New Years Eve is one of the biggest party nights of the year around the world, and no NYE event would be complete without some amazing party food!

Whether you want to go all out with a large party for family, friends and neighbours, or if you’d prefer a slightly cosier get together with your nearest and dearest, party food is the perfect accompaniment to your night. 

With so many options to choose from, it can be hard to know what kind of party food is perfect for your event, so we’ve put together a list of great New Years Eve party food ideas to help you out! Though, it may be a good idea not to read this while you’re hungry…

Festive Themed Party Food

If you’re not quite ready to let go of Christmas and want to fit in as many pigs in blankets into the festive season as possible, why not keep it going into New Year? Christmas food is a firm favourite among most guests and it’ll likely be another year before you get to indulge in it again, so why not?! 

Christmas Pie

Christmas in a pie sounds like it just might be one of the best party foods going! It’s also a great way of using up any extra ingredients leftover from Christmas day.

Bacon & Parmesan Brussels Sprout Skewers

It’s no secret that Brussels sprouts aren’t everyone’s favourites, but sauteed with cheese and bacon they’re taken to a new level of tasty!

Turkey, Cranberry and Brie Crescent Braid

If you want to put your party food cooking skills to the test and create a filling and delicious dish, this is perfect! Your guests will be in awe of your impressive culinary skills.

Pigs in Blankets

What kind of festive feast doesn’t include pigs in blankets? They are super easy to make, or can even be store bought ready made. If you feel like creating a little something different with them, why not have a go at a dish like pigs in blankets macaroni cheese, or vegetarian pigs in blankets?

Vegetarian Christmas Wreath Pizza

This is a great party food choice for those who choose not to eat meat, or maybe even those who are a bit bored of turkey after their Christmas dinner. It’s also a lot of fun to make and will make a lovely centrepiece on your table. 

Cheese & Crackers Christmas Tree

Something that will really make your guests say ‘wow’ is an edible Christmas tree made from cheese and crackers. You’d have to be crackers not to be impressed by this! Pun intended… 

Caramelised Mushroom Tartlets

Stuffed mushrooms are great, but why not go for something a little different for your party? These caramelised tartlets will bring a delightful taste of both sweet and savoury to the table. 

Parsnip Chips With Truffle, Honey & Rosemary

If parsnip is one of your favourite parts of a traditional Christmas dinner, then these delish parsnip chips are a perfect party food idea. 

Honey Roast Christmas Ham

The perfect main dish for any finger food to go alongside is, of course, a Christmas ham. This can feed a lot of guests but can also be used after the party to create meals with any leftovers.

Christmas Sangria

So, as you’ve guessed, this suggestion is a liquid addition for your party food! But sangria is a great option for party drinks as you can make it in large batches ready to pour, and you can make it as festive as you’d like with the use of cranberries, apples and rosemary sprigs. 

Perfect For a Champagne Party

If your planning on hosting a swanky New Years Eve party, or maybe even just a doo that will show up Margarets down the road, there are lots of choices for appropriate party food. Posh nosh springs to mind!

Baked Cheese Bread Flower

Cheese and bread go together like, well, cheese and bread! And baked together they make delicious party food. This recipe also gives directions on how to make the whole thing look super fancy!

Mini Lamb Satay Sticks

How do you make cooked meat look chic? You put it on a stick, of course! These yummy party food pieces are sure to be a big hit and can be eaten warm or cold.

Cooked Oysters With Burnt Butter

A more contemporary style of party food for New Years celebrations, but great if you are expecting any foodie guests that love to try new things!

Chipotle Prawn Tacos with Avocado Salsa

These little mouth fulls will bring an exotic taste to your NYE festivities, just make sure you buy enough to keep them coming as they are sure to be a big hit with friends and family.

Caprese Salad with Balsamic Glaze

A classic but nonetheless delicious party food favourite. Perfect as either an appetizer for the main course or on its own with a finger food buffet.

Date, Blue Cheese & Pancetta Polenta Stacks

These small but mighty bites are a flavoursome buffet or canape choice for any New Years Eve party. You can even experiment with different flavours and different options such as nuts or croutons to make them veggie-friendly.

Duck and Pork Terrine with Cranberries and Pistachios

A slightly different meat dish for the holiday season but certainly a tasty one! This option takes a little longer to make than other party food choices, but that usually means it’s worth the wait.

