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Iron Tyger

Recent review: Completely professional, entertaining, audience wowing performance. Already ticketholders are asking if you are coming back next year - Paul Nicholl, Event Director

from £600. Based in Brighton

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About: We Are Palladium!!!! Palladium have an explosive repertoire full of rocking anthems, and are guaranteed to bring a lot of excitement to your night. Palladium is a five piece rock band from Newcastle upon Tyne. Palladium perform a wide range of music from the likes of Meatloaf, David Bowie, Aer......

from £300.00. Based in Newcastle Upon Tyne

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Recent review: Absolutely awesome. If you like AC/DC you will love these. If you like Britney Spears. Then that is your problem. Really recommend these guys. And they even have pyros!!!! Great bunch of guys so well worth watching. :)

. Based in Preston

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The Pseudo Philosophers

About: Gothic Progressive Melodic Metal based in London....

. Based in London

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Top Heavy

About: Teesside`s top Classic Rock tribute act, playing favourites from AC/DC Aerosmith, Guns n` Roses, Led Zeppelin, Free and many more....

. Based in North Yorkshire

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