At Poptop we work with thousands of suppliers, and it’s not possible that we get to meet or try the services of each one first hand – hence the rigorous use of our certified review system – but that all changed, when we were invited to attend a show from one of our amazing hypnotists, Rob Temple!

Rob has been performing and touring for the past 15 years all over the world, hypnotising a whopping total of 20,000 people. He is originally from the North East and we were able to catch him towards the end of his latest UK tour, in South Shields.

Rob offers two show options when booking; A squeaky clean, family-friendly show, and a not so squeaky, over 18’s, please-don’t-come-if-you’re-easily-offended show – we attended the latter, and Rob did not disappoint.

Our very own Poptopper Laurel was quick on the mark and joined 9 other brave audience members to become part of the show and laughs that ensued. Now, I won’t give too much away about what came next, as you really need to see it for yourself, however, I will leave these words as a hint: Susan, The Monkey Religion, Blind Date & X-ray glasses.

If you’re looking to hire a hypnotist, be it for a wedding or corporate event, then definitely consider Rob you will not be disappointed. Check out his profile and request a quote from him today!

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