This year you may be faced with an event such as a birthday, anniversary or celebration that you’d usually love to go out for or host a party to enjoy. However, due to the current circumstances in the UK, you could be left wondering how else you can honour these special occasions from home while taking part in social distancing?

Events like these don’t need to be forgotten about, and we shouldn’t let them pass by without recognising how special they are. If anything, there’s all the more cause for celebration and something to lift our spirits at the moment.

So, how can you celebrate private events from home during the lockdown? We’ve put together our list of top tips and ideas for creating a special event at home to help you find out.

1. Host a Virtual Party

Apps such as Houseparty, Zoom and Skype have helped friends and family come together over the last couple of months and enjoy each other’s company from the safety of their own homes. 

Why not arrange a group ‘house party’ to say Happy Birthday or Congratulations, and enjoy a couple of celebratory drinks together? You could even hire a singer to perform a ‘happy birthday’ or requested song.

2. Purchase Gifts from Local & Independent Businesses

Some larger retailers are struggling to keep up with demand, which is causing longer delivery times. Whereas many small and independent businesses are currently faced with a lack of custom. If possible, why not consider shopping for gifts online and via social media with local and indie shops and crafters for your loved ones?

This means that your friends, family and children receive meaningful and bespoke presents as well as supporting small companies. Many are also still able to post deliveries so that they can be sent straight to your door. 

3. Hire a Live Entertainment Package from one of Poptop’s Suppliers

Poptop have put together some fantastic online entertainment packages with some of our amazing suppliers. We have a collection of exclusive packages available for a range of different ages and occasions, including children’s party entertainment, virtual cooking masterclasses and online guitar lessons. Take a look at our list of online entertainment options, here.

4. Organise a Lockdown Bakeoff

If members of your household consider themselves budding bakers and cake connoisseurs, why not host a family bakeoff? Making your own sweet treats and savoury delights can help you feel creative in the kitchen and also helps you to cook up a fantastic meal or baked selection to help celebrate your birthday or special occasion. Cake decorating can also be really fun! Here are some recipes for inspiration:

Triple Chocolate Cake

Funfetti Layer Cake

White Chocolate Blondies

5. Decorate

A celebration isn’t a celebration without some sort of decoration! Whether you decide to order pre-made decorations online, or you’d like to make your own, decorating your house will help you to enjoy any special occasion as it won’t feel like a ‘normal day’ at home. The party decorations will bring cheer and colour to your house and will help to make the day feel more memorable and significant.

6. Buy Vouchers & Tickets for Future Events

If you’d like to give yourself or someone special something to look forward to and enjoy once lockdown is over, then a voucher or tickets for a show could be a great idea! Many theatres and concert halls are now selling vouchers that people can purchase to use once ticket sales have gone back to normal, and many theatres and arenas are still selling tickets for events that are scheduled to happen later on in 2020, or in 2021. Having something exciting to look forward to is a great step to getting through the lockdown in a positive way. 

7. Make Cards

Hand making cards is a lovely and relaxing way to stay active and creative during a lockdown, as well as a sweet way of showing someone how much you care. Giving well wishes, thanks and happy birthday’s with a card that you have made yourself will help you to feel good and, of course, show the lucky recipient how special they are on their big day.

8. Host a Virtual Netflix Party

Perhaps you or your best friend have been desperate to watch the latest release on Netflix or one of your all-time favourite movies are available to watch on a streaming service. Why not watch it together over a video call to celebrate a birthday or another special day? Make sure you have some popcorn and a bottle of wine to enjoy as you watch!

9. Play Games

Party games and board games are a great way for people of all ages to enjoy themselves. It can be done together in your own home, or even by a video call with other friends and family.

Many online game apps such as Kahoot, Exploding Kittens, Monopoly and Draw Something are all games that can even be played from mobile phones and tablets with friends and family. Or you can try a Live Family Quiz with a quiz master Welsh Dave. You can book the game via our website.

10. Make an Indoor Den or Go Camping in The Garden

Who doesn’t enjoy making a den?! Whether you have children or even if you’re a more grown-up child yourself looking for some fun on your big day, why celebrate in a den or tent? If you’re lucky enough to have a garden that’s big enough for a tent, then camping overnight under the stars could be a great way to enjoy a birthday or anniversary. Or if you live in an apartment or smaller home without a garden, have some fun building a pillow fort in the living room.

11. Create Your Own Cocktails

For a romantic celebration with your partner or a fun celebration, why not put your flaring skills to the test and mix up your best alcoholic (or non-alcoholic) concoctions? If you’re a cocktail making novice you can enjoy practising new skills, or if you’re already a dab hand and mixing drinks then why not go all out and make your own bar in the kitchen? You could even do an online cocktail masterclass with Poptop supplier – The  Flower Bar.

Whatever kind of event you are looking to plan, things are certainly different at the moment, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy yourself! Get into the swing of the party, even if it may be online with your friends, and make the most of this unique occasion. 

If you are looking to organise any other events such as weddings or corporate events in the future, then visit Poptop’s website to find the perfect supplier in your area.

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