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Bring Mexico to your event in Oxfordshire, Oxfordshire with the perfect Mariachi band, who are sure to get your guests up and dancing! We have 10 Mariachi bands in the Poptop catalogue available near you. Among our top requested categories this month: wedding bands in London, jazz bands in London, string quartets in London, swing bands in London, DJ Hire London London, wedding venues in London., wedding bands in Manchester, DJ hire in Manchester.

Mariachi Rey Mariachi Band

Mariachi Rey

Available in Oxfordshire from £350.00
161 Verified bookings
55 Reviews:

Recent review: Great musicians, very entertaining, pleasure to do business with

Mariachi Amigo UK Mariachi Band

Mariachi Amigo UK

Available in Oxfordshire from £400
21 Verified bookings
14 Reviews:

Recent review: Absolutely brilliant and such fun! Communications prior to the event was spot on, well informed. Yes, would recommend.

Mariachi Tequila Mariachi Band

Mariachi Tequila

Available in Oxfordshire from £400
30 Verified bookings
19 Reviews:

Recent review: "Very professional team: they arrived ahead of time, took all my requests into consideration (even the most outlandish ones) and performed really well. Would definitely recommend them to anyone who has a function similar to mine"

The Mexican Way Mariachi Band

The Mexican Way

Available in Oxfordshire from £500
26 Verified bookings
11 Reviews:

Recent review: Fantastic, Thank you so much for making it so special. Communication could be a litttttttttttle bit better, but you still were incredible!!!

Mariachi Las Adelitas UK Mariachi Band

Mariachi Las Adelitas UK

Available in Oxfordshire from £400
14 Verified bookings
15 Reviews:

Recent review: I cannot praise the band enough. I booked them as a surprise for my wife’s 40th birthday (shouldn’t mention age😊) They were incredible musicians;adapting to a garden party size audience. I loved the way they mixed old classics, new songs and even took requests. An unforgettable experience... thank you Las Adelitas! Will Reed

Los Soneros Mariachi Band

Los Soneros

Available in Oxfordshire from £400.00
12 Verified bookings
9 Reviews:

Recent review: Los Soneros played 2 sets for us at our Mexican Night in our pub. They were great to work with and the crowd really enjoyed it. They played traditional Mexican music as well as some other fun tunes in a Mexican style. Very talented couple. We will be booking them again! Thanks Guys

Mariachi Wey Mariachi Band

Mariachi Wey

Available in Oxfordshire from £350
2 Verified bookings

About: The premier Mariachi Band in Bristol and the South West. Mariachi Wey is a collective of musicians that offer the Mariachi experience for your Wedding Party, Birthday Party, Private Event, Corpor...

Los Musicos Mariachi Band

Los Musicos

Available in Oxfordshire from £enquire

About: Los Musicos Latin and Salsa band plays festive and tropical music for Weddings, Parties, Functions and Festivals. Follow the main menu at the top of the page for information about the musicians, v...

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How to choose suppliers for your event

When it comes to planning your wedding entertainment, it's best to hire a band that will create a romantic atmosphere for the occasion. One of the highly recommended bands is the Mariachi Band. This band will be ideal for those looking for a cultural entertainment to make an expression during their wedding day. The Mariachi Band Oxfordshire will set the tone for your reception, it is something that everyone remembers, and it's part of your wedding that will determine if the day feels as good as you were hoping.

Reasons Why To Choose Mariachi Band for a Wedding

Mariachi bands are very romantic -- A mariachi band is set up in a way that makes the wedding venue romantic to the lovers. The members are dressed in attractive fitting suits with silver buttons to add some gleam. Once the stage is set, candles lit, and the light in the room at low beams, the band shows up performing the loveliest, heart-tugging and the most romantic love song in their collection. The bride and groom are then requested to step in the middle of the dance floor, and as the band plays its songs, these two lovebirds begin to dance while gazing into each other's eyes. This creates a beautiful and heart-warming moment to be remembered.

Entertains your guests -- the worst scenario that many people dread for when planning for a wedding is to have their guests bored throughout the session. The only way to avoid this embarrassment is making sure that you reserve Mariachi Band Oxfordshire for your reception. To make the occasion even more thrilling, you can plan with the band leader to have some dancers performing. Even without the dancers, the pleasant, enthusiastic sound of the music played by a mariachi band will keep your guests entertained. It’s an instant party starter.

Mostly, you will find that the guests in a wedding do not know each other well. Mariachi Band Oxfordshire is one of the best conversation starters ever. The gaiety and happiness of the music and the warm and out-going band members will make people want to get to know each other irrespective of the short period together.

Affordable -- Since a mariachi band features no amplification equipment and that it is a small unit, the band will offer their services at a lower price as compared to other entertainment groups.

Indeed, with their romantic and pleasant music and significantly affordable services, a Mariachi Band Oxfordshire will be ideal for your wedding.

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