Getting wedding makeup ideas can be difficult, you need to strike a balance between your normal look and something a little different. When it comes to your wedding day you want your makeup to be more than just right, it needs to be inspirational and perfect!

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for dewy skin, bold red lips, or even green eyeliner, it’s your wedding day and whatever inspires you is what you should do!

With that in mind here are some great wedding makeup ideas that are inspired by recent celebrity beauty looks.

Wedding Makeup Ideas and Tips


No, not literally smoking but the smoky looks is a favorite at the moment and it looks scintillating! This is definitely one makeup idea to consider for your wedding day!

It’s best to keep your lips nude but use a clear gloss to add effect. Add smudgy black liner lightly around your eyes with dark lashes and natural eyebrows.

That’s it, bar a little light foundation. In short, you’ll look sultry, think Kim Kardashian on a great day.

Avoid The Shine

Chances are your wedding day is going to involve a lot of lights, potentially leaving you looking very shiny-faced in your photos. That’s not a look you’ll love staring at you out of your wedding album.

Instead, go for matt wedding makeup. This means a touch of matt foundation to ensure your skin still glows in the best possible way for the whole of your wedding day.

Bold Red

Red lips are not often a look associated with wedding days, perhaps because of the risk of getting lipstick on your beautiful white wedding dress.

But, it’s a classic look, especially when paired with minimal other makeup.

Add a little gloss to the top of your red lips to really create the sparkle. If you’re worried about the kiss or the dress then simply wear it for the initial wedding photos and then wipe it off.


Slightly flushed cheeks on your wedding day can give your cheeks a nice rosy glow. This is a striking look and one that suggests romance, it’s also a timeless classic.

You should pair it with lipstick to match the flush of your cheeks and soft eyelashes, to create the romantic allure that is so appropriate on your wedding day.

If you really want to finish off this look consider adding shimmery silver eye shadow on your top eyelids. It will really set off your wedding dress, especially if you have any sparkle in it. 

The Golden Glow

If you’ve got tanned skin or want to look more tanned then the golden look could be the perfect choice for your wedding day. 

A medium blusher, pale lipstick with a dark outline, and long skinny lashes will allow you to adopt the golden glow and look fantastic on your wedding day.


None of these wedding makeup ideas use excessive amounts of makeup but this one takes minimal to a new level; without being nude.

Using just a little highlighter on your cheeks and above your eyes, you’ll make your face glow. Add a little cream contour to your cheekbones and you’ll not only make this the focus of your wedding look, but you’ll also slim your cheek line.

To keep the minimal look either choose a nude lipstick or just apply a little gloss. Don’t forget to add your earrings as they’ll finish your makeup and compliment your wedding dress.

Bronze Queen

This can work for any bride but is especially effective if you have red or light brunette hair. It’s a good idea to have bronze or copper tones in your wedding dress to complement this look, but it’s not essential.

You’ll need a matt coral lipstick and metallic bronze eyeliner. If you really want to emphasize the bronze, use a little silver eyeliner in the inner part of your eye and fade into the bronze.

It’s a twist on a classic theme but it really works, try it with your wedding dress!

Go Goth!

A gothic themed wedding requires a gothic bride and that means black makeup! That’s probably not your first choice for a wedding day but, if you have dark hair this approach to your makeup can really work, and you can still wear a white wedding dress!

Of course, this probably isn’t a look you should try for the first time on your wedding day .

In fact, avoid going completely black, pair a blackened cherry lipstick with minimal foundation and smoky eyes. Providing your wedding hairstyle is off your face you’ll look fantastic, and there’s minimal risk of getting it on your wedding dress.

Ice Princess

Swapping angles completely from black to ice and try this approach on your wedding day.

You’ll want some sparkly highlights to go on your inner-corner eye. Ideally, this should match some sparkle or color on your wedding dress. Then use a little pale pink lipstick with a gloss overcoat and a small amount of smoky eyeliner on your top lid.

It’s a look to die for and one that your groom will love at your wedding ceremony.

Be True To Yourself

The most important thing when considering wedding makeup ideas is to be true to your vision of yourself. Don’t let your makeup artist get carried away. 

You know what works on your face and a few tweaks to make it extra special on your wedding day are all you need.

Of course, there is no reason not to experiment with different looks. You should book several sessions with your makeup specialist so that you can try all the different wedding looks. 

But, once you’ve found the look that you want and you know will work for your wedding, stick to your guns. It’s your wedding day not a chance for your makeup artist to showcase their talents.

Don’t Get Carried Away – Less Is More

With this in mind, you should consider the fact that less is generally more. Although makeup can give you perfect-looking skin, too much is not a good look.

Your groom already knows how you look and loves you, that’s why it’s your wedding day! Remember that when considering the right approach to your makeup.

Think About Heat

It is also worth considering the time of year you’re having your wedding and where the wedding venue is. 

Excess heat can affect your makeup, this is another good reason why less is usually more.  

Final Considerations

Getting your wedding makeup right requires a little thought and a little practice. But, whatever decision you make, it is important to remember that your man loves you just the way you are, making a radical change to the way you do your make up may not be the best option on your wedding day.

You’ll be wearing the makeup all day and it’s a long day, this is one of those occasions when less really is more!

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