Whether you have been counting down to Christmas since the beginning of Autumn or you’re in a mild state of panic because you haven’t got all of your gifts, Christmas Eve is around the corner! Though this year has definitely been a little crazy, there is still plenty of time to slow down and make magical memories with the people you love the most with some Christmas Eve activities.

Don’t worry if you haven’t made any plans sorted with your loved ones this year. We have compiled the perfect list of Christmas Eve activities to get you feeling festive and to keep the little ones busy so they don’t get too hyper about the imminent arrival of the big SC himself. Check it out below!

Cosy Christmas Eve Activities

1. Ready, Steady, Bake! 🍪

Grab your grandmother’s sugar cookie recipe or the best chocolate chip recipe you can find and get baking! Or even try something new! For example, Lebkuchen are a type of large ginger biscuit originating from Germany that can be found in most Christmas markets, why not try baking them? Cookies are so easy and fun to make, you can get the whole household involved, just be sure to leave one for Santa!

2. Festive Movie Madness 🎬

One of the best things about Christmas are all of the holiday films you can enjoy! All you have to do is turn on the TV and there is sure to be something great to tune into. Or, if you need some suggestions, check out our article on Poptop’s fave Christmas films! If you want a really special cinema experience, why not hire some cinema equipment to make your Christmas Eve even more magical.

3. Pyjama Party 👕

A popular tradition amongst families is to wear matching Christmas PJs on Christmas Eve. So, after you’ve picked out your favourite Christmas movie, pop on your festive pyjamas and cosy up on the couch with a hot chocolate! That should definitely get you feeling festive.

4. Board Games Bonanza 🎲

Board games are definitely a Christmas staple. So, get competitive with your friends and family this Christmas Eve and host a games night! If you’re a fan of operation or Monopoly is the go to, why not whack it out and get playing. If you don’t fancy a board game, there are plenty more options with cards, game consoles and more!

5. Local Christmas Lights Tour ✨

Most villages and cities will decorate the streets with gorgeous twinkling lights to mark the run up to Christmas and some of your neighbours might have done the same. So, get wrapped up warm and go on a tour of your neighbourhood to check out all of the awesome Christmas decorations and feel enchanted.

6. Decorate the Tree 🎄

Maybe your tree needs a little something extra this year and you would like to get a little crafty with your family – Make your own baubles. There are really easy paint your own kits, or why not make popcorn garlands or even recycled paper snowflakes?!

7. Get Ready for Santa 🎅

If you have children, or you’re a big kid yourself. You might want to leave something out for Santa! dedicate the night to preparing for Santa’s arrival! Is your Santa more of a milk and cookies kinda guy? Or maybe your St Nicholas loves a whiskey and mince pie? Whatever it is, don’t forget to leave something for his reindeer! Why not leave some fake snow footprints or a scrap of red velvet to find in the morning?!

8. Christmas Cocktails 🍹

If you’re a stickler for a traditional Hot Toddy or you want to branch out and try something a little different, put on your mixologist hat and get making some cocktails or mocktails. Try out some of our favourite festive cocktail recipes or even just leave it to the professionals with a cocktail delivery service.

9. Warm up With a Hot Chocolate ☕

If you’re not a fan of a cocktail or you need something for the kids, why not warm up with a tasty treat. Hot chocolate and cookies is the perfect combination! Do you like yours with cream and marshmallows? How about using a syrup to make it even more special? Now all you need is a log fire and for it to start snowing!

10. Christmas Carols 🎼

You might not be Bublé, but that doesn’t mean you can’t rock around the Christmas tree, dream of a white Christmas or take a trip down Candy Cane Lane. Be sure to get the Christmas tunes going and have a sing-a-long to your favourite ones.

11. Final Gifts Wrapping 🎁

This is probably one of the most important Christmas Eve activities! We don’t judge if you haven’t had time to get wrapping all of your Christmas gifts, but now is the time to do it! So, grab your ribbon and enjoy that feeling when the scissors slide over the wrapping paper with ease…

12. Read Some Festive Fiction 📚

Christmas stories are plentiful! Choose a classic like A Christmas Carol and The Night Before Christmas, or get something a little more modern. What is better than curling up with a good book and a warm drink on Christmas Eve with your loved ones?!

13. Highlight the Past Year 📷

If you don’t already make scrapbooks or photo albums, it might be a great new tradition to start! Spend your Christmas eve getting crafty and create a book to showcase your memories from the last 12 months. It’s also a great way to keep physical copies of all your favourite photos printed from your phone or laptop to view in a book.

14. Learn About Different Customs 🔎

Of course it isn’t just Christians that celebrate Christmas anymore. Many of us don’t have a religion or don’t see Christmas in that light. So, this year why not explore the history of Jesus’ birthday, or even explore different holiday customs and celebrations that go on at this time of year such Hanukkah, Chinese New Year or even just learn about how we celebrate Christmas all over the globe.

Final Thoughts

Whatever you choose to do this Christmas eve, there are tons of traditions you could start with your friends and family and a multitude of ways to get that festive feeling. If you fancy something a little different, jump over to Poptop to see all of the different services available for you!

Need some more inspo? Check out our Christmas party ideas article!

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