up straight away. Overall, it was super easy to book a service for this Birthday afternoon tea celebration and found there was a great range of packages to choose from. Her sister loved the surprise and was happy they were able to celebrate even in lockdown.

“I would totally recommend booking Afternoon Tea through Poptop. It’s a really nice idea to do for someone in Lockdown or that you can’t visit due to restrictions and it was a lovely surprise for my Sister”

Val, Afternoon Tea Fan

Niomi’s Experience

Niomi wanted to get something nice to celebrate her friend’s 40th Birthday, as she was unable to celebrate as originally planned. After having a quick Google search, Niomi found our website and found a package that she liked the look of. In the end, her friend loved the afternoon tea surprise that Niomi sent to her and she was so happy they could still celebrate. 

“It was my best friend’s 40th birthday and I couldn’t be there as originally planned, so I booked an afternoon tea and she LOVED it!”

Niomi, Afternoon Tea Fan

Celebrating Work Achievements? Afternoon Tea!

Eugene’s Experience

Eugene had reached a very important step in his company’s business plan and wanted to celebrate with his team. Firstly, he quickly found Poptop on Google via a quick search for afternoon tea services in his area. Secondly, he found a range of quotes that he liked the look of, Eugene narrowed it down to just one and booked the package with ease. Within the same day, the supplier confirmed the booking! Once it arrived, his whole team loved the surprise and were very impressed with the quality of the food. 

“There was a wide range of scones, savouries, sandwiches and cakes which my team all loved! I will definitely be booking something on Poptop again in the future!”

Eugene, Afternoon Tea Fan

Final Thoughts

So, it is safe to say that many of us have found new ways of celebrating throughout the lockdown period; one of them being an afternoon tea celebration! Want to host a traditional British Tea Party? The BBC has a great guide!

Now, it has never been easier to order your own afternoon tea! Just pop in your details to view available services near you! Not sure what to gift someone special? Or if you’re unsure, how about an afternoon tea voucher available for all occasions?

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