Smoked Salmon Blinis

These delicious little treats make great party food for any style of New Years party. Classic and yummy. 

Chicken Katsu Scotch Eggs

A delicious switch up from normal scotch eggs with a Japanese flavour. This quirky party food will have all your guests asking for the recipe!

Back to Basics

If you’re looking for party food that’s more friendly on the purse strings after an expensive Christmas, then never fear as basic party food can be just as tasty as the fancier stuff! 

Cheesy Puff Pastry Stars

Simple but delicious! All you need to make these fun party food additions are eggs, pastry and cheddar. 

Tomato and Feta Pasta Salad

A yummy, filling and wholesome party food idea for your New Years Eve party. It’s hard to go wrong with this dish as you can batch make it feed everyone and it’s really easy to prepare.

Crisp Topped Macaroni Cheese

Party food doesn’t come much more pure and cheesy than macaroni cheese. This bowl served dish is perfect for party guests of all ages.

Potato Salad

One of the best types of salad, because potato, and can be made easily on a strict budget.

Charcuterie Board

Charcuterie boards are a brilliant party food choice because you can make them as simple, complicated, cheap or luxury as you’d like. With your choice of bread, vegetables, dips, cheeses or meats they are also quick and easy to make.

Tomato Bruschetta

An oldie but a goodie! You can even experiment by trying different toppings mixed in with the tomato.

Homemade Pizza

Homemade pizza makes a perfect New Years Eve party food because it’s a crowd pleaser and can be made with many different toppings and flavours. You could even make a pizza station and let your guests choose their own toppings. 

Cheese and Bacon Potato Skins

If you’d like to give your party something filling to ring in the New Year with, stuffed potato skins are an ideal option. 


Popcorn isn’t just for going to the movies, in fact, it makes an excellent party food choice for any event. This includes watching New Years fireworks at midnight or with a glass of champagne while singing Auld Lang Syne.

Toasted Ravioli

Toasted ravioli may not be the first recipe to spring to mind when you think of party food, but trust us when we say its delicious!

Sweet Treats

No party or selection of party food is complete without something sweet. If you have guests coming that you know have a lovely for sugary treats, these party food options are perfect. 

Rocky Road Cheesecake Pudding

A twist on the traditional rounded Christmas cakes, this cheesecake looks sensational! Perfect for adults and children with a sweet tooth and large enough to serve up to 10 people. You can also get creative in decorating it with edible glitter, sprinkles, sparklers and drizzled chocolate. 

Rice Krispie Puddings

For something that’s a little easier to make but still an all time classic, rice krispie cakes are a perfect choice! Like these ones, you can even put a fun festive twist on them and get creative.

Christmas Tree Brownies

Brownies that look like Christmas trees, what’s not to love?! 

Pecan Pie Pops

Fun but sophisticated dessert choice for your New Years party food. Easy to eat, and maybe so delicious that you might have to make quite a lot of them.

Homemade Marshmallows

Homemade marshmallows are fun to make and you can experiment in making them in lots of different colours and flavours. You could also set up a marshmallow bar with dipping sauces, toppings and melted chocolate so your party guests can play with their food.

Lemon & Pistachio Cannoli

An alternative but pretty choice of dessert for a New Years Eve party, but if you’d like to try making something different, this could just right.

Chocolate and Walnut Pavlova with Madeira and Tangerines

For those who prefer a fruity flavour with their dessert, this is a dreamy addition to your party food selection. You can have lots of fun making this and enjoy afterwards with a glass of prosecco.

Yule Log

The perfect festive dessert, especially for any chocoholics! 

Retro Trifle

Trifle is a party food favourite for any celebration. Why not make it your own and experiment with different flavours, or by adding your favourite tipple. 

Deep Fried Cookie Dough Bites

For a dessert that will really get your guests excited, why not offer a little something different like these deep fried cookie dough bites? You can even get your party involved in making them.

There you have it! Our list of 40 delicious party food ideas for your New Years Eve celebrations. We hope you’re feeling inspired! Although, if perhaps next year you’d like to take the pressure of cooking from yourself, Poptop have thousands of different and exciting caterers listed on our website across the country. 

Take a look at our website to see who we have available in your area, and who might be catering for your big New Years Eve bash next year. 

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